iHerb Library – The Truth About Coconut Oil

iHerb Library - The Truth About Coconut Oil

Why is there such a huge fad over coconut oil? March 1st has brought with it autumn and all she delights in: grey, cold, rain, cravings for slow cooked meals and a blanket around me as I sit at my desk. This fat can actually protect you from heart attack or stroke. Can birth control pills help treat acne? 1. Most vegetable oils are composed of longer chain fatty acids, or triglycerides (LCTs). As a medium-chain fatty-acid (MLFA), also called medium-chain-triglyceride (MCT), lauric acid is part of the class of organic compounds known as lipids.

Other than coconut oil, the only other source of lauric acid in high concentrations is in breast milk. The nutritional and medicinal values of Rubco Nutiko virgin coconut oil is not lost in heating because of its very high ‘Smoke Point’. Home Care Products-Stirred by our belief that our HOME is our sanctuary, it must be devoid of toxic substances or harmful chemicals. (Lauric acid found in human milk (5.8% of total fat), cow’s milk (2.2%), and goat milk (4.5%). Erythrocyte extravasation induces accumulation of hemoglobin-derived iron which causes generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and oxidative stress to neurons, and albumin promotes local tissue edema. A recent study on the use of rosemary in improving cognitive performance in the elderly found that a lower ‘culinary’ dose (750 mg) was not only more effective in improving cognition (as measured by memory speed) than a higher dose, but the highest dose (6,000 mg) had a significant memory impairing effect.[xxix] This illustrates quite nicely how less can be more, and why an occasional nightly cup of peppermint tea may be far superior as preventive strategy than taking large ‘heroic’ doses of an herb only after a serious health problem sets in. I hope that my talk was able to dispel any acceptance of that notion.

Today, many strains of bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, and antibiotics are generally ineffective in treating virus infections. Its fibre helps to keep you regular and helps you to feel full. With these properties, virgin coconut oil (VCO) can be stored easily at room temperature for years. Recognition of the anti-microbial activity of the monoglyceride of lauric acid (monolaurin) has been reported since 1966. Both olive oil and coconut oil developed the low levels (3%) of the adenocarcinomas in the colon, but in the small intestine animals fed coconut oil did not develop any tumors while 7% of animals fed olive oil did. Although coconut oil is about 87 percent saturated fat, in its unrefined, virgin state, it’s actually beneficial. Red palm, the healthy fat is even the best source of tocotrienols.

iHerb Library - The Truth About Coconut Oil
We now know that coconut oil not only doesn’t cause an increase in bad cholesterol, it actually increases the levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol. Although the mechanism is not yet understood, coconut oil may protect the liver from injury. Both cover the standard quality of VCO, as well as the  manufacturing processes. So what was the health of the people like in our community, where everyone ate a diet high in the saturated fat of coconut oil? The result is that as long as calories in excess of the body’s needs are not consumed, the coconut oil helps burn more calories. In one study, the fat-burning effect of a high-calorie diet containing 40 percent fat as medium-chain fatty acids was compared to one containing 40 percent fat as long-chain fatty acids from butter. The take home message is that good fat begets good fat.

It helps in the problems of kidney, reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes. Likewise each different type might need different types of care or treatment. But here’s an important part of the message that often gets lost: Coconut oil will only help you lose weight if you substitute it for an equal amount of fat from other sources in order to keep the calorie intake the same. However eating fresh unsaturated fats is even worse, because once inside the body, they will oxidize (turn rancid) very rapidly due to being heated and mixed with oxygen. Both trans-fats and saturated fats are used by food manufacturers to stabilize food’s firmness and texture, but significant differences between the effects of saturated fats and trans-fats on cholesterol levels have been established in clinical trials. Though some Internet rumors claim that coconut oil is a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, this is an unfortunate case of misinterpreted science. I wish it were true.

It is kind of like having a cure for baldness. If something were this simple, you could not keep it a secret. This suggests an interaction between vasculoplasticity and neuronal plasticity during normal aging and dementia, but how this relationship is affected by lifestyle and vascular risk factors is currently unclear and should be investigated in future studies. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that is used primarily to treat difficultto- control epilepsy in children. In the past, the larger group of clinicians and food and nutrition scientists has been unaware of the potential benefits of consuming foods containing coconut and coconut oil, but this is now starting to change. They protect the liver from the toxic effects of alcohol and certain drugs. • Improves digestion: Because medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil are smaller than the long-chain fats found in other oils and animal fat, they require less energy and fewer enzymes to break down for digestion.

In Alzheimer’s disease as well as mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a ketogenic diet can lead to major improvement in brain function. Those foods made with the coconut oil based shortenings would have provided additional amounts. These antimicrobial fatty acids and their derivatives are essentially non-toxic to man; they are produced in vivo by humans when they ingest those commonly available foods that contain adequate levels of medium-chain fatty acids such as lauric acid. The takeaway message here is that supplementing the diet with coconut oil alone is not likely to be of benefit in AD or MCI, but as part of a ketogenic diet it may be quite helpful—at least temporarily. He was one of  the first researchers  to discover the  anti-microbial  property  of  medium chain fats. Monounsaturated fat sources such as olive, macadamia nut, avocado, and canola oil are better oils for these purposes. The smoke point is the temperature at which, when heated, an oil will begin to produce smoke.

Sunscreen has certain degree of Sun Protection Factor (SPF), however not all skin types need the same degree of SPF. Even the coconut water drinks still sold are usually loaded with refined sugars. The bottom line here with the use of coconut oil in cooking is to avoid heating it to its smoke point, because that’s when it starts breaking down.

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