How to Pop a Fever Blister and Other Cold Sore Remedies

How to Pop a Fever Blister and Other Cold Sore Remedies

What was the result of your “patch test” ? See detailed information below for a list of 7 causes of Red and swollen lips, Symptom Checker, including diseases and drug side effect causes. However by the 2nd week of Feb, I got a sudden flare up and it just got worse. Alternatively, you may have just had a vaccine wear off. Although, my dr seemed to think they do look like blisters. Knowledge, as they say, is power. They spread from person to person through close contact such as kissing.

The virus responsible for them is called Herpes Simplex 1 or HSV1. 3 days ago, I decided to get tough on the situation. My dad had what appeared to be a pimple right at the corner of his mouth and it turned out to be the drain hole for a staph infection. I was then treated for Impetigo with topical and oral antibiotics, which did nothing. If you’ve had a fever blister in the past, a weakened immune system from fatigue, alcohol, dehydration or even stress can trigger an outbreak. Sunburned and chapped lips also leave an open invitation for an attack of cold sores. There is, unfortunately, no cure for them, but there are ways to control the number of outbreaks you experience.

However, I also found some aloe vera gel and some other gel like things I thought might help. Knowing the stages of a typical herpes outbreak can help you speed up the healing process. There are also some very effective home remedies that took only four days to remove the unsightly blisters: sores, scabs, and all. Unfortunately, you can still pass on the virus even if the sores aren’t visible. In this first stage of herpes, the virus comes into contact with the skin, which may develop a tingling sensation and start to redden. After a day or two, the area may become irritated, itchy, or painful. The aloe vera gel hurt a little, but I kept using it.

If you’re experiencing an outbreak for the first time, you may also develop a fever and feel some flu-like symptoms. Next small vesicles or tiny bump-like blisters will form and swell up rapidly as they fill with watery liquid swell up rapidly. These blisters can be red, white, or clear and can form in clusters of blisters or on their own. This is the most miserable stage of the outbreak because your lip can literally triple in size, and it can become hard to conceal that something is wrong with your lip. The blisters usually stay in place for around two days. (because if this was a sympom of something going on perhaps in my digestive track, the Sugar and white bread would only help the bad bacteria to grow and hurt the good). This is also the most painful stage of the outbreak.

It’s also thankfully the shortest, lasting only a day or so. Like any other scab, the one over your blister will eventually fall off leaving fresh, virus-free skin underneath. You should definitely not speed up this process by pulling off the scab, as doing so before it’s finished healing can lead to scarring. I was concerned that it would make the problem worse and that I’d end up with 20 cold sores. I don’t know if that helped or not. I was desperate enough to try anything that would clear up cold sores in less than a week’s time. I experimented over the years with different methods and found one that completely stopped them in their tracks.
How to Pop a Fever Blister and Other Cold Sore Remedies

It’s not a method for the faint of heart or for those with a low threshold for pain, but it eliminates the swelling and weeping stages completely, which can make them last 3-4 days or longer. Materials Needed: Sterile Gauze Rubbing Alcohol Safety pin or needle Lighter or candle and match Instructions Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. You want to avoid infecting yourself! Unwrap the gauze and set it aside, trying to handle only the edges. Hold the needle under a flame until it glows. Then set it on the gauze to use for later. Clean the blister and the surrounding area and pat dry with a towel.

Apply the needle to your blister until it bursts. Use the gauze to sop up the liquid. Covering the spot with a paste of salt and alcohol prevents any of the contagious liquid from spreading and immediately dries out the “would be” blister before it forms and swells up in size. If you time it just right and keep the spot covered with this mixture of salt and alcohol, it will scab over the next day. Then, once it scabs over, you will have avoided the most painful and miserable portion of the outbreak. The earlier you use this remedy, the better. If you attack the virus during the prodromal stage, at the very first indication that there is a cold sore about to emerge, you can eliminate the swelling and weeping and skip straight to the drying out phase.

When popping the blister, you want to make sure to contain the liquid from the blister. That is why bursting it in the prodromal stage is best. At that point, there isn’t much, if any, liquid to worry about. If you miss this window of opportunity and end up with watery blisters, this method will still dry out the sores and reduce the healing time. So you’ll have to be especially vigilant in your efforts to contain them by immediately applying the gauze. This method stings pretty bad, but it isn’t nearly as bad as dealing with the swelling and weeping stages of misery caused by the cold sores. It is hard to say what remedy will work each individual.

I’ve had outbreaks at least once a year for 30 years, so I’ve tried just about every remedy known to man. I’ve found that most products available on the market don’t actually speed up the healing process at all, at least not for me. Abreva is one over-the-counter cream that helps a lot of people get rid of their cold sores. It works to contain outbreaks by blocking the virus from coming into contact with healthy skin. When I tried, my cold sores actually got worse and the cream didn’t stop the progression of the sores at all. Lysine is another popular remedy. It is an amino acid that, when taken orally or applied topically as a cream, reduces cold sores.

Campho Phenique is supposed to help dry out the sores, but when I used it on my cold sores, more appeared and it took the usual week and a half to get rid of them completely. After an especially bad outbreak caused by a sunburn, I went to the doctor, who prescribed Zovirax pills and ointment. Zovirax is an antiviral drug used to treat herpes and shingles. This treatment did speed up the healing process and dry out the blisters more quickly. However, the medicine lost its potency after I used it for a few different outbreaks. It seemed like the virus became immune to it. As I said before, everyone is different and what works for some people, may not work for others.

What ways have you found for getting rid of cold sores faster?

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