Concerned if I contracted genital HSV – Herpes

Concerned if I contracted genital HSV - Herpes

The person who has oral HSV 1 is probably more likely to infect a partner through giving them oral sex than you are with genital herpes. To be clear on the reasons for my questions: virtually all of my concerns stem from my intense fear of disclosure/rejection. no noticeable lesions still at this point (and i’ve been looking like crazy), even 2 different GP’s didn’t see anything to indicate herpes in examining my penis. Making sure I go to a trusted source is a key to all of my papers. Her subsequent 4 or so partners have all been of some duration with lots of unprotected sex and oral. I do not take Valtrex daily, as I read some others do. Week later had sore throat w white patches, throat glands up, low fever and aching joints & Diarrhea.

On transmission genital to genital, is it common? Then about 9 days later, I found 3-4 very little red bumps in the same area but not at the exact spot as the 1st time. Experienced a left pink-eye that week (is this related?) that lasted for 10 days. Or similarly, would a second Herpeselect likely catch the 1 in 10 that the first Herpeselct potentially missed? Peeing pain subsided. But, penis pain returned; frightened the possibility of herpes. Went to a well-known STD clinic; the doctor examined and reassured me that not herpes.
Concerned if I contracted genital HSV - Herpes

Thinks yeast infection. On same day, returned to walk-in; requested culture swab on my urethra where there appears to be inflammation. That doctor also didn’t think it was herpes. IgM/IgG test were done. 4th-wk, returned to STD clinic; another doc examined my penis; also echos the other doc that it isn’t herpes. But, I get this intermittent diffuse burning pain (with tingling) around my genital area (butt, scrotum, thigh, leg, feet). Today, results are in.

Culture swab -ve. Just swelling, even on my face and inside my mouth and nose. 1. Diff doctor looked at my penis again today; couldn’t find anything consistent with herpes sores/lesions; but thinks it’s yeast ?? (1) Could 3.5 weeks of exposure likely to lead to IgG+ (2) Think genital herpes explains my symptoms for the last 4wks? i.e. all the doctors were wrong; that I am one of the few unlikely one with urethritis caused by HSV.

(3) Should I care about IgM results? (4) Should I care about the -ve culture swab results? (5) Should I take a type-specific IgG test in future? I figured if it shows I don’t have type-2, I still don’t know if I contracted hsv-1 genitally, which is now my concern.

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