Herpes Simplex Virus – Regional Anesthesia

Herpes Simplex Virus - Regional Anesthesia

You can still breastfeed your baby after a C-section. Sometimes a cesarean is planned before labor begins. Or, you may have one done because of problems during labor. He also suffered from herpes zoster infection and we decided to perform the operation under spina anesthesia. Although intravenous fluid preloading may be used to reduce the frequency of maternal hypotension, initiation of regional analgesia should not be delayed to administer a fixed volume of intravenous fluid. The prevalence of herpes labialis in women of childbearing age ranges from 56% to 73%.1 Thirty-three percent of women in the United States have a cesarean delivery. Spinal anesthesia is used for both cesarean surgery and specific situations during labor.
Herpes Simplex Virus - Regional Anesthesia

Varicella pneumonia is 25 times more common in adults [4]. 2 Bassell GM. This may occur if the labor fails to progress and if the cervix does not dilate after 16 to 18 hours. It will depend on the type of uterine incision used. • the low transverse incision—also called a bikini cut, is a side-to-side incision is made in the lower, thinner part of the uterus that contracts minimally during labor. There were no infectious or neurologic complications in any of the patients with secondary infections. If your bag of water has been broken for many hours you can develop a uterine infection that can affect your baby’s health.

I would hate for my patient to be the next case study! Conversely, viremia is associated with primary infection, and complications of neuraxial blockade have been reported in the setting of primary infection.[215] Therefore, neuraxial techniques may not be advisable in patients with primary infection. Oral herpes is caused by herpes simplex type 1, an agent that rarely causes genital lesions. This may lead your doctor to decide on a cesarean birth. Abnormal position of the fetus during birth. Therefore, epidural morphine should be avoided in patients with known herpes simplex virus seropositivity. This technique has 2 limitations.

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