Herbal Healer Academy Newsletter

Herbal Healer Academy Newsletter

Nosodes are really homeopathic vaccinations. Homeopathy has a many frequently used medicines. (more suitable for larger pets) as one dose. Reflux of the oesophagus, collapsed of the trachea, trachea stricture. The nosode of these fungi were given to the participants, 30 minutes later blood was retaken and the white blood cells efficacy remeasured. You can read some of the outrageous malpractice the vet in Massachusetts subjected that poor dog to. In the literature you will find a large number of approaches.

Being neat and clean is not enough – it must be perfect – they are neurotic about it”. Description : Freedom Kit with OM 25 CRT Formula consists of Resonance Homeopathic remedies and advanced Bio-energetic cataract therapies. Now I want to help you share this the world. It’s a MUST-HAVE for the medicine chest! – Dose 2 caps three times a day. Does not kill good bowel flora. Ingredients: Olive Leaf Extract – standardized to 6 % Oleuropein.

An intermediary dosage is C 30, to be used where there is acute and chronic disease expression. I will refer to this book for the first part of this discussion as it represents a particular position in homeopathic thinking in attempting to clarify exactly what Hahnemann was saying at the time and not exploring the broader interpretation of miasmatic theory, which will be left to later on. If this is the case, one can also prescribe a 30c to be taken every other day, with the proviso that the vital force is strong enough (at least 80 on the Dermatron/RM10 Voll machine.) If the vital force is weakened, even this middle potency can cause an aggravation, an undesirable reaction in a compromised individual. OK for kids and pets. Ingredients: Potent liquid for children, pets and elderly. Alcohol free. APPLICATION DOSAGE FOR POULTRY.

We used to receive more calls from people at the beginning stages of Lyme disease. e.g. Nosodes have been used in homeopathic medicine since the mid 1800s. He found that children who received standard vaccines were 15 more times likely to get asthma, 7 times more likely to get eczema and 2 times more likely to get allergies than those who were immunized by homeopathic preparations. This increased perceived threat has also reached the geopolitical level with a fear of terrorist bombs, biological warfare and a sense of imminent danger and impending chaos. A committee has been formed by the American Association of Equine Practitioners to review the reports of the health-related problems that have occurred in numerous horses regarding this vaccine. Let me remind you that most scientific research is backed by filthy-rich pharmaceutical companies or others that have financial interests in mind.

At this time (Aug. Adult dose: 1-2 caps daily. Not for children! Dietary changes together with herbal anti-parasitical protocols, supplements and homotoxicology for candida, clostridia, Lyme disease, herpes 6 virus, etc., have shown to make a substantial difference when treating a child on the autism spectrum. Unlike Medhorrinum, they are averse to and aggravated by oranges. Patients were classified into three groups: 1) Asymptomatic 2) AIDS related conditions 3) AIDS. Over the years, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and numerous other healing systems have documented the fact that appealing to this intelligence or function of homeostasis is the most appropriate way to bring a being into lasting equilibrium.

Eye – Inflammation, abscesses, cataracts, glaucoma, catarrh, … View Full Source. Increase to 3 times a day if infection is present. In fact, the vaccines are labeled for use on healthy pets only! The principle of natural and homeopathic anti-virals is to strengthen, alert and coax the immune system to develop anti-bodies specific for the virus in question and to make the environment of the host inhospitable for the virus. Two cases of labial herpes and one case of genital herpes remitted completely with the honey treatment, whereas none remitted while using acyclovir. $14.95) ~> Only $12.00 These are enteric coated softgels for maximum delivery without throat or stomach upset. Another possible preventive and treatment measure is to give the homeopathic medicine Oscillococcinum 200C, a proprietary preparation from the heart and liver of the wild Barbary duck, sold over the counter (with directions) by Boiron Laboratories.

This is a capsule you can depend on to have no toxic effects. Dose: 2 – two or three times daily with meals. 5, May 1991. B. Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Pneumonia, Chest infection, and Rhino pneumonitissets. Non-bizarre delusions are considered to be plausible; that is, there is a possibility that what the person believes to be true could actually occur a small proportion of the time. This spray tastes great due to the Peppermint Oil.

Dr. Safe for kids too! Handy pump spray. Use as needed. 4 fl. oz., (118ml). Hahnemann concluded, from the evidence then available to him, that almost all chronic diseases had their origin in three underlying miasmatic or infectious diseases, namely syphilis, sycosis or what he called “the figwart disease” (genital warts), and psora (2) (scabies).

