A Family Herb: Lemon Balm Benefits – Herbal Academy

A Family Herb: Lemon Balm Benefits - Herbal Academy

Herpes simplex viruses (HSV) infect an extraordinary number of people. For topical treatment, undiluted botanical extracts can be directly applied to warts using a cotton swab several times daily (use a fresh cotton swab for each application) for 6 to 12 weeks, as needed. You can cook with it, perfume with it, and heal with it. It grows bushy and can reach as tall as 5 feet. The word ‘melissa’ is Greek for honeybee and it is very likely that the plant was named for its ability to attract bees. The dried leaves and flowering tops are used, and the herb imparts a pleasant lemon-like aroma. Steep 2-4 tsp.

The Sulphate molecule is an important component of the Aviralex solution. Keep in mind also that common sense methods of avoiding passing on herpes are not entirely effective: Many people are infectious even when they do not have obvious symptoms, and use of a condom does not entirely prevent the spread of the virus. As such many individuals have resorted to using acyclovir prophylactically to prevent such complications. In addition, lemon balm is unlikely to make the herpes virus resistant. Especially when tummy issues are associated with nervous stress, lemon balm’s mild antispasmodic action will help to soothe cramps. Heal all has a long history of use for viral infections: it inhibits HSV via suppression of antigen expression. purpurea, has been found to increase T-cell proliferation and the production of interferon by macrophages.

Modern studies have affirmed this age-old use and found that particularly when used in conjunction with other relaxing herbs, like Valerian, it shows promise as an anxiety treatment. It does not; however, suffer any medicinal quality. This is why you will often find lemon balm essential oil  mixed together with other citrus fragrances, lemongrass or citronella being prime examples. In one study reported in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, administration of lemon balm daily improved cognition in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Do this for 20 minutes, then take off for another 20 minutes. Apply Aviralex to clean and dry skin. Normally, the virus will gradually destroy all the cells.
A Family Herb: Lemon Balm Benefits - Herbal Academy

Help your kids learn about how lemon balm (and other herbs) can help beneficial insects and enjoy some garden fun with our Adventures In The Herb Garden! If you’re the rare person who gets cold sores inside the mouth, you’ll find they are very difficult to deal with. Make a strong lemon balm tea and use it to replace the water in Play-Doh or in homemade paint recipes. Propolis is a mixture of compounds harvested by bees from the resin of various trees. Lemon balm has demonstrated effects against a number of viruses including herpes simplex virus and Influenza. You can harvest when you prune or anytime you want some of the leaves. Because in Latin, as in several other European languages, the order of things comes in reverse of how stated in English, the first name equates to a surname, designation of the group to which a plant belongs.

So what is it that makes this herb so great for skincare? He teaches ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he is Explorer In Residence. Most people experience shingles only once, but if you have a condition that can make you more likely to experience its complications, consult a doctor immediately. Lemon balm is also yummy blended into honey or enjoyed in the sorbet recipe that appears below. 17 Savino F, Cresi F, Castagno E, Silvestro L, Oggero R. Add all the ingredients, including the honey water, to a blender and process until everything is incorporated. You can leave some of the ingredients as chunks if you like.

Pour the finished mixture into an ice cream maker or popsicle molds and freeze. If you plan to process this in an ice cream maker, please note that it will freeze very hard after the initial freezing, so you may want to enjoy it right away. Although no studies were identified on the treatment of human papillomavirus with licorice or its extracts, other viral studies suggest, as well as the herb’s traditional uses, that investigation into such use may be promising. Because lemon balm is an antiviral and a relaxing nervine, it makes a soothing tea for easing respiratory illnesses and stomach viruses. Nutritionally, fresh lemon balm contains vitamin C and thiamin (vitamin B1) both of which will decrease in the dried leaves. Then strain out the herb and drink. Add honey to help soothe a sore throat.

Topically, lemon balm can be used for viral issues, such as herpes outbreaks that result in cold sores, as well as for a shingles rash. Use as a poultice or even make your own salve with lemon balm. Although lemon balm is considered a safe herb for most people, those with hypothyroidism should use lemon balm with care. Also, pregnant and nursing mothers should use lemon balm with caution.

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