HPV Question and Reaction to Vinegar – STDs

HPV Question and Reaction to Vinegar - STDs

I have never tried this at home…I did have a nurse suggest that many years ago…by that time I was aware of the limited success of this test…it may be better than no test but it is not an HPV test. This is what white vinegar is. These warts, spread by sexual contact, are often flat, tiny and difficult to spot and diagnose. 1. I have no other symptoms. Most PAs in specialty offices are excellent in diagnosing and treating the common conditions; s/he undoubtedly will consult with the dermatologist if there is any question about what is going on. The vinegar test is pure quackery.
HPV Question and Reaction to Vinegar - STDs

At this time there is No FDA DNA approved HPV test for the male. Many HPV infections don’t turn white, and many white changes are not HPV. For this reason all sexually active women are advised to have an annual pap smear and gynaecological exam from age 15 to 40 and then every two to three years until age 60, when women can ask their physician how often they need testing. More to the point, what is the likelihood of HPV transmitting to an area covered by a latex condom for the entirety of genital contact? On Dec. Just relate your story to the PA then follow his or her advice about next steps. Almost all sexually active people get genital HPV at one time or another, and most infections are harmless and cause no health problems at all.

To diagnose genital warts in men, the doctor will visually check a man’s genital area to see if warts are present. If you are convinced your penile skin doesn’t look normal, see a doctor or clinic about it. So it is highly possible that in a long-term sexual partnership, one of the partners was a carrier of HPV that was contracted many years ago, before the current relationship; then, the virus activated and was transmitted between the two partners.

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