Doctors don’t want me to test. People think I’m going crazy – Herpes

Doctors don't want me to test. People think I'm going crazy - Herpes

I went to the clinic to get assessed and they said there was no sign of genital herpes and to return if i had any sores develop.(this was 3-5 days after the encounter) I have not had any sores since however i did recently pluck up the courage to go for a blood test and this had come back negitive for all herpes. (Last contact Dec  1st) He told me later (when he decided that we had ‘long-term potential’)  that he has herpes both orally and genitally… I got pregnant in 2005 and had several cultures done while I was pregnant because I was worried about my babies and they were all negative! I have been to several doctors and had tests done. I didn’t sex wiht my wife among these 3 months ,and her PCR-DNA test result for hsv-2 was negative recently. than i gone to my home doctor he gave me Azithromycin(1000 -mg) that gave me suitable result .Though after 1 week ,two spots gone …. I should note that up into that point, I had felt a sharp burning pain in my pubic area for more than a few days.
Doctors don't want me to test. People think I'm going crazy - Herpes

I have had four or five doctors look at it and they all said it looked fungal and yeast. Treatment worked on it but it did come back a bit under fore skin a few weeks later and cream helped again. Basically I didn’t get in when the raw spot on my penis was initially there but I showed a picture and it was still red. No doctor was alarmed at all. And none of them have access to a hsv test and none swabbed. Who wants to date a woman with this. My suffering has been completely ignored, I still don’t have a real family doctor, I’ve been denied care so many times I’ve lost count, and now I have stroke like attacks every so often, and the flare ups consist of horrible BURNING NERVE PAIN that’s beyond anything else I’ve ever experienced which includes broken bones, pretty severe infections, deep stab wounds in the hand and other sensitive areas, and repeated hard hits to the shins.

I cry a lot on the toilet from the pain and blood. I did not see any blisters or a cluster but some dry skin and red rash. I have been advised to see a psychologist for my anxiety and try want me to move on. Please help.

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