herpes type 2 test done – STDs

herpes type 2 test done - STDs

I am a 40 year old white male living in the USA. There’s not really even any reason to repeat your herpes igg blood test at any point though you tested far too early for it to be conclusive. She has been under the impression that she had gotten a cold sore from her mother because she formed a blister that had all of the signs (self diagnosis) I didn’t think anything of this and she had told me this after we had already engaged in oral sex before. Do I just carry some antibodies around?? Focus-HSV-1 and WB results were concordant (both negative or both positive) for 97% of samples, with 99% sensitivity and 77% specificity. Further, the labs themselves are required by federal regulation to report the official results, regardless of more recent research. In an abundance of caution, I arranged for a HerpeSelect test.
herpes type 2 test done - STDs

If you use the search link and enter “herpes diagnosis”, “HSV-2 test”, or “HSV-2 antibody”, you can find a few hundred more. Also could the equivocal results be due to what ever other infection she is fighting (white blood cell count low)? Just have a repeat standard test. A sensitivity of 90% and a specificity of 98% were achieved for sites other than Nigeria with the higher cut-off. However, if it remains equivocal or weakly positive, you can be retested with a different kind of test, such as the BiokitUSA test or the HSV Western blot — as described in the second thread quoted above. If the Biokit test comes back as “equivocal”, then I should get a Western Blot test as a tie breaker? Most likely s/he will appreciate being brought up to speed on a rapidly evolving topic.

Thanks to everyone who can help this confused guy out. It is very unlikely you have HSV-2. In 1990, Nahmias et al.[2] reported data obtained with a single serological method that assessed the prevalence of HSV-1 or HSV-2 antibodies in different geographical areas worldwide.

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