Chapter XIII. Special Remedies for the Skin.

Chapter XIII. Special Remedies for the Skin.

That’s the problem with herpes, it looks like a lot of things. When the infection is on the mouth, it is called oral herpes. But while this was going on she got very close to me (maybe 6 inches or so) and at one point got her face near my genitals, (but NOT touching them). What should I do? The dermatologist I saw afterward prescribed an ointment for the chafing/discomfort. and how often is it that if it were oral herpes, that that cluster would show up on the upper back because of it? I have never had an outbreak and today after working out and playing in a softball game at night, I came home to a red rash on my right groin and  a small red bump about two inches below it.

The burning of sulphur, like the eternal fires of Hell is peculiar to the remedy. While on the other hand, I tell myself to calm down because your first Herpes outbreak is usually pretty bad from what I hear (and this clearly isn’t that bad), and outbreaks usually only last a couple of weeks (while this has gone on for almost 4 weeks now). It only hurt when touched. It has this affinity for the skin. in my case it was probably hours after sitting for so long i just popped them very easy. I mean if I havent had sex since July and my head was protected with a condom, there is no feasable way herpes is even possible here right? Drying up an excessive perspiration of the feet has developed cataract of the eyes.

These blisters can break open, resulting to small-sized ulcers that dry up and become crusty. i am awaiting my results and the anticipation is killing me. Careful and consistent use of condoms can reduce the risk of spread of infection by up to 99%. We must depend mainly upon internal remedies; remedies that work from within outwards. Our local applications (if any are ever used) must be such as will heal up the eruption upon the surface of the body; never anything to drive the eruption into the system. This rule I have followed in all the years of my practice. We all have different shaped anatomy!” says Pooley, who now rides an SMP on her road bike and an Adamo on her TT bike.

Drinking cold drinks when the body is overheated, going in swimming when the body is covered with perspiration and the water is cold, being caught out in showers when the body is overheated, will sometimes cause an eruption to appear on the body. In such cases there is one remedy which is indicated, and that is bellis perennis. Herpes Simplex Oral herpes and genital herpes are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1) and Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 (HSV-2) respectively. Plastic bags for the feet. Ten drops of tincture berberis aquifolium and two drops Fowler’s solution should be given every three hours to clear the complexion. Medicated baths, in skin disease, are very valuable for their effect upon the pores. They may speed up the healing of sores and weaken the virus.

So, did I put myself at risk? These baths will aid you very materially in curing your patient of skin disease. Erythema. In the red, hot, dry condition of the skin belladonna will prove very efficacious. Dose, five drops tincture belladonna in a glass of water; of this mixture give a teaspoonful every hour. For a local application use the distilled extract of hamamelis and warm water, equal parts. Bathe the affected portion of the body frequently with this solution and keep cloths wet in it on them constantly.

In erythema nodosum with dark red skin, itching at night and pain in the long bones, tincture rhus venenata is a most useful remedy. Dose, five drops of the third decimal dilution three times a day. In burning of the skin with redness and itching, echinacea can be used with good results. Mix. Sig. Apply to the skin; keep cloths wet with it constantly in contact with the affected part of the body. This also forms an admirable application for chafing of the skin wherever situated.

The internal use of echinacea is also beneficial in the erythema. Dose, ten drops tincture echinacea once in three hours. Urticaria. When the skin is elevated, a white central spot and a red areola with a burning stinging sensation urtica urens is the first remedy of which we should think. Dose, add fifteen drops tincture urtica urens to four ounces of water and give a teaspoonful once in two hours. When there is a marked edema of the parts with burning, itchy, tingling sensation apis mel. is the drug needed.

