Equine disease outbreaks for the first quarter of 2015 – Horsetalk.co.nz

Equine disease outbreaks for the first quarter of 2015 - Horsetalk.co.nz

In a stable of eight horses in Northern Iceland, six horses presented with clinical signs, such as ataxia and reduced appetite, leading to euthanasia of one severely affected horse. The outbreak was also realized by the commission on the same day. An equine herpes outbreak that threatened major shows, controlling the scandalous over-use of medication in show horses, awarding of the 2015 World Cup finals to Las Vegas and an opportunity for the WEG to come back to the U.S. The first horse tested positive on Feb. HarnessLink.com reports that horsemen and women at Vernon Downs need to use hygienic precaution when working from horse to horse, trainers should keep an eye on their horses, and continually take their temperature. Although relatively rare, death is at times the outcome of exposure to EHV-1 and other communicable diseases.Reading the reports of what symptoms look like scared the bejezus out of any horse owner who had never heard of the condition or experienced an infected equine. One horse not believed to be linked with any of the HITS-associated quarantined premises has also been positive for EHV-1.

A total of 14 outbreaks were diagnosed in France, involving primarily thoroughbreds and warmbloods. According to agricultural officials, four are located at Miles Away Farm in Loxahatchee and were linked to the HITS event. One of these four horses developed neurological signs and was transported to the University of Florida. At least 16 states in the US recorded outbreaks of strangles, with multiple cases confirmed on premises in Kentucky, Maryland, and South Carolina. Equine influenza was reported by France, Britain, and the US. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 2013 75(9):1223-1225. If you are shipping in to a facility to train or compete, please contact the facility to ensure that you will be able to comply with the requirements.

Equine herpesvirus-1 and -4 (EHV-1 and EHV-4) related diseases were recorded in France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Switzerland, Britain, and the US. After being supplemented with powdered colostrum replacer, her immunity remained low. Abortion due to EHV-1 was diagnosed in France (eight cases, all but two on individual farms), Germany (five cases), Japan (28 cases together with deaths in eight neonatal foals on 19 premises), and the US (five cases). EHV-1 associated neurologic disease was reported by France (one case), Germany (two cases), Switzerland (cases on several premises), and the US (two cases). Respiratory disease caused by EHV-4 was confirmed by France (15 outbreaks), Germany (one case), Switzerland (indeterminate number on several premises), and Britain (four outbreaks on separate premises). Britain reported one case of EHV-4 abortion. Two cases of equine coital exanthema (EHV-3) were confirmed in the US (Kentucky).
Equine disease outbreaks for the first quarter of 2015 - Horsetalk.co.nz

Numerous cases of EHV-2 infection associated with signs of respiratory disease were reported in the US. These horses were tested the next day and were negative for EHV-1. Cases of equine arteritis virus infection were recorded by Germany (carrier stallion) and Switzerland (one case). Dermatitis due to photosensitization only affects the white hair and pink skin areas on the horse’s leg and is easily differentiated from other causes of the disease. Practice good barn hygiene when you arrive at the destination facility and daily on the farm. Equine piroplasmosis was considered endemic in France and the United Arab Emirates, with isolated clinical cases in non-thoroughbreds in the latter. Germany reported contagious equine metritis in two non-thoroughbred stallions on one premises.

Infection with Leptospira spp. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will continue to work with HITS management, trainers, and veterinarians to ensure proper safeguards are taken to prevent further spread of the disease. The US diagnosed six cases of nocardioform placentitis and abortion. Cases of salmonellosis were reported by Ireland (three cases), Switzerland (two cases of S. The old days where I felt sluggish and uncomfortable are far gone. Clostridial enteritis was recorded in the US, including isolated cases of C. perfringens Type A in foals, two cases of C.

This is a show that just keeps getting better-from its world class grass turf grand prix arena to its covered schooling arena, to its Gulf Coast location where riders can rent beach side cottages,  to the quaint town of Gulfport, everyone loves the Gulf Coast Winter Classic! sordellii. The US also reported cases of equine proliferative enteropathy in thoroughbred foals in two states. Two outbreaks of rotavirus infection were recorded in France. A fatal case of Eastern equine encephalomyelitis was confirmed in a horse in Florida, US. Rhodococcal-related disease was reported as endemic in the US, with at least 22 cases diagnosed. Infection with Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis was reported as endemic in the US.

Ireland reported three cases of atypical myopathy.

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