Herpes and spas – Herpes

Herpes and spas - Herpes

I did pay and I was told that I cannot get herpes from being in a pool. You don’t have to give up on your fun day frolicking in the ocean waves because it’s safe to play in the ocean even if you have a cold sore. Swimming pool chemicals are unfavorable to most micro-organisms, including HSV. In the evenings the warm glowing lights illuminating the flowers and plants will offer a very welcoming and serene feeling. It seems that most doctors believe that the virus does not pass through chlorinated pools but that it is likely to be passed on outside of the pool, for example, the sides of the pool, diving boards and swimming equipment. I was going to get tested again next week (13 weeks) and move on. This method provided me the opportunity to be happy and experience real love.
Herpes and spas - Herpes

Stayed in a very nice hotel and I went to the day spa to relax from all this STD anxiety I have been under for the past three months. In the men’s locker room there was a huge hot tub (small pool sized), steam room and cold water pool. Hypatia’s gained a lot of weight (which I already knew because I was weighing her daily and keeping track… I sat on a towel in the steam room, but sat in the hot tub on a concrete ledge UNDER the water. I also used the cold pool (but leaned against the wall of the pool with my back). The saliva of an infected person can also spread cold sores, so sharing utensils, dishes and towels can cause someone to catch one of the lesions. For example, if you have a cold sore around your mouth, by having oral sex, you may pass on the virus that causes genital herpes.

In addition, later that night I shared a hot tub in our hotel room with a bunch of friends (all wearing bathing suits, little to no physical contact). My question is what are my chances of contracting herpes (as well as HPV or Hepatitis A,B,C) from these non-sexual encounters? I am especially concerned because I have had some irritation/redness in the crack between my buttocks and some anal itching/pain since October (hence testing) and I fear this is an open wound which these various viruses could enter through. Could I have gotten herpes/hepatitis/hpv through the water itself (hot tub or cold water pool), by sitting on that ledge under the hot tub water (ie – if someone with one of those viruses sat there naked 10 minutes before I did), from friends in the hot tub? I really worried and wondering whether I should start over with my 12-16 week testing count from these encounters?

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