Just an article; a TCM approach. A Safe and Effective Approach to Genital Herpes

Just an article; a TCM approach. A Safe and Effective Approach to Genital Herpes

Astra Isatis 270t by Health Concerns tonifies Qi, Yin, and Yang and clears phlegm. Chinese Therapeutic Activity: 1. Useful for chronic fatigue syndrome, Herpes simplex, HIV, hepatitis. rash occurred in one side of the body, more common in Yaoxie unit. Zi Xue Dan ~ Purple Snow Pellet; Purple Snow Special (Epidemic Preventing) Pill;Purple Snowy Powder To wake the patient up from unconsciousness by clearing away pathogenic heat, tranquilizing the mind and allaying excitement. The constant recurrence of itching and soreness also make it more difficult for her to concentrate at work, leading to more stress and fatigue, leading to more outbreaks. Next, a red rash appears over the area.

When she came to my clinic, she was experiencing an acute outbreak. To get this under control, I recommended an herbal decoction (herbs boiled in water). The decoction was used as an external wash to the affected area, and also taken orally. The acute outbreak rapidly cleared up with this treatment. Then it was time to concentrate on treating her internal imbalance to prevent further outbreaks. Chronic neck and shoulder tension can be related to the Liver and Gallbladder Channels which may be relieved by the use of this formula. But, if you have Hashimoto’s, and you are like a lot of people we’ve worked with, then you know that what you eat has a huge impact on your health and how you feel.

The weak response is reversed or strengthened by samples of herbs that neutralize the pathogenic factors, based on TCM theory and contemporary studies on pharmacology. Approximately 40% of those infected with this virus who do show symptoms never have a second attack. Avoid washing hairs unless you can dry them quickly. (Two of the cold/flu formulas from the Oakland-based company Health Concerns use isatis extract along with other Chinese herbs and western herbs like echinacea and goldenseal.) A small amount of isatis can also be useful in supporting a patient with a lingering low-grade cold to clear the body of infection and regain full health. Antioxidants and other medicinal agents in green tea provide relief for urethritis, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). Some typical signs and symptoms of genital herpes include: small, fluid-filled sacs (vesicles), lesions around the genital area, shallow and painful genital ulcers, redness, marked edema, and tender lymph nodes in the inguinal area. If you can recall back to your childhood, you are possibly awe struck at how hard you worked at every day, including playtime.

Genital Herpes in TCM In traditional Chinese medicine, genital herpes is discussed in the categories of “hot sores” (re chuang) or “genital carbuncle” (yin chuang). In this formula, 75% of the formula uses herbs with strong anti-viral properties, including two unusual herbs from Taiwan, gang mei gen (Radix Ilicis Asprellae) and san cha ku (Radix-Ramus Evodiae Leptae). This herb is also used to treat encephalitis B, hepatitis, chicken pox, herpes simplex, and herpes zoster. The internal organs of the body are divided into Yin organs and Yang organs. Each organ system tends to be more or less susceptible to the various pathogenic environmental factors, as well as being susceptible to characteristic emotional disturbances. In a study of “Temporomandibular joint nociception: effects of capsaicin on substance P-like immunoreactivity in the rabbit brain stem.” by Kyrkanides S, Tallents RH, Macher DJ, Olschowka JA, Stevens SY. Sample is also taken for examination by a pathologist under microscope.
Just an article; a TCM approach. A Safe and Effective Approach to Genital Herpes

The overall Chinese medicine diagnosis of genital herpes is active toxic damp heat. Within this larger category, three specific patterns are differentiated: damp heat pouring down; toxic heat accumulation; and Liver and Kidney deficiency. Blistering and erosion of genital tissue, plus burning and itching are the key symptoms of the pattern of damp heat pouring down. Outbreaks are considered to be precipitated by the over-consumption of candy and sugar, which promote the formation of active damp heat. Recurrent outbreaks are due to poor dietary habits, including the eating of hot, spicy foods, heavy, greasy foods, and alcohol. The leading Chinese herbal formula to treat this pattern is Damp Heat Clearing (Long Dan Xie Gan Wan). Erosion of genital blisters and fever are the key symptoms for the pattern of toxic heat accumulation, in which the outbreaks are triggered by unexpressed anger and emotional upset, as well as the over-consumption of hot, spicy foods.

For example, if we need a Qi/Yang tonic, we would prefer Ren Shen or Huang Qi over Lu Rong because the former two herbs have an anti-cancer effect and Lu Rong does not. The stretch marks cream is safe for daily use and guaranteed fresh for up to 6 months. The Liver and Kidney deficiency pattern has less fluid-filled blisters, but is characterized by frequent outbreaks, back pain, and joint soreness. This formula is useful to prevent the catching of common cold, and also prepares one before and during the allergy season. A renown formula for this pattern is Water Fire Balance (Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan). This is also an excellent preventive formula for recurrent outbreaks of genital herpes. Leading Herbs for Genital Herpes This section contains a list of Chinese herbs which are of proven effectiveness in dealing with damp heat conditions such as genital herpes, urinary bladder infections, skin conditions, etc.

If the location allows, the drops could instead be applied to a Band-aid and placed over the lesion, and changed BID. When used externally, the herbs are boiled, and the liquid is then strained off and used as a wash to the affected area. Chamomile tea is a sleep aid. It is best to consult with a Chinese medicine practitioner or an herbologist before using herbs to treat any condition. Woad Root (Ban Lan Gen). Vaccaria segetalis seed, Patrinia villosa herb, Paeonia lactiflora root, Astragalus membranaceus root, Paeonia suffruticosa root-bark, Akebia trifoliata stem, Inula helenium root, Corydalis yanhusuo rhizome, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root. They certainly aren’t the only breeder that doesn’t test their dragons.

Philodendron (Huang Bai). Secondly, it is much safer, most of such herbs like Lotus seed, Leech fruit are food, there are no any side effects like dependence, or what we mentioned before. Chrysanthemum flower (ju hua): a natural antibiotics like plant, used to treat upper respiratory infection especially when complicated with eye infection, also used for hypertension , recently found in lab as an antioxidant, used to prevent age-linked illness like hypertension and keep good eyesight. Retention of phlegm in the channels and collaterals causing qi and blood deficiency requires continued administration of antiinfluenza herbs with antiinflammatory and cardiotonic effects. Renowned for “clearing up heat, drying up dampness, reliving itch and destroying worms” in classical Chinese herbal medicine texts, sophora is extensively used for external applications. Journal of Chinese Materia Medica. 1993;24(2):137-138.

This autumn blooming flower has a property of clearing heat and relieving toxicity. It has shown an inhibitory effect in vitro against Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella spp., and some ECHO viruses.

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