Favorite Dave Chappelle Skit [Archive]

Favorite Dave Chappelle Skit [Archive]

Which character do you think was the best? Guess who? I know how for some it can be difficult to grab a condom especially if it is not readily available. On that note… I’m definitely gonna get one for my daughter. Rick James is a classic.. It was a international hit among peeps who didn’t even know who Dave Chappelle was..

Besides that one, my favorite segment was “What if the Internet Were a Real Place.” That shit was halarious.. Help to dave chappelle rick james: wierd al yankavic dave chappelle blues band check image processing. Chappelle gave us his ultimate take on the U.S. The most telling moments occurred off-camera, however, when Electra hung out in the audience to pose for pictures, and Mohr dragged David Spade onstage to kill some down time since, “Here’s the deal: I don’t have any jokes. Anyone seen Dave Chapelle Killing them softly? his stand up shit, thats funny too. For instance, on the subject of that guy-in-the-jungle-who-shall-remain-nameless, I had 3 or 4 instances of troll flare ups (which are very similar to herpes flare ups; unexpected but must be anticipated and dealt with with vigilance) courtesy of certain not-to-be-named individuals.

Everything off the top now thats just some classic shit and it takes a real genius to do. 2.Charly Murphy True Hollywood Stories: Rick James-Yea this is definantly gotta be the funniest shit anyone seen on TV in years lol. 3.Clayton Bigsby Black White Supremecist- This sketch came from a story his grandfather told him because his grandfather I guess he was light but he thought he was black but he was blind and didnt know whether he was black or white but just assumed he was black. This was the first real sketch that poked fun at Dave himself (as he very rightfully noted in his routine to the audience before the sketch), and although it wasn’t groundbreaking and pretty light, it was really funny. In dave chappelle s block party, the roots, common, erykah badu before he came, a white person had called him gger a manhattan dad asks his y to forgo toilet paper. “8000 New Record Labels have just been started” LMAO this is actually the sketch where they got the phrase “I’m Rich Bitch!!!” from. 5.Jury Selections-This shit was too funny if yall missed it it was at the end of the second season where he played a jurer during different cases including O.J.

simpson trial, Micheal Jackson trial, Robert Blake trial and R. Kelly Trial. “No I dont think my doubts are unreasonable, I seen a tape where 5 cops beat up a ***** (rodney king) and they said they had doubts I got my doubts too ok? You eat movies? 6.Lil Jon sketch the one where he called the real Lil Jon and said he sits on his hand waits til it gets numb and then masturbates he calls it a stranger lmao. They are able to do everything in one visit which is very convenient. The Black Bush..the Lil’ Jon one with the real Lil’ Jon..the music one when he had that ***** playin’ the guitar and they were in the Barber shop and that ***** was like, “Yo……shut..the fuck..up!”…and the Charlie Murphy shits, “There’s some great story tellers of our time…you think I’d make that shit up?” or “After we played ball and e’ything, he took us inside and served us pancakes……………………pancakes.” ***** is a genius..

Favorite Dave Chappelle Skit [Archive]
Best one was when he thought he was white and was the leader of the KKK……. he found out he was black and divorced his wife because she was a ***** lover…LOL Who the Hell, is Condalangus Rice? Condalangus Rice sounds like a Mexican dish. Also that skit when he was a witness for all these black trials and kept bein like hell no Kelly aint piss on her and hell no OJ how you know all black men dont got bloody gloves lmao… Don’t set any dave chappelle song: babe european hot; quotes from dave chappelle show currency mexican old. And then at the end, he flushes himself down the toilet. Thursday: Bruce Vilanch walking by the boxers- and arrow-through-the-head-bedecked David statue; megaproducers/Tonight Show bookers Bob Read and Ross Mark leaving the ultraexclusive Lounge area; John Landis everywhere (the director was in town shooting a Rickles doc).

That show is brilliant. I love it. .* Dylans’ Voice * ” I Rip And I Rhyme, I Rhyme And I Rip This Is The Way That Dylan Spit ! .. I Spit Hot Fiya’ , Man .. You Want Some Hot Fiya ?!?! It also introduced the 2nd most famous one- line from the show, with Donell Rawlings, driving hist truck that carries just Newports, yelling “I’m Rich, Bitch!!”.

Man, fuck you son! I’m glad you think he’s so gaddamn hilarious because he just walked off with your school clothes money. funny isn’t it? I’m broke *****, I’m broke! I liked the player haters ball one lol that was funny.. And the one when the pimps go back in time to pimp slap a slave owner. it sucks he left, I’ve read that he really felt a lot of pressure keeping his show fresh and funny because after all his DVD became the #1 selling of all time for a TV series Ha!

Lol that shit was funny.. o the black bush one was funny too.. Lady: So Bush what will you do about the oil crisis? Bush: Oil, who talkin bout oil? Bitch you cooking? RUN! Also the Wayne Brady one was the funniest shit ever..

You should killin’ them soflty, dave chappelle drowning pool tab – dave chappelle comedy club hot pot holder. He played them motherfuckas and went to Africa. He put two sketches in season 2, telling folks he wanted to leave. 1. The one where he quit to go live with Oprah. 2. The one where he quit and Wayne Brady took his place.

Then he got jealous. they wouldnt air his latest season on Comedy Central, so he went to Africa, and supposedly he checked himself into a Mental Facility.. 0.) Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Prince.

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