Genital Herpes massage parlor – STDs

Genital Herpes massage parlor - STDs

“Big surprise”:  The title of your question told me everything I needed to know to answer it. They ruled out gon., then they took a urine sample, left for about 10 minutes to look under a microscope to see if there is any pus (bodies natural reaction to an infection). Now i`ve read the expert Dr HHH  rule out cathing any STI in this way but have also seen a lot of contradictory remarks on other sites and am just wondering if its possible that if some of her Siliva got into a small cut or opening that i cant see that i could maybe catch Hep B or less likely C. In my 4 decades in the STD business, I have never seen a case. I touched briefly his bare penis but put on condom immediately after to give oral sex. Your symptoms are, however, quite typical for genitally focused anxiety, which I suspect is the main issue here. We just ruled out two possible std’s from your handjob experience.
Genital Herpes massage parlor - STDs

HIV is actually a delicate virus, and doesn’t survive in the harsh environment of the woman’s mouth and saliva. I have not had any ulcers, blisters, rashes or discharge. 1- Is it possible that the herpes is inside of my rectum and that’s why I haven’t seen any blisters on my penis or outside my anus?(I haven’t had any blood, discharge or foul smell) 2- If the herpes is inside my rectum, can I transfer it thru my penis? Not ever.) Mainly, because in some daft way I thought that was cheating. Can I get any STDs or HIVs due to hand job, dry humping, naked bodies rubbing against each other, blowing air on the penis, kissing body parts, touching her pubic hair, rolling all over the place ( with towels etc used on other people) and other activities described above ? 4- Is it possible that the test from Lab Corp is a false positive, I read that test above 3.5 have a chance to be false positives? 5- Is it possible that the result is positive because Im taking daily Valtrex?

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