Dear Bossip: I Loved Her, Wanted To Marry Her, But She Wanted A Break & Is Now With Another Dude

Dear Bossip: I Loved Her, Wanted To Marry Her, But She Wanted A Break & Is Now With Another Dude

Quote: Originally Posted by 25thhour No he doesn’t have a point, he’s just being extremely ignorant quite honestly. I don’t know what a false curve is, but I think she can do the same by doing some squats and working out. V, Diabetes, Aids, High Blood Pressure, Blindness, Fibroids, etc. Nothing was ever good enough for her. She told me she contracted Herpes from a previous relationship but she didn’t inform me until 10 months into the relationship. I didn’t judge her I was there for her and supported her. I loved her so I just dealt with that situation.

So I used I think it was a simple question, and I’m not really sure. I feel like if that doesn’t prove to you how much I love you then I don’t what to do. FYI, I have not been exposed to any STD’s or STI’s. She would always put her friends in our business and those girls were jumping from bed to bed trying to give her advice about me. I would buy her very expensive things and sometimes she wouldn’t even appreciate that. Dating site in australia. She was kind of cold and distant.

I never cheated on her or even put myself in situations to cheat. I never thought twice about her cheating on me, but she was always going out with her girlfriends. So, she would kind of hint like she wanted a break but would never say anything. are oral herpes stds We all have very minor mouth cold sore yellow crust outbreaks as well as help heal cold sores too. I told her we should take a break to make sure this is what we want. I told her straight up that I wanted to make it work. I just wanted her to find that inner peace within herself.

So, we would still communicate, but at one point she wanted space so I gave her space. In a second series of experiments, the replication of four HSV mutants harboring temperature-sensitive mutations in genes essential for viral DNA replication was inhibited when Rosco was added at the time of shift-down from the nonpermissive to the permissive temperature. I told her I missed her and I was sorry, but another thing is she could never apologize to me to my face. It was always through a text message. There was a situation where we got into it because she felt like my gesture wasn’t genuine. So, after that argument a couple of days later she was taking pictures on a guys lap top. There simply are no “types” of people who are NOT infected.

I didn’t speak to her about it for a week. We talked about it, but to me it didn’t really clear the air. She said that they just hang out. I didn’t believe her. Did YOU get flu-like symptoms? I was trying to give our relationship a chance and a fresh start. I really wanted to marry this girl.

So, I still kept getting calls and I sent an email expressing how I felt and I said if you still want to be with me and love me you would respond. She responded so I was ready to take her back and forgive her. You are once again put on notice. I went out of town on a business trip and she was in a financial bind so she came to me. In the back of my mind I was thinking what about your new friend, you can’t even go to him for some money. I transferred the money like a stupid ass. I didn’t receive a thank you on the phone.

I received a thank you through text. To add insult to injury she was at the guy’s house when I transferred the money over. I didn’t want to speak to her again. She kept sending me text messages saying she wanted to talk for 5 days straight, but could never commit to a time and date. Last week was the final straw for me. She couldn’t even face me because she was guilty. I felt like she was a big ass coward.

She just could not tell me anything to my face. So 20 text messages later she just wanted me to know that her and the guy was starting to get serious. So, I was just so hurt and I told her that it wasn’t healthy to jump into a relationship, and I wasn’t healed so I know she wasn’t. Right now, I feel like f**k her, but there’s a small side of me that misses her. I don’t know what to do. I need some good advice. So this weekend was her birthday and I was just so upset that she didn’t respond to my call or text to wish her a happy birthday.
Dear Bossip: I Loved Her, Wanted To Marry Her, But She Wanted A Break & Is Now With Another Dude

She tells her friends and family that she misses me, but her actions speak a different language. You know that song “Brokenhearted,” by Brandy and Wayna Morris, yeah, that’s befitting for this post. You’re not alone in experiencing heart-break and love lost. We’ve all been there, especially trying to love someone so hard, and with all your might, but they just don’t see it. SIGH! I feel for you, and I’m sorry about what happened, but damn, you’re asking what to do after all she’s put you through and done to you, and despite the fact she’s told you and shown you over and over and over again who she is you don’t get the clue? Bruh, if you can’t see what is happening or what is going on, then I don’t have any glasses to give you to help you see this anymore clearer.

