excoriated, raw itch. pain in the vagina – Women’s Health Message Board

excoriated, raw itch. pain in the vagina - Women's Health Message Board

I’m 19 and was in Florida and decided to be stupid and meet up with a guy (I’m a guy) and we didn’t have sex and I explained to him how I freak out about stds so I asked him several times that night before and after  we messed around if he had anything, so we were naked and I was on top of him and his dick did touch my anus a little bit, but I moved it to the front after about ten seconds and others than that it was near my penis the whole time, then we just jacked each other off. My nephew had similar symptoms and he had to have surgery in the end. When I looked, the whole area was red. psHERPIES ARE BLISTERS AND THEY WILL POP WITH A CLEAR LIQUID,LIKE A FEVER BLISTER,YOU SAID THEY WONT POP,NOT herpies-possible papiloma=warts,are you sexually active?warts, is an STD also. I probably have about 100 sores, I lost track at 80 when I couldn’t see them anymore on my rear end. I sincerely hope that helps. My recurrents don’t hurt at all.

so please let me know what you think it is. Back to now, I went to my MD to nip it in the bud so to speak. She prescribed diflucan x 2 days. It’s not sore at all to the touch, never has been. About 2 hours later I began to itch so intensley that I couldn’t stand it. I don’t get rashes ever so I don’t know if that’s what this could be. Next day, skin looked as if it was rolling off.

excoriated, raw itch. pain in the vagina - Women's Health Message Board
HELP!! The whole area from the top of the vagina to the back of the butt crack is involved. MD thought it was an allergic reaction. We weren’t beating up on you to see the doc in the chatroom Honey – but it would be great to get checked, and get the right treatment. Guess what, worse. Skin is off, raw excoriated. Start the dose pack.

Next day is Saturday. Worked 16 hours in a hospital an ended up in the er because I was so miserable. MD wanted to give me pain med, had no idea what it might be. Said I have to see my gyne on Monday. Went to the gyne who also was unsure. Had to get tested for herpes, results still pending but she said it didn’t look like herpes. Lesions around the anus and everywhere else.

She did give me a cream with lidocaine in it so I can at least pee without going through the roof. That was Monday. Today is Thursday and still no improvement. The vaginal area I believe is healing but rectal area still raw and bleeding. I am soooo ready to figure this out. I have to go back to gyne on Monday if no improvement. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?


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