Do I need the shingles vaccine? A doctor explains

Do I need the shingles vaccine? A doctor explains

Shingles, also referred to by the medical term herpes zoster, is a reactivation of a previous viral infection that causes a painful, blistering rash in the specific area served by the nerve root involved. If you expect to achieve results similar to those described in this testimonial, then ensure that the oil you are using is made from pesticide-free plants grown in optimal conditions. It can reactivate and cause a painful skin rash. In August 2015, the FDA announced that it was requiring changes to the Picato gel label in response to reports of severe allergic reactions and shingles in patients treated with the medication. It can also spread around one eye, which can cause redness and swelling of the eye and surrounding area. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 million Americans are diagnosed with shingles each year. Their most major complaint was itchy spots, and now it’s a deadly killer!?!

Most children recover without difficulty, and often enjoy a brief respite from school. Prior to varicella vaccinations (starting in the late 1990s), almost everyone had chickenpox. However, it can also cause significant, and sometimes, lethal immunosuppression. The vaccine against chickenpox is safe, so it is better to be vaccinated than wait to be infected and become unwell. The skin becomes excruciating to the touch (I have had patients unable to wear clothing they are in so much pain). While the herpes virus can’t be eradicated, there are treatments available to help control the infection by reducing symptoms and the number of outbreaks. The rash follows the distribution of the affected nerve and most commonly wraps around the back, chest, or buttocks.

“We can’t make it go away.”To help prevent shingles, physicians recommend a shingles vaccine for people 60 and older. Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) causes two distinct diseases, varicella (chickenpox) and herpes zoster (HZ) (shingles). If we live to be 85, more than half of us will get shingles. If the virus reaches your eyes, it can cause blindness. If the nerve is on a leg, shingles will be a red band with little bubbles (also known as vesicles or pox), along the leg. She eliminated sugar because it stops our natural killer cells from fighting the virus. Eye allergies are an extremely common condition when the eyes react to an irritant or allergen, making them red, itchy, tearful and swollen.

Because each nerve covers only half the body, the clue to a shingles rash is that it stops exactly at the middle of the body and affects only one half. Shingles is best treated immediately to alleviate the pain and reduce the risk of other complications. She is a retired registered nurse and she ended up reading sections of the book while I gave her husband a Raindrop. From before the time the rash erupts until after it’s healed, you’ll be itchy – in some cases, the rash can be extremely painful. Early shingles pain over the left chest is often confused with a heart attack. It can also become a long-term problem for some people. They gradually form a continuous stripe rapping around half the body.
Do I need the shingles vaccine? A doctor explains

Forty-five of these women have children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD); another ten women have children with autistic symptoms, ADD/ADHD or other developmental delays; and four women have children with other health problems, mostly immunologic. Rarely, in patients with severe immune problems like leukemia, lupus or HIV, the virus can spread over the body like a severe case of chicken pox. As long as there are fluid filled bubbles the patient is contagious. However, they are not contagious for shingles. Though rare, herpes zoster that affects the eye or ear can cause blindness or nerve palsies. They are contagious for chicken pox. If a patient with shingles encounters someone who has never had chicken pox, then they can give that person chicken pox.

A predisposition to getting shingles appears to run in families, according to a study in December 2008. However, because the infection has burst out of the nerve there may be extended or even permanent pain in the nerve. Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) is a ubiquitous human pathogen that causes varicella, commonly called chicken pox; establishes latency; and reactivates as herpes zoster, referred to as shingles. This is known as post-herpetic neuralgia. government-funded study found children given it were twice as likely to suffer fever-related convulsions compared to those given the MMR with chicken pox vaccine separately. One way to protect ourselves is to never get chicken pox. Vitamin C is so effective at eliminating the virus, that on initial diagnosis of this viral disease patients should immediately start taking it.

Dr. In fact some scientists believe that adults who had the chicken pox infection as children can be protected from getting shingles by occasionally being exposed to a child with an active chicken pox infection. Therefore, as more children are vaccinated for chicken pox there may be an increase in shingles. The information on our website is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. There’s some evidence that starting treatment quickly with both antiviral medications and a course of oral steroids can lower your risk of developing PHN (severe pain along affected nerves), or at least shorten the duration of symptoms if you do get it. Manufactured and sold as Zostavax, the vaccine is recommended by the CDC for use by healthy people 60 years or older. The ACIP recommends it for anyone 60 or more who has previously had shingles, had any chronic medical condition or lives in a long term care facility.

Zostavax decreases the chance of getting shingles by 50% and decreases the chance of permanent pain if you do get the rash by 70%. A second problem is that vaccination is likely to increase the number of people getting shingles, more serious than chickenpox, that already causes 60 deaths a year, mainly among older people. This is a live vaccine, so cannot be given to someone who already has a suppressed immune system. The main side effect is irritation at the injection site and a 2% chance of a flu like syndrome. Zostavax cannot be used to treat an active shingles infection. If you do get shingles, contact your doctor immediately. Oral antiviral medicines started within the first 72 hours of the breakout, reduce the chance of nerve damage and pain.

These medicines also decrease the severity and length of a zoster attack. Aspirin is not recommended because using it might cause a liver problem called Reye’s syndrome. This is somewhat controversial, because of the potential side effects of steroids. If there is involvement in or next to the eye, it is vital to see an ophthalmologist immediately. Shingles, herpes zoster, is a self-limited painful rash that can cause permanent injury. It can make anyone’s life a little harder, especially if they are already dealing with other medical problems. If you are over 60, talk to your doctor about being vaccinated.

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