Does this sound like Herpes to you? – Herpes Message Board

Does this sound like Herpes to you? - Herpes Message Board

best thing to do is to be seen again the next time you have symptoms at this point. I’ve had 5 sexual partners over the course of 2 and a half years. While the outbreaks are very common in these areas, sores can also occur almost anywhere on the skin. We were running out of lube, and the sex was becoming painful so we stopped, and I showered immediately after. They don’t hurt. i never paid any mind to it. She had just broken up with her boyfriend, who was also negative (and swears to me she hasn’t been with anyone else besides me and her boyfriend in the last year and a half.

Also my girlfriends doctor said to her that it didn’t look like she had herpes but she did tell me that she has had one cold soar on her lip a few years ago. I have quite a few red bumps now. However, I do have white vaginal discharge, although it’s yellow at times too. But be aware that many infections can be passed to baby during a vaginal delivery. They are not painful or causing me issues at all really. And they have not turned into blister form at all, just red bumps like bug bites. They’ve been there for about 6 days?
Does this sound like Herpes to you? - Herpes Message Board

I think. I noticed my lymph nodes in my groin are slightly raised. The few that I tried to pop have scabbed over but there is really no change to the others. They aren’t really raised at all. I tried popping the second bump but it didn’t pop. Could it be herpes? I am usually tired feeling and achey, and I haven’t even really noticed that the last few days.

No fever, as far as I know. And no swollen glands/groin. Like I said I just started seeing a new guy. I really like him but I’m afraid to have sex with him again bc I don’t want to give it to anyone if it is HSV. If I had Herpes it would have been from the former guy. And I know he’s been around a lot so honestly I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t know how I could be so stupid.

We always used condoms though, but I know that doesn’t always keep you safe. I don’t have any health insurance and I only make minimum wage. The nearest herpes testing center is almost an hour away and isn’t exactly cheap for someone on a budget like mine. I have no idea what to do. Does this sound like it could be Herpes, even if the bumps are not full on blisters and are not clustered? How can I tell whether it’s just razor burn or if it’s an STD? I would love to think it’s just razor burn and let it heal but I’m so scared I could infect someone else or have a really nasty OB.

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