Herpes Lysine Therapy with Diet & Supplements – Just Herpes

Herpes Lysine Therapy with Diet & Supplements - Just Herpes

For years I’ve taken 1-gram tablets two or three times a day at the earliest onset of a canker sore/aphthous ulcer with good success. Production of these antibodies are caused by molecular mimicry of a self antigen. Thousands of professional athletes, as well as non-athletes, have used arginine supplements with no adverse side effects. This form of the virus lives in the nerve cells next to the ears. Lysine for herpes in reducing outbreaks has been cited by many major university studies. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty safe attempt at prevention. It is believed that the virus responsible for herpes can lie dormant in nerve receptors and when triggered by stress, outbreaks result.

Herpes Lysine Therapy with Diet & Supplements - Just Herpes
Is arginine a drug? Or do you push through anyway? Fortunately, this effective treatment is also easy to follow and can be approached in a variety of ways. I used to use an artificial sweetener, but I think it was making my migraines worse and so I switched to something natural. Taken on an empty stomach, a dosage of 500 to 1,000 milligrams of lysine a day can help balance lysine and L-arginine levels to help you lessen the severity and frequency of herpes outbreaks. Make sure the product or meal is also low glycemic unless you have depleted muscle glucogen during your workout or training regimen. Read this post and take this quiz to determine whether your gut is at its best.

Taking lysine at the onset of a herpes outbreak has proven to be an ineffective way to manage outbreaks and proves to be of no true benefit in reducing the severity or longevity of the outbreak. In terms of calories, it has 60 calories per tablespoon, versus 46 calories per tablespoon for table sugar. Staying consistent in your diet or supplement routine is the most effective way to reduce outbreaks and severity. Athletes that take their protein shakes with their arginine supplements are wasting their time and money. In order to thrive, HSV requires proteins that contain a higher ratio of the amino acid L-arginine, while the host cell naturally requires proteins that are high in the amino acid L-lysine. By keeping levels of lysine and L-arginine balanced, it is possible to manage outbreaks and even keep them at bay. This is important if you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic.

A natural approach that offers a variety of easy to incorporate it into your daily routine, a herpes lysine treatment regimen may be a real solution to your herpes outbreaks. Even after the Journal of Gerontology report (a) stated that “Oral arginine-lysine does not increase growth hormone or insulin-like growth factor-1,” lysine advocates kept promoting its use as a valid GH releaser. So pasture-raised raw or lightly cooked animal products, especially raw cheeses, are the best way to get more lysine in the diet.

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