The affected person should keep the skin clean and moisturized. added to four ounces water and give a teaspoonful of this mixture every hour. When the patient has eaten too freely of meat, or has over eaten, has red areolar patches that come and go, is hot and thirsty, antimonium crudum is the remedy. Dose, three tablets of the sixth decimal three times a day. As a local remedy powdered corn starch dusted on the eruption will be gratefully received, by the patient; the patient may also be bathed all over with a solution of soda bi-carbonate, one ounce to the pint of water. For the “red nose” we may apply Bonjeans Ergotin at bedtime. It will contract the small blood vessels and thus relieve the redness.

Ichthyol and vaseline equal parts is also a good local application. It should be used three times a day. In the chronic form of acne, juglandine one-sixteenth grain and sulph. quinine one-half grain should be given once in three hours. It acts upon the kidneys and bowels. Acetate potash is one of the best blood depurants we have. Many an old chronic case has been benefited from the beginning with this remedy.

Frequently the patient will ask you to give him something to allay the itching of the eruption. I have found the following to be the best all “round wash,” as a liquid preparation, for skin disease with much itching of the parts. It cannot be excelled. Mix. Macerate for seven days and filter; add one ounce of alcohol. A good all round alterative or “Blood Purifier” is a valuable asset to any doctor’s office. Many families in the spring of the year ask for a “blood medicine.” Here is a prescription which is especially indicated in old chronic skin diseases, eczema, psoriasis, salt rheum, etc.

In eczema of babies, a five per cent. ointment of subnitrate bismuth in lanolin is the remedy which should be used locally. It stops the burning and itching and has, in my hands, cured cases where other remedies have failed to benefit in the least. The best internal remedy is rhus tox. Dose, five drops of the second decimal dilution once in three hours. In the inflammatory form of eczema with redness of the parts, burning and itching, the above remedy will cure most every case. When in women inclined to obesity and habitual constipation we find an eruption oozing out a thick honey-like fluid, that is glutinous, graphites is the needed remedy.

It may appear behind the ears, in the palms of the hands or on the legs. Prescribe the third decimal trituration of graphites, three tablets once in three hours. When in eczema there oozes an acrid moisture from beneath the scabs and there is a terrible itching which scratching will relieve only temporarily—the itching is constantly breaking out in new places, staphisagria should be prescribed. Dose, add twenty drops tincture staphisagria to four ounces of water and give a teaspoonful every two hours. When the eczema appears on the dorsum of the hands as in “Barber’s and Grocer’s itch,” tincture bovista is the required agent. Dose, put fifteen drops of the third decimal dilution in half a glass of water and give the patient a teaspoonful once in two hours. In the dry scaly itchy eruption of eczema, when I use an ointment I like “Juniper Pomade” (Lloyd’s).

It is a nice clean preparation and should be applied three times a day. During many years’ experience with this remedy I have never failed to get good results. It is much better and safer to use for eczema than zinc ointment. Salt Rheum. I saw a case of this condition in an old lady in Vermont. Her hands were sore and bleeding from frequent scratching. The disease is worse in the winter and itches worse after the patient becomes warm in bed.

This lady had been tormented by the fearful itching until she was nearly crazy from it. I gave her my Comp. Syr. Rumex crispus (formula given above) in teaspoonful doses three times a day. There is in New England a species of hemlock which is called “ground hemlock.” (Taxus canadensis? -Henriette) It grows about a foot high, then spreads out its branches and covers a space of from four to five feet in diameter. I have never seen it growing outside of New England.

I collected some of the branches of this “ground hemlock,” put them in a kettle of water and boiled the liquid down to an extract. I then mixed it with an equal quantity of unsalted butter. This ointment was applied to the hands of the old lady three times a day. I had her wash her hands every day with soft soap and warm water. Most farmers make soft soap and it is a good application both for salt rheum and psoriasis. Continuing the above treatment I was successful in curing the old lady of her obstinate trouble. I have used this ointment of “ground hemlock” many times for salt rheum and other obstinate skin diseases.

