How to use the Bob Beck Protocol

How to use the Bob Beck Protocol

BioResonance Therapy uses concepts of energy medicine and quantum physics to help the body’s self regulatory system. I’ve generally not entered these discussions as there are very opinionated people who believe that Rife was curing rats, or people using electrodes attached to them driven by current modulated with frequencies. Without health insurance to help cover the cost of medical treatment, people are no longer going to the doctor unless it is an extreme emergency. sneezing, tingling in nostrils, stomach gurgling, intestinal gas bubbles moving, running nose, soreness stops, etc. A person with lyme should definitely do the frequencies for the above. Pasteur was ridiculed for years for his theory that germs could cause disease. This is repeated until there are no further outbreaks.Since in most cases the first forced outbreak is the last outbreak for a long time, quickly the user often becomes complacent and as a result, unreliable in the therapy and Prediction Patterns apply.

Their discovery was a cure for almost every disease known to mankind. There are many sites that contain lists of frequencies for use with the Rife technology devices. After three months 14 of the patients had completely recovered. Kaali and Dr. There is no data or research posted. In 1920’s San Diego, Rife used that generous budget to build a research lab where he set out to find a causative agent for cancer. The BY cancer virus is another form of the BX cancer virus which Rife found caused sarcoma cancer after it had been exposed to prolonged ultraviolet light exposure.

Ketones are produced when there isn’t enough glucose in the bloodstream, and fats have to be used. The company toned down its Web site claims but still promotes the device [5]. Pain sets are only effective if there is a viral link. Some are from pad device sets, some are from homeopathic nosodes, some may be what worked for a single researcher, and some may be mere speculation. But after using one of my Rife frequency generators for 9 months there was no sign of it when x-rayed again. Dr. In fact, the big shots might even make it certain that your human disease-ending technology never sees the light of day, by preventing it from becoming licensed by the regulatory agencies.
How to use the Bob Beck Protocol

These can be divided by 8 to convert for use on a BRG. METHODS: Three of 32 glioblastomas mutiforme (GBMs), but none of two ependymomas and five medulloblastomas, were found to possess SV40 DNA sequences when examined using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Pulsed Magnetic Fields (i.e. Magnetic Pulser) The purpose of this treatment is to disable microbes that are not floating around in the bloodstream, but are “hiding” in root canals, the lymph system, the stomach area, etc. This is a very important part of the protocol , because to supercharge the immune system all of the microbes outside of the Dis-eased cells need to be attenuated!! Rife, have proven that everything that exists has a resonant frequency of it’s own. Pieces of the 5,682 piece Universal microscope were stolen.

What is shocking is that this technology has been so effectively suppressed by the conventional medical establishment, and even when the appearance of a new disease like Morgellons appears which can be effectively treated by the technology, they not only continue to reject the technology, but they also refuse to acknowledge the existence of Morgellons itself as a physical reality. We are very particular what products we represent & do our diligence in selecting not only the best quality but the company must be of integrity. The only thing that is not known is whether there is enough ozone in the water to kill the cells or the microbes inside the dis-eased cells. However, like the colloidal silver, it is designed to kill the microbes in the blood and those in hiding. If you have root canals, it is important to let some of the ozonated water sit inside the mouth. I had came back from holidays a few days ago. In this way some of the ozonated water will get inside the root canal teeth and kill some microbes inside the root canal teeth and be a catalyst for the Magnetic Pulser inside the teeth.

Since killing Dis-eased cells can create inflammation, swelling and congestion, if you start to get inflammation, swelling or congestion during this treatment (which becomes dangerous), stop using the ozonated water and continue with the other items which cannot kill dis-eased cells. Microbe frequencies include all frequencies discovered by brilliant scientist Royal Rife, as well as those discovered by our research. 1) NO orthodox cancer treatments – NONE, 2) NO other alternative cancer treatments (see above), 3) NO prescription drugs (see above), 4) NO pain killers, 5) NO blood thinners (e.g. became full owner of the shares of America health care community. (especially no garlic) 8) NO strong over-the-counter medications (e.g. 6. To return to Rife.

It would be best to use the Magnetic Pulser before using the Blood Electrification equipment. The reason is that the Magnetic Pulser may break apart colonies of microbes and release them into the bloodstream where the Blood Electrification equipment can disable them. There are a number of new Rife based machines you can use on an experimental basis, if you can find one, before the FDA / FTC runs the emerging Rife industry into the ground. So let’s now turn to the story of the most amazing medical pioneer of our century. The reason for stopping the treatment and starting over has to do with your key organs, especially your liver and kidney.

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