Is Ulceration: this may affect mouth, nose, genitals, or skin, and the ulcers have greyish bases, in the nose they produce the most offensive form of ozena with discharge of fetid clinkers. (Reg. They are better active or often at the seaside. During allergy season it helps to moisturize the nasal passages and clean them of dust, dirt, dander and other allergens. The nasal spray is also useful during a bout of sinusitis, or inflammation/infection of the sinus passages. Photophobia. Deionized water.

Use only when needed for a short period. The glycerin – Vegetable (coconut and palm) in origin. Studies are now showing that these vaccinations are effective for many years and most probably for life. That is why problems don’t arise until she has attended a childcare center. Glycerin also acts as a humectants, drawing moisture from the air and holding it against the skin. This kit consists of 3 natural supplementary products:BP Balance 1M, Arjunin Capsule and OM 5 **** PRICE: US$ 89 Tags: Natural and Alternative Medicine. Vitamin C has also been shown to mitigate the effects of an allergy attack when taken internally or applied topically.

All vitamin C is derived from corn starch. The vitamin C we bond with the sodium to form sodium ascorbate is pure and free of all protein contaminants, allergens and plant antigens. Even those with corn allergies can use it. HHA GRAPEFRUIT SEED liquid complex – 1 ounce ( Reg. Abdomen is distended & there is flatulence. This conclusion, it needs to be said, is highly speculative on Hahnemann’s part. Also one drop can be added on your toothpaste before you brush to help with gum and teeth infections.

Herbal Healer Academy Newsletter
It can be applied directly under toes to help toenail fungus. This is very strong and should always be diluted when putting on skin. Internal dose for adults only – 1-4 drops in 8 oz. of liquid up to 3 times a day if needed. One must be careful not to supplement with iron that cannot be utilized by the body. Not for children! Specialized HOMEOPATHIC TABLETS –  500 tablet size.

This process is repeated until the desired dilution is reached, be it 12, 30, 100 or 200. You do need to take them by themselves and put 4 tablets under the tongue and let dissolve (they do not taste bad!) –  They can be taken up to 5 times a day if needed. Small bottle makes it easy to take with you. Great for children too – but always reduce the dose by weight. The taste is terribly bitter. Ingredients: Aconite 3X, Belladonna 3X, Broynia 6X, Eupatorium perf 3X, Ferrum Phos 6X, Gelsemium 3X, in dissolving Lactose tablet. COLD HOMEOPATHIC TABLETS – 500 per bottle ~> Only $9.95 Cold and hayfever symptoms, burning or bland nasal or eye discharge, sneezing, dry throat, low fever, early stages of cough, headache associated with the congestion.

Ingredients: Aconite 3X, Allium Cepa 3X, Arsen Alb 6X, Euphrasia 3X, in dissolving Lactose tablet. EARACHE HOMEOPATHIC TABLETS – 500 per bottle ~> Only $9.95 Acute, simple ear pain and/or congestion. Symptoms may include buzzing noises, pain, sensitivity to motion. Ingredients: Borax 3X, Mag Phos 3X, Pulsatilla 3X, Valeriana 3X, in Lactose tablet. MUSCLE ACHES/CRAMPS – TABLETS – 500 per bottle ~> Only $9.95 For a variety of muscle, joint and back pains, including sore, overworked, rheumatic pain, muscle pain from flu, stiff or swollen joints. Ingredients: Arnica 3X, Bryonia 3X, Cimicifuga 3X, Mag Phos 3X, Rhus Tox 3X, Rhut Grav 3X, in dissolving lactose tablet. HEADACHE HOMEOPATHIC TABLETS – 500 per bottle ~> Only $9.95 Variety of headache pains: heavy, hot, pulsating, cannot bend over, throbbing, cannot move, splitting, nauseating, shooting back and forth, front or sides.

We challenge the critics of natural medicine and homeopathy to find a study that has shown a similar promise! FEVER HOMEOPATHIC TABLETS – 500 per bottle ~> Only $9.95 Symptoms related to acute fevers, sudden fevers, irritable fevers with slow onset. Fatigue, heaviness, bone and muscle ache, headaches. Ingredients: Aconite 3X, Belladonna 3X, Bryonia 3X, Gelsemium 3X in a dissolving Lactose tablet. PAIN HOMEOPATHIC TABLETS – 500 per bottle ~> Only $9.95 Pretty much all kinds of pain especially from the flu. Headaches, backaches, joint pain and injury, stressed nerves, hypersensitivity to pain or emotional. Mental pain.

