On December 15, 1991 the LA Times published a large expose about Jimmy Keller, a man dedicated to healing and experimental medicine. Candlelight, flowers – and, if we’re lucky, good sex. Sildenafil and Related Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitors – Nitric oxide (NO) enables therapeutic action of drug, which may be enhanced by arginine intake (arginine is a precursor to NO). Injections of growth hormone can help to reverse these problems. > Health > What herbs can help your sex drive?… If you have brain or ocular herpes, prostate cancer, or Wilson’s Disease (a genetic copper disorder) do not use arginine. Very little is found in fruits and vegetables, which may be detrimental to a vegetarian diet.

The endothelium is the lining inside blood vessels and arginine supplements help make more nitric oxide, which helps to relax and dilate blood vessels. The Secret to Great Sex So what is this secret to sexual satisfaction? Arginine derived nitric oxide (ADNO) is decreased by poor diets, lack of exercise, age, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking. It is necessary, however, to use a very large dose of arginine:   10 to 30 grams, depending upon many factors such as one’s age and body weight. CAN I TAKE TOO MUCH ARGININE? Arginine has long been considered by nutritionists to be the least toxic of all the amino acids and its consumption, even in relatively large quantities, seems to have very few adverse side effects. Clinical trials at hospitals in the U.S.

Prendergast is proud to say that all his patients through the last 17 years have managed to not succumb to any strokes, heart attacks or even to diabetes. But NO is also important to normal sexual function in both men and women. What is the recommended daily dosage of an arginine supplement? The effectiveness of arginine in releasing growth hormone is greatly diminished if foods have been consumed that cause other amino acids or significant amounts of insulin to be present in the bloodstream along with the arginine. According to Dr. Louis Ignarro, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 on the role nitric oxide plays in the body, five grams (5000mg) of arginine taken daily appears to be the minimum dosage for the benefit of increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood and preventing heart disease and stroke. He says anything less, is a waste of time and money.

In 2011 in the journal, Clinical Cancer Research, scientists at the University of Colorado Cancer Center showed that treatment with the over-the-counter amino acid arginine reactivates cancer-fighting T-cells in patients with glioblastoma, thus potentially allowing the immune system to help cleanse the body of cancer. Six of the 15 study participants were helped while taking the amino acid, although none improved while taking the placebo. You should avoid eating protein by one hour on either side when you take the supplement because the other amino acids found in the source of protein will block the absorption of the arginine. (Some people have problems with diarrhea when using large doses of the hydrochloride, though.)  The only practical way to take arginine for growth hormone release is to stir it up in a glass of water or unsweetened fruit juice and drink it quickly (so as to minimize the time you have to endure the bad taste). Arginine is the most sensitive of the amino acids and the others, except citrulline, will block out its absorption. Stimulation of the growth hormone will require higher dosages of arginine to be taken at bedtime on a totally empty stomach. Male body builders can take 9 to 21 grams depending on body weight, while women body builders can take 6 to 18 grams.

Arginine stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor 1, insulin, and prolactin. And, since the amino acid works directly on the corpus cavernosum – two cylinders that sit side-by-side inside the penis – L-arginine also enhances sensation. Going cold turkey with your prescription drugs could send your body into a tailspin. It is not clear what the lysine part of this combination has to do with growth hormone release since lysine competes with arginine in crossing the blood-brain-barrier. With that said, there is a warning to the person who is taking Viagra (or generic) or a nitrate drug (nitroglycerin). Like arginine they both increase nitric oxide in your blood, and if taken at the same time may lower your blood pressure below normal. If you are monitoring your own sugar level, as in the case of diabetes, or blood pressure, keep a watchful eye if your levels begin to drop from taking arginine.

In a 2006 issue of the Journal of Experimental Medicine, a Johns Hopkins team said that boosting levels of nitric oxide appear to dampen the effects of a specialized cell that diverts the immune system away from tumors, allowing swarms of cancer-attacking T-cells to migrate to tumor sites in the rodents. L-arginine should be taken once a day at bedtime. As far as the cholesterol lowering statin drugs like Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor, Mevacor or Pravachol, Dr. Anyone using one of these newer l-arginine based compound must realize that little is known about their long-term effects or their proper dosage level. He believes that it is not the cholesterol number that is the issue. It is the oxidizing of the LDL cholesterol, which then becomes sticky and attaches to the vessel wall. Arginine prevents the oxidizing of the LDL cholesterol, thus no plaque buildup and several studies actually attest to the plaque melting away.

Arginine opens up the veins and arteries to increase blood flow and volume, thus increasing oxygen to the cells. But a new study by exercise researchers has found that beta-alanine supplements may improve muscle endurance in older men and women. Increasing your oral intake by only 50 to 100 percent of what you’re already receiving from your food can begin to impact your health positively in a few short weeks. Scientists have searched for years for the chemical that causes this blood vessel dilation. It is recommended that you keep a health journal so you can keep track of your changes as they happen. Can pregnant women take arginine?* There are studies that show that arginine derived nitric oxide may benefit a unique form of hypertension called preeclampsia and may prevent premature labor and preterm birth, but further studies are still necessary. Dr.

