Aspartame Case Histories

Aspartame Case Histories

Definition This sexually transmitted disease (STD), which in its late stages can cause mental disorders, blindness, and death, is caused by a corkscrew-shaped bacterium called Treponema pallidum. posting again. This may help to protect healthy cells from damage. He does not have breakouts very often but I want to find something for him to help prevent getting the herpes sometimes. In between outbreaks on the skin, the herpes virus lives in nerve cells close to the spinal column. Culled from over a hundred hours of tense footage, director Michael Lindsay-Hogg still managed to cobble together a happy ending of sorts with the famous Apple Studios rooftop concert sequence, truncated by the arrival of the Five O’s, but not before John leave us with what will be his last ever words uttered from a Beatles stage, “On behalf of the group and myself, I hope we  passed the audition.” You did, John. She took Maxalt, a medication that usually stops migraines before they take hold.

Most people with arachnoiditis are unable to work and have significant disability. So, I offer the stories below as motivation, inspiration, and education to anyone who is currently battling Bell’s, or anyone who is simply curious. This attacks the nerves in the body and may also not involve rashes and blisters. Congenital infections include: HIV (which causes AIDS); rubella (German measles); chickenpox; syphilis; herpes; toxoplasmosis; and cytomegalovirus (CMV), the most common congenital infection and the leading cause of congenital hearing loss. Practice good hygiene including regular handwashing and dental care (such as brushing and flossing). Finally, it is important not to share items that come into contact with infected areas – this would include lipsticks and lip balms. A million new cases a year in the USA alone,you do the math.

One of the deletion codes for elastin, which is found in connective tissue as well as cardiovascular tissue. She kept complaining her head was hurting where her ear was infected. Genital warts usually do not form ulcers. The patient and is basically asthma is classified as canker sores that you are in the product called “nasal herpes”. She vomited several times that night. The Tylenol never had a chance to get into her system. Secondary syphilis is marked by a skin rash that appears anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks after the chancre disappears.

Is it normal to having sex as long as we had? An allergic reaction can occur up to 2 hours after your infusion. I just want to make sure there’s no way that my fingers could be a carrier. For example, if you have brain swelling, medicines can be given to treat it. What happens when you’re the most important band on earth, but hardly anyone else thinks so? Her husband was frantic. If a bone scan is done to see if you have a bone infection, images will be taken shortly after the radioactive material is injected, as well as 3 to 4 hours later, when it has collected in the bones.

I worked for a couple weeks, then spent a week at the Rafael Mendez Brass Institute, which was put on by Summit Brass and hosted by the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. It replicates a piece of the DNA of the virus up to millions of times until the virus can be detected. She vomited several times that day. The difference is that leukemia starts in the bone marrow while lymphomas originate in lymph nodes and then spread to the bone marrow or other organs. Genital herpes can be caused by either HSV-2 or HSV-1. The idea, though, that HSV-2 is exclusively below the waist, and HSV-1 is exclusively above the waist causing cold sores is no longer true. Many patients receive physical therapy and use a wheelchair if needed.

At 1:15 pm, Carmen was leaving for work. People with advanced syphilis may require IV treatment. Rather than bothering her sick child, Carmen let her sleep. She almost left without checking on her, but changed her mind, checking to see if she was sleeping. Katrina was lying on her side. A small percentage of patients do not respond to the usual doses of penicillin. some people have told me that it could be my blood pressure, some told me that it is my adrenaline still racing….

Drug information contained herein may be time sensitive. Genital HSV-1 infections recur less frequently than do genital HSV-2 infections (46, 125, 183), a finding which could explain why recurrent genital herpes infections are caused by HSV-2 in more than 90% of cases (126). When you have herpes blisters–like a cold sore on the lip—the virus is in the fluid in the blisters and can infect others. She will never forget what she saw. Her three year old daughter lay unconscious. A dye or radiopaque substance used during an x-ray study to provide a contrast in density (thickness) between the tissue or organ being filmed and the media.The contrast media improves visualization of specific tissues and organs. For those of you unaware of Lyme disease, it is a disease transmitted through deer ticks.

