Hepatitis B – The Vaccine Center

Hepatitis B - The Vaccine Center

The Vaccine Center is a preventative health and wellness company that is supervised by Board Certified Doctors. Harald Loe told a meeting sponsored by the American Dental Association. Testing Together provides an opportunity for you and your partner(s) to receive your HIV test results together with a trained walk-in staff member in a safe and non-judgmental environment. There are two types, HIV-1 and HIV-2. The facts are simple Sexually Transmitted Diseases are transmitted by sex regardless of oral, anal, or vaginal. It is transmitted through direct sexual contact with a person infected with early syphilis. It can also be spread to a newborn from an infected mother.

Who is at risk? STD testing can be intimidating and the process can be made more difficult by labs or offices who don’t take into consideration the delicate situation. Call us and we will find a location that works best for you. Appointments last about 15 minutes and involve collection of a urine and blood specimen. This can happen during sexual contact, sharing needles, or to a baby from an infected mother. You may wish to bring a change of clothes with you when you go to the emergency room, since your clothing may be kept as evidence. Some people infected with Chronic Hepatitis B will develop liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.
Hepatitis B - The Vaccine Center

That is why testing is important to prevent the chronic changes of the infection. Hepatitis B can be tested with a simple blood test. The test will look at the presence of antibodies or antigens and help determine if there is acute or chronic Hepatitis B infection. Regular HIV testing in Elgin is also important, especially since this is the only proven method of accurately detecting the virus. Treatment may vary depending on if the Hepatitis is acute or chronic. Acute Hepatitis B usually includes rest, adequate fluids and nutrition, and sometimes hospitalization. Chronic Hepatitis B treatment is usually under the care of a specialist in that field such as a gastroenterologist or liver specialist.

There are several drugs approved for Hepatitis B treatment, and new treatments in development. Treatment varies and is tailored to each individual. Our private clinic is supervised by Board Certified Physicians. We also have on staff Board Certified Nurse Practioners, Licensed Registered Nurses and Medical Assistants. Our staff is discreet and professional. We provide complete STD testing. Our testing is fast, reliable and very affordable.

All our laboratory testing are drawn in our office. This provides our clients the convenience of having their laboratory testing and consultation (if requested) and treatment all at the same location. Our friendly and professional staff will be able to answer all your questions regarding STD testing. We can also provide a full consultation with our clinicians (with an appointment) before and after your testing if you wish. Our clinicians can offer you all the treatment options if needed.

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