Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: How unrefined coconut oil may be the best solution

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: How unrefined coconut oil may be the best solution

Drug Problems Sideaffects, Effects Linked, Counter Drugs, Cholesterol Drugs, Drugs Statins, Statin Drugs, Drug Class, Cholesterol Lowering Drugs STATINS RAISE RISK OF SHINGLES Following in the wake of new U.S. I have a bottle of this and have forgotten to use it. Skin conditions and rashes. It makes no more sense to me than it does to you. However, if they move from one area to another or get a chance to start multiplying this will cause a break out. Shingles is caused by a reactivation of the varicella zoster virus (VZV), also known as human herpes virus-3 (HHV-3). dizziness, rashes, allergies, and autoimmune reactions.

Virgin Coconut Oil and Viruses. To clear out the virus, drink a concoction of sea salt and water, or just consume fresh, raw garlic with your meals, as it has antiseptic properties, and will cure shingles naturally. The degree and severity of symptoms often fluctuate. An afflicted person may temporarily “recover” and function normally for awhile only to relapse a short time later. It is a puzzling thing to have as there seems to be no definite cure though relieving stress sometimes helps too. They consider the symptoms due to age, stress, or seasonal illness and they do nothing to solve the problem. Multiple Causes of CFS.

The exact cause of the illness is still unknown and there is no standard medical test to detect it. Consequently, a cure has yet to be found. The current belief is that CFS does not have a single cause but is the result of many factors. Some believe it is the result of multiple chronic infections which depress the immune system and drain the body of energy. Along with this, it can be used topically. I continued to feel intense tingling, shooting nerve pain, and sensitive skin for several weeks. When I say I had a relatively mild case of shingles, I don’t mean to diminish my experience of pain or fatigue.

Xq Da El Herpes Zoster Entries RSS. In yet another study, monolaurin proved as effective as the most popular antibiotics in killing bacteria from already infected skin. She is also interested in alternative and wholistic studies and approaches to medicine and healing, as well as studies of spiritual teachings, knowledge and philosophy. Herpes can cause fever blisters and genital lesions. The blisters may disappear temporarily only to reappear occasionally, especially as a result of stress. Herpes Zoster. Herpes zoster is the chickenpox virus.

Once the virus enters the body it stays there for the rest of the person’s life. It now appears that the second hospitalization was not due to a reactivation of the zoster, but rather an inflammatory flare up caused by the misuse of steroidal eye drops… Turmeric can be used in food to help reduce inflammation. Cervical (back of head, neck, shoulders, outer arms, and backs of hands), lumbar (waist, front of legs, and tops of feet), and sacral (buttocks, backs of legs, and soles of feet) dermatomes may also be affected. Recovery, takes four to six weeks with rest. Epstein-Barr Virus. The Epstein-Barr virus is a member of the herpes family.

It causes mononucleosis, often called the kissing disease because it can be transmitted this way. Once in the body it attacks the white blood cells. Recovery, takes four to six weeks with rest. The body needs this length of time allow the immune system to overcome the virus. For two to three months afterwards patients often feel depressed, lack energy, and feel sleepy throughout the day. These conditions may persist at a chronic level giving rise to CFS. Cold and Flu Viruses.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: How unrefined coconut oil may be the best solution
Cold and flu viruses can cause chronic infections that may contribute to chronic fatigue. Often people with viral infections are given antibiotics. This essential oil moisturizes the skin deeply and prevents dryness. Several weeks after onset of the rash, I performed a juice cleanse (liver flush), which lasted nine days. I felt noticeably greater energy during and after the cleanse. Doctors often give people suffering from viral infections antibiotics because there is nothing else they can do. The antibiotics have no more effect than a placebo, thus making the patient feel he is doing something to hasten recovery.

This has been the standard practice among doctors for years. The problem with this, besides wasting the patient’s money and subjecting him to worthless medications, is that the antibiotics may do some harm. One of the side effects of antibiotic use is the development of candidiasis. Antibiotics kill friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. These good bacteria compete for space with disease-causing bacteria and yeast, which keeps yeast numbers low and relatively harmless. If these bacteria are killed by antibiotic use, yeasts are able to multiply unrestrained causing a systemic candida infection. Candida can become chronic, burdening the immune system, draining the body’s energy, leading to prolonged feelings of fatigue and ill health.

Giardia Infections. Three antiviral drugs are currently in use. They kill Candida and giardia. Low-grade infections can be near impossible to diagnose accurately. If a virus is part of the cause, little can be done as there are no drugs that can cure viral illnesses. Giving the wrong type of medication can make matters worse, so experimenting with antibiotics and other drugs is not a good solution. What’s the answer?

Coconut oil may provide a vital solution to chronic fatigue syndrome. The fatty acids in coconut oil can kill herpes and Epstein-Barr viruses which are believed to be major causes. They kill candida and giardia. They kill a variety of other infectious organisms, any of which could cause chronic fatigue. Some doctors believe it is not the particular germ or organism that matters; any combination of factors or conditions that depress the immune system can lead to CFS. According to them the key to overcoming CFS is strengthening the immune system. Again, coconut oil may be the solution.

Rub it on the affected area to get relief. With fewer harmful organisms taxing the body’s energy, the immune system can function better. Unrefined Coconut Oil: Healing Factors. Coconut oil provides a quick source of energy and stimulates metabolism. This boost in energy not only lifts the spirit but promotes faster healing. The higher the body’s metabolism the more efficient the immune system and the quicker the body can heal and repair itself. It’s like a carpenter doing some repairs on your house.

If he is tired and slow, it will take a long time to do the job, but if he is energetic and anxious to complete the task it will take a fraction of the time. When metabolism is functioning at a higher level our cells are like an energized carpenter anxious to complete the repairs while depressed metabolism causes the cells to work slower, and consequently healing and repair progress slower. “I never thought I was troubled with chronic fatigue syndrome. I was healthy. I ate what I considered a good diet — low in fat, lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. But I noticed as I was approaching my mid-forties my level of energy was decreasing rapidly. In 1996, a clinical trial was conducted on 221 patients with herpes zoster who were treated daily with cimetidine at 200 mg, 3 times during the day and 400 mg at night.

After a couple of hours I came in exhausted and it took me two days to recover. By 8:00 p.m. every day I was exhausted, even though I have a desk job. I found myself going to bed earlier and earlier. Life was slowing down and I missed the energy I once had. I assumed that what I was experiencing was just the consequence of growing older and left it at that. But then I began to wonder.

I saw other people, much older than I, who were more physically active and had much more energy. I then suspected something was wrong.

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