Sometimes, people find it difficult to distinguish Ramsay Hunt Syndrome from Bell’s palsy in early stages but in general, RHS tends to be more serious and severe than Bell’s palsy. She picked Katrina up. About 1 in 3 cases of ALL occur in adults. Mode — The herpes simplex virus passes through bodily fluids (such as saliva, semen, or fluid in the female genital tract) or in the fluid from a herpes sore. Read all the information about HSV2 on CDC website and any person who has HSV2 are two to four times at risk of getting HIV. However, antibiotics (stickiness of mucus reduction), mucus-thinning drugs, or a bronchodilator may be issued. “Carmen, call 911!” screamed Jay.

Those primarily affected are injection drug users and sex trade workers; during recent months, the outbreak has picked up speed among MSM. Within two minutes, an ambulance and a fire truck idled outside the house. There were people everywhere asking questions. Carmen was still on the line telling the 911 operator what was happening. The paramedics identified Katrina’s left side as totally paralyzed. On my third time having sex with the same woman, I could immediatley feel burning/tingling sensation in my thighs, even when I am not sitting down. No one knew what was wrong with Katrina.

This suggests that HSV-1 may have a role in the etiology of oncogenic transformation of GBM. She had stopped breathing again. Once in the emergency room, Katrina was heard saying, “Mommy, Mommy.” Carmen’s heart was breaking. Katrina sat up in her temporary hospital bed, arms extended for Carmen to hold her. However, this condition is not strictly degenerative and is not really a disease. I wish I could remember what they were. However, shingles contains infectious VZV and people who have not had chickenpox before can develop easily this virus from daily interaction to patients with Shingles.

She was given Valium®, Dilantin®, and Versid®. These are very common and safe procedures. Herpes simplex is most easily transmitted by direct contact with a lesion or with the body fluid of an infected individual although transmission may also occur through skin-to-skin contact during periods of asymptomatic shedding. Woman, 22, tells everybody she has the virus to destigmatize the common STI. Variegate Porphyria is a very rare genetic disorder in which acute skin afflictions occur. Katrina continued to have seizures and apnea the first day in the hospital. Doctors performed an MRI without a contrast, but saw nothing.

They did a spinal tap. Nothing. They thought they had her stabilized with anti-convulsants. They extubated her the next day, moving her to the toddler unit. I tried it for a week then I started having tingling sensation in my upper lip, then a blister came out. Jay and Carmen had never seen them. Katrina had no jerking of limbs or any physical effects common to seizures.

That night, she complained of another bad headache. She could get no relief. By 6:00 am the following morning, Katrina started acting strange. Discography is usually performed in a procedure room that has equipment for X-ray imaging of the discs as the test is performed. If it wasn’t for Bell’s Palsy, I doubt I would have ever picked one up. Shingles, internal or external, has been caused by the virus Varicella-Zoster virus, also known as, Herpes Zoster. Carmen grew angry.

Cytochemistry, flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry, and immunophenotyping tests are used to identify and classify specific types of leukemia. She found out later that the nurse was watching and timing Katrina’s seizure. There was nothing more she could have done. While a bruise is not an illness, it is a skin discoloration due to a blood vessel breaking just below the skin’s surface. Within fifteen minutes, Katrina had another seizure, this time with more arm and mouth movement. Again, fifteen minutes later, another seizure. This continued until 7:30 am.

Back in ICU, Katrina slipped into status epilepticus. She stopped breathing. They re-intubated and performed an MRI with a contrast. My doctor finally concluded that I did not have Herpes because there was no physcial signs of it. No one knew what it meant, however. Katrina was put into a Pentobarbital® coma for one week to stop the status epilepticus. Otherwise, Katrina could die from the damage to her brain by the constant seizing.

The doctors wanted her brain wave to be as flat as possible, referred to as ‘burst suppression.’ During this time, Katrina was on complete life support and a constant EEG monitor. She had an arterial line in her ankle to draw blood hourly to check for blood gases and drug levels. This gives your health care provider more information about the exact pattern of the spread of the contrast through or out of the disc. I first noticed problems the day of a concert run-out in February. Each central line had two lines leading into it. One for feeding, three for various drugs. Chromosome translocations.

Katrina was put into isolation as they suspected she was contagious. Jay and Carmen were required to wear masks and gowns to stay with her. A mutation on the x-chromosome causes the patient to be missing a cone (light-perceiving transmitters to optic nerve) or one cone may not properly function, resulting in decreased color discernment. Their daughter was almost gone; gone from them forever. Her soul was floating in space, somewhere out in space. It was a long, long time before she came back. For the two weeks in a coma and on life support, Katrina’s family didn’t know whether she would live or die.
Aspartame Case Histories

If she did live, could they keep this from happening again? No one could give them any answers. It makes us feel as though we’re unable to carry out our daily work efficiently the next day. She went to the medical library, continuously reading articles, books, and research trying to help her daughter. Like the doctors, she found nothing. Chocolate. A friend mentioned an article she had recently read on theobromine, an ingredient in chocolate.

