Do these symptoms seem to be HSV-1 related? – Herpes

Do these symptoms seem to be HSV-1 related? - Herpes

Do you have HSV 1 orally or genitally? Anyone who tells me they have an painful ulcer in the genital area concerns me for herpes. another partner she had intercourse with somewhere around november  8th/9th has since also broken out with sores and blisters, and they have both confirmed through their doctors that it is herpes. Ten days after, I was tested for hepatitis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and had a baseline done for HIV and HSV 1 and 2. I went to the doctor who only looked at the blisters and said they looked like “herpetic lesions”. – I now have lost the ulcers at back of throat but my gums (well not technically my gums, the are above by gums) is very sore, painful and swollen/inflammed. I have never had a herpes outbreak and do not have herpes as far as I know.

Do these symptoms seem to be HSV-1 related? - Herpes
2)  How do I prevent the fear of acquiring H2 from destroying my otherwise loving and passionate relationship? That’s oral though, it’s not as big a deal. If the Herpeselect is negative at 16 weeks, and I took a Western blot test 16 weeks just to be sure, would the Western blot miss the same 1 in 10, or by having both would I significantly reduce the possibility the testing missed the infection? Or similarly, would a second Herpeselect likely catch the 1 in 10 that the first Herpeselct potentially missed? Like a swollen gland. Near end of meds, got itchy; soon redness, pain, and itch focused in same spot as previous yeast. That was 3 months ago that the results came back.

It is very real, not just noticing something that was there before but got overlooked, but I am stressed out about the possible Herpes, so if anxiety can cause it, I am a candidate. I ask because I wonder if it can be caused by anxiety, or if I need to start looking into what else is causing it (if not Herpes). I saw on another post by Grace that those who get hsv-1 of the genitals tend to exhibit physical symptoms and perhaps have even more pronounced physical symptoms for the first outbreak than hsv-2. 2)  I really think it may be chafing or a staph infection (i have previously had impetigo on my face and lychen planus on my hands/feet) and am prone to staph infections. If the answer is yes, does it make any difference if we have intercourse while she has an outbreak versus while she is symptom free? Do either of these possibly leave long lasting bumps after the initial appearance (either on the lips or gum surface)? Thank you.

Because the only people that get STD’s are those that “sleep around a lot”. You also are very good at direct straight forward answers. Please know how much it is appreciated! You are an excellent supplement to the doctors visit.

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