Herpes Test Results. Confused… Wishful thinking/denial??

Herpes Test Results. Confused... Wishful thinking/denial??

First of all after reading this forum I am feeling very hopeful but I am still scared at the same time. and i don’t know the HSV. Just a couple weeks later he said he went to a doctor and tested positive for hsv2. • adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA), including those who have not been helped enough by other medicines for RA. which I thought was too soon to test positive, I always thought he knew he had it before hand but acted like he just found out… but that’s neither here nor there;) ) Anywho, I had already had unprotected sex with him (I know, I know, biggest regret of my life…:( ) And several days later thought I broke out in some sort of a rash or something. It was very sore and I assumed it was hsv2.

Herpes Test Results. Confused... Wishful thinking/denial??
I believed him when he told me it was hsv2 so I just trusted him (fool!!) and went with it. I am confused on this on: HSV-2. HSV-2 infection is often a silent disease, insofar as only 10–25 % of people with antibodies for the condition are aware that they have genital herpes (Fleming et al., 1997; Leone, Fleming, Gilsenan, Li, & Justus, 2004; Sizemore, Lakeman, Whitley, Hughes, & Hook, 2006). Fast forward until not too long ago, 6 years later, I ended what was a severely abusive relationship (yay!) and decided to be tested. Well, hsv1 negative, hsv2 very low positive. 1.87 igg. I have been taking once daily valtrex as I have been dating someone new so I’m not sure if that effects it or not.

Either way, I’ve never had another ‘symptom’ since 6 years ago. Not that I could notice anyway, and I’ve been paranoid and very aware. In addition, cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections of the CNS may be of clinical concern among immunocompromised individuals (12). But nothing obvious and nothing even REMOTELY close to that first “outbreak” or whatever it was. I guess it could be wishful thinking, but is it possible it was a false positive??? 1.87 seems very low from what I’ve read. The presence of an SNP beneath a probe lowers the probe Tm relative to the consensus sequence (2, 15).

PS From ‘stalking’ this website for a long time now, I just love the support and compassion everyone gives. It’s so heart warming and it makes me feel like there are people who understand so well what I’ve gone through and psychologically what it’s done to me. You people rock! Thank you!

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