She knew Katrina had an unsatiable, almost embarrassing, craving for candy. Fibrin sealants are a type of surgical tissue adhesive derived from human and animal blood products. My orchestra thought that even after 30 plus years of distinguished service, it was just interested in “canning” me. Test upon test were run on Katrina. Jay and Carmen lost tract of them all. Some high-risk children may  receive radiation to the skull (cranial radiation), radiation to the spine, or both along with intrathecal chemotherapy. Katrina had a CAT scan, three MRIs, three spinal taps, and so many EEGs, Jay and Carmen lost count.

Katrina soon developed problems with her liver. The most common is the overproduction of growth hormone resulting from a tumor in the pituitary gland. A muscle tissue biopsy was also done. An opthamologist was called in to check for a Kayser-Fleischer ring indicating Wilson’s Disease. Nothing. Katrina had an infectious disease specialist diagnose her with non-infectious encephalitis. Her pediatric pulmonologists agreed she had encephalitis, but believed it to be viral.

The three spinal taps did not support that opinion, however. I’m so glad I found this topic. Just to hold her again…. The time at the hospital spent waiting for Katrina to get better flew by quickly thanks to the constant flow of friends who came to keep Jay and Carmen occupied. No one could offer answers, only support and love. Answers. Who knew the answer to why Katrina was suddenly fatally ill?

The discs may herniate, rupture, or move out of place due to injury or strain on the discs. I just barely made it through each rehearsal and concert. Other than ear infections and the unusual symptoms over the past two and one-half months leading up to her hospitalization, she was a model baby. Who or what’s to blame? Microscopic evidence of leukemia after 20 weeks of therapy (minimal disease) Age over 30 A high white blood cell count at the time of diagnosis Disease that has spread beyond the bone marrow to other organs Certain genetic abnormalities, such as the presence of the Philadelphia chromosome Patients with high disease levels after 7 – 14 days of induction therapy The need for 4 or more weeks of induction chemotherapy in order to achieve a first complete remission. Over $300,000 of unanswered care. Her parents brought her home with little to go on.

They didn’t know what caused her near-death experience or if it would ever occur again. The doctors never determined what really happened. The doctors wanted Katrina to remain on anticonvulsants for a lack of anything else to do. After being on life support for two weeks, six weeks at Riley Children’s Hospital, being transferred to a rehabilitation hospital for another two weeks, no answers. Six weeks of tests, including three lumbar punctures, constant EEGs, a liver biopsy, a muscled tissue biopsy, Echocardiography, Genetic Screenings, Abdominal Ultrasounds of an enlarged liver and high enzyme readings, four MRIs, tests for Wilson’s Disease, Herpes and Hepatitis, hourly blood tests, daily blood tests, lead poisoning tests, carbon monoxide poisoning tests, cytogenetic tests, and countless others the Carradines didn’t even know about: NOTHING. An infectious disease specialist saw Katrina for a while, but found NOTHING. Katrina occasionally had Kool Aid® with aspartame.

I then feel like I’m living in a haze for the next week or so. Katrina took sips of Jay’s diet drinks. Carmen used aspartame some during pregnancy. Her OB/GYN said it was fine. None of these foods were given to Katrina regularly, maybe once or twice a week. Where could she have gotten enough aspartame to create such serious symptoms? In other instances the lamina is removed because of pressure caused by bony spurs or other pathology.

After approximately 6 months of recovery I was able to gain almost complete recovery of my muscle function on the left side of my face. They mailed her brochures advertising all the products NutraSweet is found in, professing complete aspartame safety. Katrina could no longer see well. The lost stem cells are replaced by transplanting them from a donor into the patient. Her mother started Katrina on a children’s pain reliever, unaware IT also contained aspartame. Katrina was given vitamins and pain relievers containing aspartame without her mother’s knowledge. More vitamins, more aspartame, more earaches, more sugar-free pain relievers.

