This disease can happen to any breed of dog, but either for genetic reasons or because of the way their bodies are shaped, this disease is most common in dogs with short legs. Clostridiums are responsible for many cases of food poisoning, for example, and another type of Clostridium causes Botulism. It should make sense to you that what a pet eats is a big factor in bowel diseases. Liver A is normal. Another interesting thing about the disease is that it’s a fairly newly discovered disease. In particular, we’re looking for elevated blood glucose and evidence of glucose in the urine … Anemia is the result.

As serious as respiratory tract cancers tend to be, great improvements and success rates have been made in their treatment…especially if detected before excessive destruction and spreading of the cancer occurs. There are several types of surgery available for laryngeal paralysis, all of which are designed to increase the size of the opening of the airway to allow easier passage of air. There is no cure for an animal that has CHV – infection is probably lifelong and can flare up repeatedly during periods of stress. Antiviral drugs do not appear to be effective and are very expensive. Abortion – early abortion may not always be noticed by the owner, particularly as the bitch is likely to clean/eat any such discharge. The vaccine, Eurican® Herpes 205, cannot prevent infection but if given during pregnancy it has been shown to significantly improve fertility rates and reduce early puppy death. Even bitches that already have the virus can be vaccinated.

The vaccine is available from veterinary surgeons now and for more information about this new vaccine, or any of the Eurican dog vaccine range, contact your local veterinary surgeon or log on to or But antibiotics are appropriate in any hemorrhagic and high fever disease as we know that bowel and respiratory bacteria will be causing severe secondary if not primary problems. 8. At the same time, your vet may be giving K1 injections which is the antidote to some rodent poisonings since the actual diagnosis will still be in doubt during the initial treatment. In order to diagnose the herpes virus in your pups and dogs, then vet’s attention is required. If your pet survives the initial emergency treatment, then you should expect at least a few days of hospitalization, supportive care, antibiotic therapy, nutritional support, fluid replacement, frequent monitoring, and treatment of all the secondary symptoms that are likely to pop up such as diarrhea and nausea. 10.

They continuously multiply and divide; they never properly mature and reach a resting state. Well, my only comment here is that I don’t know of any appropriate alternative treatments except for prayer in the initial stages of treatment. Not to put too fine an edge on this, your pet will die if you rely on alternative medicine and skip the antibiotics, IV fluids, and steroids. If the cause is due to bacterial septicaemia, antibiotics may be of help but equally important are scrupulous hygiene. 1. Blood work to include a red and white cell count and blood chemistry panel. We will be especially worried about secondary kidney and liver failure, anemia, and the white blood cell response.

3. A fecal exam to rule out parasites, especially whip and hook worms, as the cause. Sound unlikely? Not at all. Here’s what sometimes happens:  parvo or intestinal worms cause acute inflammation of the bowel lining. If the bowel wall is inflamed and damaged, then bacteria from the stool can enter the blood stream, which will then create all kinds of potential havoc including DIC,  endotoxic shock, and  toxic shock syndrome. Older puppies can be force-fed and treated with anti-diarrheal medication.

Pain and Inflammation Relief. Because bacterial disease is suspected, your vet may want to send off blood for culture…exactly the right thing to do if the disease turns out to be from strept or other bacteria. There are various reasons why chemo is better tolerated in pets, but the most important factor is psychologic. It’s a microscopic battle and if the battle is a more than a quick skirmish there’s going to be some inflammation and often a fever. Symptoms in dogs: Here’s what might be happening to your dog if it has Cushings:  Remember that some dogs with Cushing will show many of these symptoms and others may not.

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