12 Home Remedies For Treating Bed Sores

12 Home Remedies For Treating Bed Sores

Thanks everyone! There are many people asking this question every day. Stiff neck may also cause headache, shoulder pain, and even pain in the arms. If you have acne on your face, there is high chance that your back skin is very thick and sebaceous glands there produce more sebum leading to the problem of bacne. The herpes simplex virus is responsible for causing genital herpes. This is important as a fever blister is something one is usually very self-conscious about. It helps the skin to heal and prevent blistering as well.

Therefore it is advisable to apply some aloe vera gel on the skin to get rid from bed sore problem. Oh, and I’m on day 2 of the Monistat 3 day. The reason this remedy is being covered up by the medical world.(This really made me mad!) How to easily get rid of herpes rashes with a substance that is very cheap and readily available. Ice is really useful for stiff neck pain relief. Those who have used this remedy for back acne, have praised it for quick and effective solution for their bacne. Epsom salt baths can help soothe, clean & dry genital herpes sores. If you normally apply cosmetics with your fingertips, your cosmetics may contain bacteria that can superinfect the fever blister.

Not only this, turmeric is rich in anti septic, anti bacterial, anti fungal and healing properties that help the skin to get over form all the symptoms and risks of bed sores. Apply turmeric paste on the sores and repeat the remedy daily to get complete relief. Mix some salt in water to prepare a mixture and apply it gently over the sores. “I have been plagued with genital herpes for many years and have tried every remedy under the sun. Don’t turn or move your neck while doing this. If your body responds to this remedy, you may see your acne breakouts on back going away in a week or so. This will also help to relieve itching.
12 Home Remedies For Treating Bed Sores

All you need to do to give try this home remedy a try is to soak the herpes infected areas on your face in a bowl of water containing a handful of Epsom salt for 10 to 15 minutes. The mixture prepared from iodine and milk of magnesia is a very potent remedy to treat bed sores and the mixture provides immediate relief from the pain, itching and inflammation feelings. It is advisable to repeat the remedy after every few hours. Papaya milk is a very great remedy that prevents the pain and itching caused due to the bed sores. Not only this, papaya milk is very effective in preventing the sores to take a severe shape. Soak a clean cloth in papaya milk and apply it over the sores affected skin to get relief. It helps flush out toxins apart from helping in proper absorption of nutrients.

Water helps in keeping the skin hydrated and soft which in turn prevent the itching and inflammation in the skin. You see my friend, cold sores or fever blisters, whatever you want to call them are the direct result of the herpes simplex virus(HSV). Moreover it also helps in minimising the risk of infection in the sores and eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses from the skin. Not only this, coconut oil improves the moisture content of the skin and thereby facilitates faster recovery. Apply some coconut oil several times in a day to get relief. Epsom salt can provide relief from the symptoms like inflammation. It is also very effective in controlling itching and pain.

Oatmeal is one ingredient which is beneficial for almost all types of skin, dry or oily and even aging skin. Baking soda can control the intense itching very effectively. In appearance, cold sores or fever blisters present themselves as being of a consistency of fluid contained within their small red blisters or bubbles. Prepare a baking soda mixture by mixing it with some water and apply it gently over the bed sores to get relief. Tea tree oil provides relief from all the symptoms of bed sores. It treats itching, infection, inflammation, pain etc very effectively. Apply it by soaking a cotton ball.

Repeat every day till you get complete relief.

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