Ingredients: Bryonia 3X, Hypericum 6x, Kali Phos 3X, Mag Phos 3X, Rhus Tox 6X, in dissolving Lactose tablet. COUGH/HOARSENESS TABLETS – 500 per bottle ~> Only $9.95 A variety of coughs of all which are fitful enough to cause hoarseness from dry, barking, short coughs to stubborn, yellow, loose, croupy or suffocating mature coughs. Ingredients: Aconite 3X, Hepar Sulph 3X, Kali bich 3X, Spongia tosta 3X, in dissolving Lactose tablet. SLEEP HOMEOPATHIC TABLETS – 500 per bottle ~> Only $9.95 Many times sleep is hard to come by when one is ill. I couldn’t get out of bed. Physical or mental strain, unwelcome thoughts, emotional stress, nervousness preventing sleep. Ingredients: Avena sat 3X, Kali Phos 3X, Passiflora 3X, in dissolving Lactose tablet.

ANXIETY & DEPRESSION TABLETS – 500 per bottle ~> Only $9.95 Nervous and emotional symptoms, caused from illness, bad news, exam nerves, debilitating nervous anxiety, sadness, effects of stress, grief, fear, anger. Ingredients: Agnus castus 3X, Gelsemium 6X, Ignatia 3X, Kali Phos 3X, Lycopodium 6X, Passiflora 3X, in dissolving Lactose tablet. “OCCILLO” IS  A GREAT FLU REMEDY TO USE. As far as we know, the majority of chronic diseases are not related to an underlying chronic infectious state and even less so to scabies, but instead to susceptibility, as the predisposing and most fundamental and determining factor for becoming sick. In spite of authorities to the contrary, Wildes maintains that syphilitic rashes may itch, and that prurigo is infectious and is one of the initial stages of leprosy. If people around you have the flu and you don’t – take the Occillo!!! There can be numerous illnesses over a short period of time or in childhood.

Oscillococcinum (o-sill-cox-see-num) is safe, natural and easy to take. Oscillo�, the #1 OTC flu medicine in France, and is the #1 homeopathic flu medicine in the United States. Sciatica, worse bending backward. Because of its safety, Oscillococcinum� is a good first line of defense in treating the flu. Quick Dissolving Pellets, Non-Drowsy, No Drug Interactions, Homeopathic Medicine. Safe for the elderly, children and high risk patients. If they do develop an infectious disease, it can usually be treated successfully with homeopathy.

When the compress has warmed up about 20 minutes later, it can be substituted. 65 years of use by millions of people in 43 countries. Contains no artificial additives or preservatives. Made in France. Adults and children 2 years and over: Take 1 dose at the onset of symptoms (dissolve entire contents of tube in mouth). This should be taken by itself and not with food. Repeat for 2 more doses at 6 hour intervals.

6 pack is two adult doses. Urgent stools upon rising in the morning. Furthermore, this conclusion has led some more modern homeopaths to conclude that we are now sicker in our society than we were in Hahnemann’s time. Active Ingredient: Anas barbariae hepatis et cordis extractum 200CK HPUS. Inactive Ingredients: .85 g sucrose, .15 g lactose. CHILDREN’S Homeopathic COLDS & C Plus – 125 tabs ~> Only $10.00 Temporarily relieves runny nose and sneezing in children. 100% natural, no side effects.

Children 1-3 – Dissolve 2 under tongue every 15 minutes for 4 doses and then hourly. Dr. Adults – 4 tablets. Soft tablets dissolve instantly. Contains: Eupatorium perfoliatum (Boneset) 3X, Euphrasia Officinalis (Eyebright) 2X, Gelsenium sempervirens (Yellow jasmine) 3X, Kali Iodatum (Potassium Iodide) 3X in a pleasant lactose (milk sugar) base. CHILDREN’S FEVERFEW LIQUID BLEND – 1 oz. ~> Only $11.00 Supplement for pain and fevers due to colds and flu.

Will help relieve muscle aches due to flu infections too. Safe for children. Ingredients: Meadowsweet herb, Feverfew herb, Yarrow flowers, Echincea purpurea, Lemon Balm, Wild Oat Tops. Other ingredients – Kosher Coconut/Palm glycerin, purified water and citric acid. Kids dose: 1-2 years – 1 ml – 3X day. Adults – 3-5 ml. 3-4 times a day.

Safe for all ages. KID’S CHERRY BARK LIQUID BLEND – 2 oz. ~> Only $17.50 Excellent supplement for sore throats, coughs due to colds, mucus build up. This is a liquid and safe for children. Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Extract of Thyme leaf, Cherry bark, Mullein leaf, Peppermint leaf, Orange Peel, Hops strobiles, Horehound, Pleurisy root and Oregon Grape root. Certified organic or ethically wildcrafted. Other ingredients – Kosher Coconut/Palm glycerin, purified water and citric acid.

Kids dose: 1-2 years – 1 ml – 3X day. Adults – 3-5 ml. 3-4 times a day. Safe for all ages.

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