Help passing NCLEX – pg.2

Help passing NCLEX - pg.2

oh great st. they may ask when will a person become hypoglycemic, and that would be during peak hours. Same for measles? bostonterrierloverrn wrote some great tips earlier on this thread. After reading through the IC thread here today, I decided to check the CDC website, and SURE ENOUGH, on page 27 of the current guidelines, it recommends airborne precautions for SARS as well! I also answered a lot of questions on prioritization (i.e., RN is assigned to 4 different clients, which one would the RN assess first, etc.) as well as putting certain procedures in the correct order (e.g., dressing change on a peripheral venous access device). i did buy the saunder’s review 5th edition, but only read the 1st 100 pages & eventually just used it to look things up.

i felt like it was information overload because they went into too much detail. the majority of the questions came from this book. for the second preparation, i re-took the kaplan review course and started to make exams using question i previously did not get correct. The pass rate, i.e. Infancy 0-18 months others will satisy needs 2. Sudden extreme weakness, severe abd, back, & leg pain, hyperpyrexia, coma, death. i failed at 101 questions.

after crying & sulking for a couple of weeks (and taking a mini-vacation immediately after finding out i didn’t pass), i picked myself up and tried a different strategy. i waited for the brn to send me the letter stating which content areas i did not do well in, and concentrated on those areas. The medications should not be used in the same client. i made sure i stopped, highlighted/ underlined everything in that section. i would pause & rewind when i wasn’t clear about something. i reviewed the hurst videos for a second time by just sitting there and following along with my notes (absorbing the information). What is the LEAST amount of restraint that will still maintain the patient’s safety?
Help passing NCLEX - pg.2

Answer C is correct. IDENTITY VS. Roast beef, cabbage, and pork chops are also high in iron, but the side dishes accompanying these choices are not; therefore, answers A, B, and D are incorrect. section & videos kaplan provided (for a 2nd time). Answer D is correct. kumagai, linda a. lacharity.

that book was soooo…useful! it made me think about how to answer the critical thinking questions. Answer C is incorrect because the hips should not be above the level of the body. i have serious test anxiety & could not focus when i studied as the test date approached. i was a completed mess during the exams bc i couldn’t concentrate & i forgot things i already knew. the anxiety was paralyzing me. so this time, i started taking a low-dose prescription of paxil and it completely helped!!!

mazee was right on the money when s/he recommended “i think your answer might be a simple antianxiety med.” it helped me tremendoulsy!!! the last thing i recommend it that you memorie your lab values (all of them). they vary from book to book so i just picked one book and went with that. i didn’t worry about memorizing the values for pediatrics, but you definitely have to know them. and write them down on the scratch board they give you as soon as you start the exam. any other tip i recommend is memorizing your standard precautions. i used the chart i provided at the end that i found on to help me memorize them.

it helped me answer 8-10 questions!! and lastly pray (or meditate)! whether you are religious or spiritual, you need to find a happy place so that if you freak out on the test, you can center yourself and re-focus. 3. 6. anyway, it helped me center myself & i drew from that energy while i was midway through my exam and i started to panic.

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