European Handball Federation – Preview Semi-Final 2: THW Kiel vs. HSV Hamburg / Article

European Handball Federation - Preview Semi-Final 2: THW Kiel vs. HSV Hamburg / Article

2013 VELUX EHF Champions League winners HSV Hamburg faced tough times in 2014. There is nothing much better than this centuries aged formula to create a huge sales volume. Stunning panoramic views from well appointed contemporary on ancient bouldered ridge, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. After becoming German Cup winner in 2014, the EHF Cup is the first international trophy for Füchse – and a perfect farewell for coach Dagur Sigurdsson and players Konstantin Igropoulo, Iker Romero and Petar Nenadic. Maybe because lots of doctors ‘t want to deal with herpes, they sometimes the only opportunity to nail it definitively: during the first outbreak. And they finished a curse by reaching Cologne: Kiel are the first ever defending champions to make it to the LANXESS arena. After they have won the triple (Champions League, German championship and German Cup) in 2012 they can become the first ever German team to become “double triple winners”, as THW already defended their domestic titles.

European Handball Federation - Preview Semi-Final 2: THW Kiel vs. HSV Hamburg / Article
“This competition is an adventure for us, as it is our maiden voyage since the EHF Cup was merged with the Cup Winners’ Cup. In these instances, winning a freeroll may transform a bankroll. Kiel are part of the VELUX EHF FINAL4 for the third time – and they want to continue their story of success: When they were on court in the LANXESS arena, they finally won the trophy. But for the final he was back. Fortunately, there are alternative treatments that allow you to prevent and control herpes naturally. Hamburg was winner of their group, as Kiel finished second below MKB Veszprem, but then took revenge by two close victories against the Hungarians in the quarter-finals. In the current Bundesliga season Kiel won both encounters – but really close, in contrast, the overall statistics is quite clear with 21 THW victories, four draws and six HSV wins.

“But we don’t look upon this statistic, we take confidence from those two close defeats in this Bundesliga season. Should you win big when, does which indicate these lottery systems are no longer any advantageous to we. We have respect for Kiel, but we have it all in our hands,” HSV coach Martin Schwalb is confident. And his players needed a long time to recover from this injury shock. Nor does herpes simplex iv cause cancer virgin with herpes the cervix. Still three more players from the 2007 winners’ team are in the current squad: Christian Zeitz, Marcus Ahlm and Dominik Klein. In contrast, none of the HSV players have ever raised the Champions League trophy.

“This is the only big title I never won in handball – and I hope to get it now,” Croatian HSV line player Igor Vori said, who was world and Olympic champion. “We are here to win”, is the motto of Kiel. “We want to rise this trophy again, this is our clear aim since the start of the season,” said Filip Jícha, the only player of the “ultimate selection of 20 years EHF Champions League”, who is on the court in Cologne.

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