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Upper respiratory tract infections are common in cats. A kitten has its first injection at 9 weeks and then a second 3 -4 weeks later. This aspect of the pancreatic function is called the exocrine pancreas. eMedicine – Bartonellosis – Article by Brian Edwards, MD. This leaves your cat susceptible to many other diseases e.g. Infection may be more likely in the presence of other viral infections, such as with feline leukemia (FeLV), immunodeficiency (FIV) and herpes viruses. Results from a neuro-ophthalmic examination were normal. | Disease Index | page title
Once a cat contracts panoleukopenia, his or her immune system will weaken, making him or her more likely to contract another infection. Even though vaccine-associated sarcomas are relatively uncommon, national veterinary organizations as well as feline vaccine manufacturers felt it was important enough of an issue to organize the Vaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma Task Force, a coalition of Veterinarians, Vaccine Manufacturers, and other Feline Health Care practitioners dedicated to resolving the dilemma. A conjunctival pedicle flap is used for patients with deep sequestra or patients that are predisposed to recurrence. The aetiology is thought to be immunological due to the increased immunoglobulin level in the blood. Care should be taken when moving from an area containing an infected cow to an area with unaffected cattle. The surgical procedure to remove a sequestrum is called a partial lamellar keratectomy. Treatment: Steroids should be avoided, as they will make the viral infection worse.

Secondary bacterial infections of the respiratory tract/skin/eyes should be treated with oral or ophthalmic antibiotics. replication) immediately preceding cell division. Electrical burns will also require palliative care (see below). I had all her teeth pulled ten years ago when she was two and she has done great. Prognosis: The prognosis is typically good. Most cats will recover within 3 weeks. Some cats may remain carriers or be prone to relapses.

Thoracic radiographs were unremarkable.

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