Furchgott, Ignarro, and Murad for their discoveries concerning “Nitric oxide (NO) as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.” NO-inducing cell-signaling events within the cell producing it and the diffusibility of NO to other cells have led to the discovery of many other physiological functions in many different types of cells, including cancer cells. So if you’ve noticed that your muscles aren’t what they used to be – or that your strength seems to be diminishing – give beta-alanine a try. But please check with your doctor before making any changes in the supplementation program they have you on. Overall, the role of nitric oxide in the human body is a major area of current medical research. Yes, you can expect an increase in energy, improved memory, improved immune system, improved sleep, loss of weight, decrease in pain, increase in sexual function, quicker wound healing and less prescription medicine. Other Side Effects: Negative Side effects are very rare but for 5% of people they may include, stomach upset or diarrhea. Taking some carbohydrates with arginine will prevent this.

Its potential in a natural protocol would be even greater and the use of a non-pharmaceutical-sourced arginine product would be safer and probably more effective. 1999: 83: 269-273. Is it true that arginine can cause an outbreak of the herpes virus? In spite of the considerable body of evidence showing arginine’s usefulness in wound healing, it is almost never routinely used for this purpose, and few physicians are familiar with it (except in the case of Arginaid for oral use, mentioned below). Taking an arginine supplement can stimulate the replication of the herpes-simplex viruses if the arginine supplement does not have the appropriate co-factors and is taken in large doses. Look for a quality arginine formula that has the necessary co-factors like citrulline and anti-oxidants. Beware of arginine supplements that contain lysine.

The kingdom of heaven is said to be upside down to the way things are normally here and I would certainly choose to increase not decrease nutrition—meaning in this case—to supplement with high dosages of arginine rather than use pharmaceuticals to drive arginine levels down further than they already are in the aging and in the malnourished, which most cancer patients are. Stout JR, Graves BS, Smith AE, et al. At the first sign of a flare-up, stop taking the arginine and take 1000 mg of lysine and vitamin C three times per day until it subsides. The Arginaid drink promotes wound healing by other mechanisms. In today’s fast food society, a single french fry is more carcinogenic than smoking a cigarette. Both deplete the body of nitric oxide, which will lead to cardiovascular disease. There is a concern that arginine used by a child may cause their body to decrease the output of the growth hormone and thus stunt their growth process.

Some have experienced diarrhea and/or nausea when taking high therapeutic doses and one study found that several weeks of large doses might result in thickening and coarsening of the skin in some people. Elwart that giving a child a small dose of arginine (1 to 2 grams depending on body weight) soon after eating, can overact the harmful effects of trans-fatty acids found in their diet and not have any influence on the growth hormone, which requires an empty stomach and large doses. However, if your child is eating quality meals, getting plenty of exercise and is taking a one-a-day multi-vitamin/mineral, then there is no reason for them to take an arginine supplement. Anyone with other latent or active herpes infections should use arginine only with extreme caution. Harry Elwart *Additional Cautions and a Recap DO NOT attempt to self-treat any medical condition. As with any medical condition, consult your physician before taking any supplements. DO NOT use plain L-arginine without the appropriate co-factors, as it may stimulate replication of the herpes-simplex viruses and other negative side effects.

Arginine is considered a “conditionally essential” amino acid, which means that under certain circumstances, such as those just mentioned, your body cannot synthesize adequate amounts of it and you need to obtain it from dietary sources. DO NOT take L-arginine with L-lysine (at the same time). These two amino’s compete with each other to cross the blood-brain barrier. DO NOT use L-arginine if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Though L-arginine has been shown to help successfully combat many cancers, very high doses (30-50 grams of L-arginine) per day stimulates growth hormone, which primarily stimulates growth of muscle mass. Certain tumor cells may thrive on human growth hormone, which may stimulate growth of breast cancer cells. As far back as 1981, the National Cancer Institute reported that arginine-derived nitric oxide inhibits [blocks] breast-cancer-cell replication in a test tube, and L-arginine has never been shown to cause breast or any other type of cancer.

[4] Nitric oxide opens the microscopic blood vessels surrounding the cancer cells, and some might fear that this would allow the cancerous tumor greater nourishment and an avenue to spread into other parts of the body. Doses of 6 grams a day or less of L-arginine is not considered a potential problem for cancer patients, but, as a precautionary decision, use of L-arginine in the presence of any cancer is contraindicated without a doctor’s specific permission. DO NOT take L-arginine with Viagra, it may cause a drop of blood pressure. Essential Cofactors: L-arginine is NOT for use by pregnant or lactating women, males with prostate disorders or high PSA values without the consent of your doctor. Diabetics or borderline diabetics, may benefit from L-arginine supplementation, but should be under close medical supervision. Please see the Diabetic Report.

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