HSV-1 and false positives for culture tests…is it possible?

HSV-1 and false positives for culture tests...is it possible?

So, just to update… I visited an infectious disease doctor. What causes some of us to be falsely positive? I did not have flu-symptoms per se (as I have had the flu before and I did not feel the same), but I would feel very hot one moment, and then cold the next. When I got to the office, I handed her the code and she proceeded to look it up in her book… 5) Should not I get some symptoms of infection by now? Theoretically, I would need to get a WB done every time I’m with a new partner if I’m going to ask them to show me their paperwork.

HSV-1 and false positives for culture tests...is it possible?
I was taking ibuprofen as a result, but it was not very helpful. She rolled her eyes a little, but did, and it paid off. I also took medicine to treat the malaria. I mean, how many people out there go get tested and come back falsely positive and live out the rest of their life thinking they have HSV2…taking antivirals and dealing with the social stigma. As such, I thought my vaginal discharge changed color also because of the medicine. I occasionally get ingrown hairs, but don’t most people? By the end of the malaria treatment, I felt much better.

After the malaria treatment, I was still experiencing a sore feeling. I attributed discomfort during subsequent sex attempts to this soreness. He seemed displeased by my answer, and responded, “So, you don’t know if it’s herpes or an ingrown hair?! I also made an appointment at a clinic. I went to the clinic and upon physical exam, the dr was convinced I had herpes. She said that I had one ulceration…but that it may have been several that merged into one. When she was out of the room, I kind of heard them talking about me.

Today I received a result of positive for HSV-1 in my genitals. I did not actually look at the results…or have them (or the test) explained to me. I was just told I was positive. Herpes wouldn’t have behaved that way, It may even have to do with your acne”. Can you have oral herpes and never have symptoms? I am very confused right now.

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