Haidong Gu – Biological Sciences

Haidong Gu - Biological Sciences

Herpes Simplex Infections – Global API Manufacturers, Marketed and Phase III Drugs Landscape, 2016, provides comprehensive insights about the marketed drugs, drug sales, Phase III pipeline drugs and their API Manufacturers across the globe. The use of oncolytic viruses is a new cancer treatment that is excellent at achieving just that. SUMMARY. At early passages after cloning in soft agar, about 40% of the HSV-2 genome was present in all the transformed cell lines at one to six copies per cell. After TLR3 expression was blocked by lentivirus-mediated RNAi, IRF3 phosphorylation and IFN-β expression were downregulated. Upon infection, the incoming viral DNA encounters numerous cell intrinsic anti-viral defenses. Robert L.

Halford’s announcement on his blog, of his new company called RVX, or Rational Vaccines, which is soliciting human volunteers. Data presented by Population Council researcher Guillermo Villegas showed that MIV-150 and carrageenan in CVLs following vaginal administration of PC-1005 gel inhibited HIV and HSV-2 infection in explants in a dose-dependent manner. He added that if ZOTEN particles are safe and effective in humans, a cream containing ZOTEN could be applied vaginally just prior to intercourse. We focus on a nuclear dynamic structure termed nuclear domain 10 (ND10), which contains over 150 regulatory proteins and plays a critical role in restricting viral expression at early HSV-1 infection. Specifically, ICP0 functions to degrade the ND10 organizer, PML, which consequently leads to the dispersal of ND10 and the alleviation of gene repression imposed by ND10. We found that ICP0 achieves this counteraction via a carefully orchestrated stepwise interaction with the ND10 nuclear bodies. Currently, we are dissecting the domains of ICP0 important for ND10 interaction and substrate recognition.
Haidong Gu - Biological Sciences

We seek to understand the intramolecular cooperation of ICP0 domains and the intermolecular protein-protein network in HSV-host interaction. We hope the outcome of our studies will advance the knowledge of virus-host interaction and provide pivotal information for developing new treatments for herpetic diseases. Here are a few ongoing projects carried out in my lab. Cancer cells produce tumor antigens, which are proteins that can make cancer cells appear unhealthy to the immune system. learningburohappold.com . Through analyzing sequence requirement, we have identified three proline-rich segments termed ND10-fusion segments (ND10-FSs) located within the central region of ICP0. 2003.

This is the first publication to report sequences that are important for a protein to dynamically interact with the ND10 structure. He is now working with a team mod­eling the spread of Zika. The cytotoxic drug used, ganciclovir, is capable of destroying via apoptosis transduced cells and non-transduced cells from the cellular gap junction. We constructed stable cell lines that specifically express individual ICP0 substrates upon induction. These analyses have showed that ICP0 recognizes the various E3 substrates through different molecular interactions. We are currently examining the elements involved in the differential degradation. This study gives us a rare opportunity to understand the regulations of E3 ubiquitin ligase and the cooperation of host restrictive pathways in viral infection.

(3)  ICP0 interacts with numerous viral and cellular proteins. Mass spectrometry has identified a number of new ICP0 interacting proteins that are involved in different host defensive pathways. We are currently validating the interactions and analyzing their functions in HSV-1 infection.

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