can hpv (warts) be killed? –

can hpv (warts) be killed? -

EXTREMELY SMALL, SAFE AMOUNTS OF ELECTRICITY (A FEW THOUSANDTHS OF AN AMPERE) HAVE BEEN FOUND TO BE BEYOND THE TOLERANCE LEVEL OF PATHOGENIC LIFE FORMS; AND HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO KILL OR DEVITALIZE HIV, CANCER, HERPES, TUBERCULOSIS, HEPATITIS, COLDS, FLU, AND OTHER VIRUSES, FUNGI, PARASITES, AND BACTERIA IN BLOOD AND BODY FLUID RENDERING THEM INEFFECTIVE TO INFECT OR AFFECT NORMAL HEALTHY CELLS, WHILE MAINTAINING THE BIOLOGICAL USEFULNESS OF THE BLOOD AND OTHER BODY FLUIDS. It works by producing beta waveforms as electronic signals between two probes surrounding a cold sore. Black walnut hull is purported to kill more than 100 types of parasites and to eradicate them from the digestive tract. He reported this to me a week after it happened without any incidence of herpes that week. This groundbreaking medical technology is making many people a lot of money in Russia. I never had it, even after returning to zapping after a couple years, nor my first time, years ago even, when I stop and think about it, and none of the friends who’ve used it have had any downtime from a herx reaction. So, a 30,000 Hz square wave is actually, as far as electricity is concerned, a 30,000 Hz sine wave plus a 60,000 Hz sine wave plus a 90,000 Hz sine wave plus a 120,000 Hz sine wave plus a 150,000 Hz sine wave plus a 180,000 Hz size wave plus…

I also have reactivated Herpes-Family viruses, most likely EBV and HHV-6, and I use the zapper to help kill them off or, at least, keep them in the latent stage. There is, in general, nothing special about the order of the frequencies inside the sets. Their electrodes are of the highest purity fine silver. None of these questions can be answered yet. Other fascinating possibilities are that the intermittent positive voltage interferes with electron flow in some key metabolic route, or straightens out the ATP molecule disallowing its breakdown. Zapper, MMS, Colloidal Silver and plate zapping. Ciononostante, non ci si ammalerebbe a causa di questi scarichi virali se l’immunità non fosse più bassa del normale.
can hpv (warts) be killed? -

Zapping up to 6 times a day using Clarks classic zap cycle as well as a different cylce. A second light will then come on, which indicates that the zapper has reversed the direction of the electrical flow. Those of you suffering proactively would most likely know there are sectors of the private and academic research sectors working on finding the elusive herpes cure on minimal funding. However THEN I noticed my “neck skin” and “face skin” getting saggy and if I PINCH/PULL it (like you would to check for dehydration on an animal) it hardly retracts!!! Varicella-zoster belongs to group of viruses called herpes viruses that cause cold sores and genital herpes. Many people have reported that they have felt slight tingling sensations in various parts of their body while using the Zapper. not sure.

I also did a computer search and found that the only other mention of this technology was in “Outer Limits” in Longevity Magazine which appeared in the December, 1992, issue. Users say that it has stopped cold sores almost completely, and works fast against cold sores. Boy was I wrong! There was also a spot on his liver the size of ‘two peanuts’. By far better than explaining, it is to watch a 33-second video and see it in action. It has never produced pain, although it has often stopped pain instantly. I FINALLY got my dad to make me a litre of Colloidal Silver yesterday (he says I shouldn’t have waited so long!

I said I just never figured any of the above wouldn’t work!) I spritzed it and within about 5 min the burn/itch disappeared. Not for long but I kept spritzing. When I got home I put the super strength oil of oregano on it again (ya it hurts) and soaked a cotton ball in colloidal silver and held it there for 1/2 hour. Don’t do these experiments yourself.

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