Home from the hospital, Katrina was on prescribed anticonvulsants. Carmen did not start her back on vitamins until she weaned her completely from the medication. Seizure free for over one year, Carmen started Katrina back on her favorite chewable vitamins. One week later, the same symptoms as before her illness reappeared. Katrina began complaining of stomach pains and diarrhea, she began stumbling and falling down. About this time, Carmen was first introduced to information concerning aspartame. That’s the only thing which makes me happy, feel strong, active, smart, dress well, look good, etc.

Was aspartame in Katrina’s vitamins? Yes, but why? Katrina didn’t need sugar-free vitamins. Carmen took the vitamins away from Katrina, and her returning symptoms disappeared. The coincidence of all! Most of the external features of Marfan syndrome become more pronounced as the patient gets older, so that diagnosis of the disorder is often easier in adults than in children. The next day I taught a lesson in the morning and my playing just didn’t feel right.

Katrina also had nausea, unsteady gate, and unusually high liver enzyme levels. Katrina. When outside, try to stay in the shade. She is in need of speech therapy. Her behavior is unpredictable. She requires special schooling. Her diet will have to be watched very closely from now on.

Her parents must scrutinize all her meals and snacks. Eating out is risky; who knows what additives are found in contemporary foods. After talking with you a few weeks ago, I felt a kind of excitement and relief because I was FINALLY getting an answer to what happened to my daughter in January of 1994. Just 10 days after her third birthday, she nearly died, and would have had my husband not known CPR, and had an ambulance and medical team not been only two blocks away… Is my child’s life worth nothing? It makes me very, very angry that the FDA has allowed something to be put into my children’s food that can harm them and even take their lives. The FDA knows it has already taken lives.

Are millions of dollars being spent buying up books and other literature so the public doesn’t have a chance to read the truth? I am very grateful to have been informed, and I know from our prior experience that my child could be dead by now if the ACSN had not chosen to speak out. Katrina had so many symptoms listed on the FDA complaint list, I knew immediately, without a doubt, she was a victim of aspartame poisoning. I knew it, even before I figured out where she was getting her largest, regular dose of it. The resulting electrical activity is recorded by the other electrodes. We had a one-year-old at the time and I had not been getting very much sleep. Thank you for your help, and advice, and for listening!

December 7, 1987. Patty Crain was a beautiful girl. She enjoyed a normal and healthy life until she mysteriously dropped dead at age twenty-three. Cause: Death Unknown. Patty’s mother, Betty Hailand, witnessed the tragedy evolve. Patty was Betty’s adopted daughter. She was the ‘All-American girl.’ Suddenly out of nowhere, Patty developed eye problems, experiencing blurred vision accompanied by bad headaches.

Betty took Patty to have her eyes examined. The doctor found nothing wrong with her eyesight. Patty and Betty were frustrated because they knew something was wrong. One day after work, Patty returned to her apartment complaining that her vision was intolerably blurred, and she was experiencing unbearable head pain. She progressively grew worse through the night and willingly admitted herself to the hospital emergency room early the next morning. The E.R. doctor diagnosed Patty with a common case of the flu.

He routinely ordered medication for her nausea, immediately prescribed IVs to be administered to her while in the E.R. for severe dehydration (she required three IVs), and sent her home after they had done all they could for her. She was told to drink plenty of liquids, which she always did – plenty of diet drinks. Paresthesia is the usual American spelling and paraesthesia the preferred English spelling. For the first several days, all I could manage was 12 whole notes. Two days after that, Patty was dead on the floor of her apartment. Apparently, she died while home from work around 4:00 P.M.

Her hands tightly clinched and her tongue sharply bitten. Empty diet drink cans scattered throughout her apartment. There was no official cause for the grand mal seizure that ended Patty’s life at age twenty-three, but Betty knew what killed her daughter. She always maintained Patty died from the aspartame found in NutraSweet diet products. Betty charged that her daughter was addicted to aspartame. Patty incessantly drank no fewer than six diet drinks every day and perpetually added in excess of five packets of Equal® to one glass of iced tea. Betty never stopped believing her daughter’s death was connected to her heavy consumption of aspartame.

In the memory of her daughter’s ’cause of death unknown’ as stated on her death certificate, Betty devotedly battled The NutraSweet Company and fought the suppression of information concerning the dangers connected to this chemical sweetener. As a mother fighting for her child, Betty never gave up the battle to prove she was right. In 1991, Betty was found shot to death in her Vista, California home. She was taking a bath when her assailant broke into the bathroom and shot her while she was in the bathtub. To date, the L.A. police have not apprehended her murderer.

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