Psoriasis. When the skin is dry and impoverished, hands and feet cold, thyroidin should be prescribed. Dose, three tablets of the second decimal trituration once in two hours. When the eruption is moist and offensive, forms a grayish white crust lappa seeds is the remedy. Dose, twenty drops tincture lappa seeds (burdock) three times a day. In these old stubborn cases I have seen a whiskey tincture burdock seeds make some fine cures. Ichthyosis.
Chapter XIII. Special Remedies for the Skin.

When the skin is dry and scaly iodide arsenic will prove curative. Dose, three tablets of the third decimal three times a day. Thyroidin for adults has made some fine cures in doses of five grains twice a day. If the skin looks dirty, gray and cadaverous you should prescribe tincture thuja in five drop doses three times a day. If there are fine scales with much itching which is worse in bed, indurations of the glands, clematis erecta is the needed medicine. Dose, five drops tincture clematis three times a day. Use the sulphate soda bath, as already described in this chapter, at bedtime.

Herpes Zoster. When preceded by intercostal neuralgia and there is burning of the vesicles, which may be of a bluish or black color ranunculus bulbosus is the remedy. Dose, fifteen drops tincture ranunculus in half a glass of water, teaspoonful every two hours. In herpes upon the hairy portions of the body that is accompanied by burning, stinging and itching, worse after scratching rhus tox is indicated. Dose, five drops of the second decimal dilution once in two hours. In the chronic form of this disease you should give the Comp. Syr.

Rumex Crispus (see Eczema) in teaspoonful doses three times a day. Also use the soda sulphate bath as before mentioned. I once had a patient who had been the rounds. There was a fixed burning pain in one side of the abdomen. No remedies had so far produced any results. I suspected there was a retrocession of an eruption of shingles, and applied a compound tar plaster over the affected portion. In a few days the patient had a nice eruption of shingles broken out around the body.

Dusting corn starch on to the affected portion will relieve the itching of shingles. Pityriasis Rubra. This disease appears in red patches, generally on the chest. Tincture erythinus, first decimal, is indicated and should be given in five drop doses in a little water night and morning. Pemphigus. When the bullae are surrounded by a ring and itch considerably, with crusts forming on the third day it is wise to prescribe caltha palustris. Use the second decimal dilution and give five drop doses once in three hours.

When there is much itching and burning, blisters with watery fluid and peeling of the skin rhus tox is indicated. Dose, five drops of the second decimal dilution once in two hours. In the foliaceous variety thuja is the requisite remedy. It should be given in five drop doses once in three hours. Lichen. In the simple form of this disease juglands cinerea will cure most cases. Dose, five drops, tincture juglands once in three hours.

Locally we may apply Fl. Ext. grindelia robusta one part, water three parts, three times a day. Barber’s Itch. In this affection iodide sulphur, third decimal, should be given internally, two grains once in three hours. Apply locally an ointment composed of two grains iodide sulphur to one ounce of vaseline, night and morning. Rub it in well.

In a week you should double the quantity of the creosote. This should be applied every other day. A more convenient form to use locally would be carbolic acid gtts. xxx, glycerine three ounces. Mix—apply three times a day. Crusta Lactea. When there is a copious exudation that mats the hair, with burning and itching which is worse at night, viola tricolor should be prescribed.

Dose, add fifteen drops tincture viola to a glass of water and give the patient a teaspoonful four times a day. When the eruption has grayish white crusts, offensive odor, arctium lappa is indicated. Dose, add thirty drops tincture arctium to six ounces of water and give a teaspoonful once in two hours. Mix. Add boiling water to make a poultice and apply to the head. This will soften up the scabs, after which we will apply an ointment three times a day made by adding twenty grains salicylic acid to one ounce of vaseline and mixing thoroughly. If this causes much smarting more vaseline should be added.

Viola tricolor is the internal remedy. Dose, add twenty drops of the first decimal dilution in half a glass of water and give a teaspoonful every two hours. If there is much suppuration give three tablets of the sixth decimal of silicea three times a day. Ring Worm. The best local application in this affection is glacial acetic acid. It may be applied to any portion of the body except the scalp. Internally you should administer the tincture juglands cinerea, five drops once in two hours.

