“Herpes Questions – Please help!”: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Community

"Herpes Questions - Please help!": Sexually Transmitted Diseases Community

Airlines will not discriminate because they will not know about it, at least in the U.S. I posted recently about our kitten Sophie who we adopted from a shelter one month ago. Her partner at the time we were seperated supposedly had a patch if similiar type symptoms on his legs. I took in a cat that had aids so I did extensive searching and asking my vet about transmission and all that. Reading others threads it says that it takes weeks to show antibodies and also if this is the case why was this test ordered and can it be from this exposure since the test was ordered 12 to 13 days after , we are very green with this, and very scared . Does anyone here have experience co-mingling cats with herpes and cats without signs of herpes? This has happened a second time and I just had it swabbed and am waiting for the results.

I don’t think that’s your source. Herpes is not the only topics discussed! on Tues. May 31st 2011 his cousin who is a friend to me came by the house. she mentioned to me that he had gone to another friend of ours house while i was gone. Kissing or oral sex seems to be a definite possibility. i thought the test could not distinguish between the two viruses.

now everything has changed to i love you and only you im not explaining myself anymore. i didnt do anything wrong. Are there foods I SHOULD absolutely stay away from to prevent recurrent outbreaks? friday night i noticed little tiny blisters in my mouth. How easy is it for HSV1 to transmit from mouth to penis? i havent been able to drink a lot since it burns my tongue/lips/ gums/ throat. He is also saying that when the same girl had given him chlamydia (9 years ago) he had gone and gotten tested for “everything”.
"Herpes Questions - Please help!": Sexually Transmitted Diseases Community

and i need to know if he had a herpes test. i dont believe he did but if in fact he did and he was as “squeeky clean” then as he claimes to be now, then i will have to see what my results say. so my sores in my mouth are all over my tounge and my gums and cheeks. My vet says there is not a good vaccine for Herpes-although I see in the the the FVRCP contains a vaccine against Rhinotracheitis. Another blood test? is there a way to know if this is the first time i’ve ever had anything like this even if i have had a little cold sore in the past? he seems to think that if i have it (since he has never had a cold sore in his life he is all good, now that i’ve broken out all in my mouth and he doesnt have any symptoms) that he won’t have to confess about his cheating.

but if i get my results back and they say positive he swears his will still say negative. i keep hearing “i better not have anything cuz i havent done anything with anyone but you since we’ve been togeather.” and when they test me today the woman just shook her head. i know its not canker sores now… how should i handle knowing that he has cheated on me and i just had his son in march? if he doesnt admit to cheating on me; should i let it go AGAIN? i feel dirty and used like an old maxi pad… i dont want to lose my family but at the same time is anything i could have possibly done “to him” or “put him thru” justification enough to bring me home and give me a disease?

so which type of herpes did he bring me? type 1 or type 2? will i be able to tell how long he has had it? is there a chance that i’m the one that brought it in from a previous relationship? can it go dormant for years and never have then stress bring it out for the first time in such a severe way? could he have had this for years and not have known at all?how many types of herpes could have been transmitted to me? i gave him oral sex i on wed.

6/1. my mouth was a little sore thursday morning. friday i noticed that my mouth had some small blisters on my inside of my tounge and my gums and cheeks… how do i find out how and when i got this crap?

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