HSV 2 Exposure Scare – Westover Heights Clinic

HSV 2 Exposure Scare - Westover Heights Clinic

A positive HSV 2 IgG suggest a past exposure to HSV 2. Many kits available currently are not entirely type specific for serodiagnosis of HSV-2 infections and therefore do not allow reliable discrimination of past exposure to these closely related alphaherpes viruses. We examined the association between exposure to neurotropic infectious agents and cognitive function in 1308 participants in the Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectiveness (CATIE) trial. Findings show that a significant recruitment strategy involves targeting places where students seek health care. So it is not surprising that you tested positive for HSV1 – if that’s what you did indeed test for? Of course guilt and anxiety start kicking in and I had a friend get me a week’s worth of Cephalexin and and a dose of Azrithromyacin the Monday immediately following the exposure just in case. But report to your doctor if you develop any symptoms.

By the end of week 1 I began urinating frequently and have an incredible thirst due to a dry scratchy throat as well as some slight urethritis. There was also a significant association between HSV-1 exposure and the Verbal Memory, Vigilance, and Processing Speed composite scores. In addition, 20- to 24-year-old women had the highest rates of primary and secondary syphilis. If it was HSV2, then I would assume that you do indeed have genital herpes. I could also tell my prostrate was swollen and I was drinking what seemed to be a gallon of water a day at this point. My throat didn’t really hurt, it was just really scratchy. I was given an injection of Ceftriaxone just in case it was gonorrhea.

They hadn’t run any of the STD tests that I had asked for with my urine and blood samples, just the ordinary physical stuff that said I was old and fat. A better understanding of effective recruitment strategies and motivations for STD testing by health care professionals could reduce the time from infection to treatment and is therefore important if prevention and treatment efforts are to be successful. They see literally hundreds of cases of STDs and will be in a MUCH better position to help you. My appointment was late in the day and the lab was closed so I didn’t give blood and urine until Friday the 31st for my STD screening, and they wouldn’t swab my throat and just told me the injection would take care of it. I started feeling better immediately after the injection, but my thirst continued and my throat and prostrate were swollen again by Monday the 3rd of Nov. This is a little over 2 weeks since the incident. My doctor was on vacation that week and another doctor gave me yet another injection of Ceftriaxone as well as 10 days worth of Doxycylene.

HSV 2 Exposure Scare - Westover Heights Clinic
The specific aims of the study were to (1) determine the feasibility of recruiting and retaining university students willing to be tested for HSV-2 and (2) compare psychological and behavioral responses of university students who receive a positive test result for HSV-2 with those of students who receive a negative test result at recruitment and 3 months after receiving test results. I took the pills and my urinary problems came and went. On Wednesday the lab results all came back negative for genital Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, but when I asked about herpes they told me that they don’t test for that, they only swab any lesions that you may have. I requested the HerpeSelect test which was drawn on Friday, Nov 7 three weeks after exposure, I again asked for a throat swab to find out what it was exactly in my throat, I suspected maybe it was thrush instead of gonorrhea since I had taken a truckload of antibiotics at this point. I told them I wanted a full culture done not just a strep one. The next week I just felt crappy overall with flu like symptoms and my throat issues would come and go as well as my Urethritis. Participants who were positive and a subset of those who were negative were asked to come back in 3 months for a follow-up questionnaire.

My lips and hands would feel tingly and I also had a scratchy right eye so of course I thought I had HSV1 and got it in my eye. About the middle of the week I started to get a burning on the tip of my penis that just stayed there all of the time and the head remained sore, yet there were still no lesions. The herpes test came back negative for 1 and 2 and they told me I didn’t have strep. Of course they didn’t culture it see if there was anything else in my throat like I had asked. My urinary symptoms went away for the most part for the rest of the week, but my throat continued to be scratchy. Therefore, we began to collect information on motives for participation after 58 students had been enrolled. I met with my doctor again on Friday, Nov 15 and he gave me some throat medicine for Thrush to take for the next week.

Somehow I was able to reconcile things with my wife through all of this and managed to have intercourse on Saturday the 16th. A few hours later the urethritis came back worse than before and the tip of my penis began to itch like crazy. I broke out the Monistat again and that seemed to make the itch go away again after a few days. On Monday I e-mailed my doctor about the urethritis and told him that I thought I had a genital yeast infection as well as the oral thrush and he told me to take a couple of diflucin pills over the next few days. College students were recruited for participation between September 2004 and March 2006. It is almost 6 weeks after my exposure, my urinary stuff has pretty much went away, except I still feel achy and have a dull headache, have a sore throat and still have lumps on my tonsils, a twinge of prostatitis, and an itchy anus every now an again. I never saw any lesions except for one I noticed two days ago that was on the back of my thigh 6 inches down from my groin which I hope was an ingrown hair.

From what I saw it didn’t look to have any blisters on it that would have been able to be swabbed for liquid, but it never hurt or itched for me to notice it, and it didn’t look like an ulcer either. I have had flu like symptoms now for about 3 weeks and just feel generally lethargic. My throat has been scratchy for about 4 weeks and still has the bumps on the tonsils although they don’t seem to be as bad now. Approximately 30 fliers were posted in these designated areas over the course of the recruitment period and were periodically checked and replaced if needed. The itchy eye lasted about a week and a half. I know I had a lot of crap going on here, just wondering if the persistant body aches and sore throat would indicate an initial herpes outbreak or not without any lesions on my direct genital area? I was going to go in next week (week 7) and get another HerpeSelect test just to see what the results are because I can’t stand all of this waiting around.

I know I need another one at 12-16 weeks to be totally sure. I guess does any of this sound like an initial herpes infection? Fliers containing the same information were also distributed to every student in the class.

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