corneal transplant? – Eye & Vision Message Board

corneal transplant? - Eye & Vision Message Board

I’m not sure if I’m even posting in the right place but it’s the only board I found possibly relevant. I couldn´t see any blister. My eye wasn’t getting better so finally they tested for this with a culture and it grew back. This time things were different. The bump itches (sometimes) when I have a shower and if I rub them. My son had herpes encephalitis. i am scared to death..

If something happens to your vision before the brain has fully made all of the eye to brain connections, then your vision can never been repaired. This is just so confusing to me! The operation is easy. It never goes away once you get it and it isn’t a sexual transmited virus. Then you will no for sure. in the morning – whatever happens it’s too late now. Could this all be related to HSV1???
corneal transplant? - Eye & Vision Message Board

When i went to get the shot they gave me a pap test ( after itchiness was just starting to stop) she looked at me and said it was some type of irritation but didnt see anything visibly wrong. You cannot lift anything heavy or do situps, or strenuous activity for three months. I would feel HORRIBLE if something happened. In the beginning it is several times a day, winding down to one drop a day. After a year you do not use any drops whatsoever. My doctor has me taking Acyclovir daily for 18 months to prevent a herpes outbreak on my operated eye. I have not had a outbreak in over 30 years.

I seems that my eye did not make the brain to eye connections in time. My vision will never be the same as my good eye. However, my vision is better than it was before & I can read 4 to 5 lines down past the letter E. I do feel relieved that if something was to happen to harm my good eye, at least now I can see better than I did before out of my bad eye. I was disappointed that I did not have better results. My husband’s co-worker had cornea transplants done on both of her eyes and she now has 20/20 vision. Her success is what encouraged me to go through with the operation.

She did not lose her vision until she was in her thirties. That’s the type of person I am. take care of your son first.

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