Rhagades. I had a lady come from Philadelphia to consult me about her hands. The fingers were sore, cracked open; she could not bear them in water. It was a perfect picture of graphites. I gave her the third decimal trituration of this remedy, three tablets once in three hours. In a week she reported and I found her hands nearly well. Verruca, or Warts.

When the warts come in crops tincture thuja is the indicated remedy. It should be given in five drop doses every three hours. In alternation it is well to prescribe one grain magnesia sulph. once in three hours. Tincture thuja also makes a good local application or you may use equal parts of chromic acid and water. This turns the warts black and in a short time they drop off. For syphilitic warts and condylomata keep the warts constantly moist with dilute nitric acid (one drachm to the pint of water).

It will disperse them without pain. The application of tincture thuja, full strength, has also proved very successful. Bromidrosis. When the feet perspire freely and have a bad odor, various “washes” are used to relieve this condition. As a result of such careless treatment cataract and blindness have resulted. It is very much safer to treat such conditions by internal remedies mainly. When there is habitual perspiration of the feet with a bad odor that is very offensive, you can relieve this condition by prescribing the sixth decimal trituration of silicea.

Dose, three tablets every three hours. If the toes and soles of the feet are sore the third decimal of baryta carbonica will be the remedy. Dose, three tablets once in three hours. When there is a fetid odor from the axilla the sixth decimal trituration of sepia is the remedy required. Dose, three tablets once in three hours. This is especially true in women who are suffering from obesity. When the whole body has a perspiration that is intensely disagreeable and the urine and feces are foul smelling, nitric acid will remove the condition.

Dose, add ten drops of the third decimal dilution to four ounces of water and give a teaspoonful four times a day. Vaccinosis. After a person has been vaccinated one or more times, there may appear an eruption on the face, swellings in the axilla, and lumps in the breast. It is the poison of the vaccine virus working in the system. We have an antidote for this poison in thuja thirtieth decimal trituration. Dose, three tablets night and morning. This poisoning of the blood of other people by vaccination is a blot on our civilization and a disgrace to the medical profession.

It has caused a rapid increase in cancer and syphilis in every country where vaccination is enforced. Cancer. The treatment of cancer in all its forms, also lupus and tumors, including ovarian and fibroid tumors of the uterus should be the subject of a volume by itself. I have often been urged to write a book on the treatment of cancer, but at my age and physical condition it may be doubtful if I ever live to see such a work completed. No doubt my experience with cancer would be of great value to the medical profession as I have spent forty years in the study and treatment of cancerous affections in all their various forms. The Eclectic School of Medicine was the pioneer in the successful treatment of cancer by internal medication, while the Regular School with their theory that it was a local disease were cutting out everything which looked like a cancer and have miserably failed to cure it. By my method of treating cancer as a blood or constitutional disease (as I was taught in the Eclectic College over forty years ago) I have cured eighty per cent.

of the cases of cancer which have come under my treatment. I honestly believe, from my own experience, that ninety-five per cent. of the cases of cancer in our country could be cured by medicine if treated before any operation or the use of X-Ray. Hypodermic treatment of cancer has failed to cure the disease as any purely local treatment will do in the future even as it has in the past. I have at different times reported cases of cancer successfully treated in different Medical Journals to prove that cancer could be cured with medicine. Physicians have visited me from all over the United States, Canada and Mexico to take a post-graduate course of study to fit them for the special work of treating this disease, for it is a specialty just as much as the eye, ear, surgery or gynecology. Fifty thousand victims of cancer are dying yearly because they do not receive proper medical treatment.

The demand for physicians who can treat cancer successfully was never so great as at the present time. The people have been duped long enough. They know now that the surgical operations not only do not cure cancer but actually hasten the death of the victims and increase their suffering. The day will come when it will be considered a crime to cut out a cancer. May God hasten the day.

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