She has “F’d” you over, continues to “F” you over, and you keep allowing her to “F” you over. STOP THE VICIOUS CYCLE AND MOVE ON. She doesn’t want you, can’t love you, and quite frankly, she doesn’t deserve you. Wake your ass up and take them tighty-whitey’s off and let your nuts breathe. Sheesh! She is a hurt soul. She is love-less child in the world.

Whoever done her wrong in her past, and f**ked her over, she is taking no prisoners on her journey. And, you are a casualty on her destructive path. You better cut that bish loose before she does more damage to you. There’s a saying my grandmother used to tell me as a child, “Hurt people, hurt other people.” And, unfortunately your ex doesn’t see or know she’s hurt. She’s unaware that her soul is lost and in a dark place, therefore, all she sees is people who she thinks are either out to get her or hurt her. And, before they hurt her or get her, she is going to burn them, and she’s going to protect herself and not be a victim again. RUN FROM PEOPLE LIKE THIS!

They cannot and do not know what it is to experience love. They have no concept of what love is because the people who were supposed to love them probably hurt them and damaged them, and it’s going to take a lifetime of therapy, and healing for them to recognize what happened and deal with their issues. When someone wants to leave you, let them go. Why hold on to someone who doesn’t want to be held? Why  put yourself through the agony and pain of trying to make someone love you and be with you if they don’t want to be with you. Let them go! All this crying, whining, and boo-hooing over someone who can give a rat’s ass about you, chile, puhlease.

If they can’t reciprocate and acknowledge true love, then why spend your wheels trying to prove to them what they feel they don’t deserve. And, my brother, it’s obvious that she doesn’t love herself. If she contracted Herpes from a previous relationship, which means she was having unprotected sex, then why would she care whose life she put in danger. She’s reckless, manipulative, and selfish. She feels everything that happens to her is life’s “F’d” up way and plan of getting back at her. So, therefore, she is going to “F” over everyone else, including you. She doesn’t care about her body, or treating her Herpes, thus why would she care about you?

If someone doesn’t care about their own life, ba-by, they certainly will not care about you or anyone else’s. And, I hope your dumbass started wearing condoms after she told you that she had Herpes. You over there talking about you stayed to prove your love to her, chile, that wasn’t love that was stupidity. I don’t care how much love there is, if she’s that deceptive and deceitful to tell you 10 months into the relationship, then you don’t know what other secrets she is harboring, or men she was/is laying up with. And, it’s impossible to make someone love you. When you are running around trying to prove your love to someone, and they can’t acknowledge that love, then that lets me know that there are some issues and problems in their life they are dealing with, and it is most likely a result of no parental love while they were growing up, and feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, and no self-worth. Again, when you see or meet someone like this, RUN!!!

And, here’s a newsflash for all you folks out there: You can’t buy love. You can’t put them on your car insurance to make them love you. You can’t co-sign or get something on your credit to prove your love to them. You can’t get them a cell phone on your plan to make them love you. You can’t loan them your car while you’re at work to prove your love to them. You can’t give them enough money in the world to make them love. There is nothing you can do to make someone love you if they don’t love themselves!

Point blank! Period! So, please stop the “F’ing” insanity. Now, dude, when someone can’t communicate their feelings to you face-to-face and only via text message or email, it proves that they are shallow, and have no regard for you or your feelings. They are selfish and a coward. Ba-by, even a child can communicate how they feel, good or bad, and you’re dealing with a grown ass adult who is ignoring you? Oh, no ma’am!

That –ish is for the birds. Man up, or woman up, and express your feelings and yourself face-to-face. Don’t hide behind a text message or an email. You’ve spent months, even years in the relationship and you can’t articulate your feelings in-person. Yes, that is a problem, and those deep-rooted issues you have of daddy and mommy wasn’t there for me, or no one ever expressed their love or feelings to me, miss me already and grow a pair. Make sure to get your copy of my new book,  Mogul: A Novel (Atria Books – June 2011; $15). It is available in bookstores everywhere, and on Amazon, click  HERE!

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