[Human herpes virus 6 infection in renal transplant recipient–case report]. – Abstract

[Human herpes virus 6 infection in renal transplant recipient--case report]. - Abstract

By a plaque reduction assay, methanolic extracts from Lobelia chinensis (LC) significantly blocked herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) replication in HeLa cells without apparent cytotoxicity. Some herpes viruses are not only responsible for life-threatening infections and renal graft injury but can also increase the risk of malignancy. Apple cider vinegar is a very good remedy for kidney infections as it flushes out the bacteria instantly and cleanses the kidneys thoroughly of all impurities. During necropsy, no gross lesions were observed in the kidneys. In case of delayed graft function combined with aciclovir side effects, ganciclovir was given until aciclovir could be reintroduced. Renal graft biopsies that followed revealed acute rejection. No toxic effect of LC on liver and kidney functions was apparent.
[Human herpes virus 6 infection in renal transplant recipient--case report]. - Abstract

The intensity of immunosuppression therapy plays a critical role in mediating infections from oncogenic herpes viruses. Kidney infection also known as the upper urinary tract infection is more severe than the infection of the lower urinary tract because the bacteria infiltrate the bloodstream which passes through the kidneys resulting in severe illness. HHV-6 IgM seroconversion was demonstrated. 52% were CMV negative at Tx. cytomegalovirus (CMV)) or other pathogens were detected in the blood, urine, and stool. Following therapy with gancyclovir, viral load declined to undetectable levels. Virus infections are common in renal transplant recipients and can have deleterious consequences on life expectancy and allograft outcome.

If the infection is treated at the outset then it can be easily managed at home with simple ingredients. This case confirm symptomatic HHV-6 infection and suggests that HHV-6 variant A reactivation may potentially trigger graft rejection.

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