Leery of Vaccine, Some Parents Hold ‘Chickenpox Parties’

Leery of Vaccine, Some Parents Hold 'Chickenpox Parties'

Chickenpox: Stan’s simply frightening sister Shelley is in hospital with a severe case of chickenpox. It starts with conjunctival and catarrhal symptoms, moderate fever and then characteristic spots appearing in two or three waves, mainly on the body and head rather than the hands and becoming itchy raw pox (pocks), small open sores which heal mostly without scarring. South Park’s chickens fall victim to a heinous crime spree and it’s up to Officer Barbrady and his junior deputies Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman to catch the elusive perpetrator. Children become infected by contact with someone who has a fever blister and then they spread the virus by rubbing their cold sore and touching other children. These parents need to think about that. Shingles (herpes zoster) are an outbreak of rash or blisters on the skin that is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox – the varicella-zoster virus. Not sure but it makes sense to me.

Episode 212: Club Houses Rating:8 Stan and Kyle play truth or dare with Wendy and Bebe, while Stan’s Parents get Divorced. The rest of the kids get the vaccine thus lessening the chance of an epidemic and the non vaccinated kids not only don’t get the disease but don’t take the risk that everyone else takes. The ultimate in selfishness. Stan is Everyman, the most normal of the kids, terrorized by his sister Shelley and misunderstood by his parents. The medical profession (those who will admit it) is starting to see correlations between the increase in autism and ADHD to multi-disease vaccinations given to children. My young nephew had a severe asthma attack after the last multi-dose he was given. – Dude, you got herpes on your face!

POW! They must be split. The dining room has a frame whose painting has been ripped out, and Kevin’s name is on a dining room wall. Just walk away. Mr. We don’t have enough for everybody. This lady is opening herself wide open to a lawsuit.

Even if the parents approve of exposing their children this way to chickenpox, there is an incubation period for the disease, during which time an unsuspecting adult or child could come in contact with the child and get the disease. Kyle: Cartman! Dr. Before the vaccine was available, I was exposed to, and got, chicken pox when I was pregnant, which was scary, but turned out ok. We’ll get to his story later by the way. Eventually Kyle who wasn’t infected by Kenny’s chickenpox uncovers the plan when he over hears Sheila talking about trying to get Kyle infected by repeatedly sending him to Kenny’s house. Fortunately Mr.

The first group of kids was raised in a very controlled, sterile environment, and were taken out of their classrooms at the first sign of illness. The second group spent half their days playing outside in the dirt, and were allowed to play together even when they got sick. There was a recent report on this. Terrance: We’re searching for treasure! Ike riuscirà teneramente a far pace con il fratello adottivo Kyle, che nel frattempo scopre con i suoi amici gli “interessanti” aspetti positivi della circoncisione. They can subject their children to single doses, that I don’t care about, but I am talking about the fruit loops who wont give whooping cough, diptheria, polio vaccines. They are utterly selfish.

This is a great episode. And chicken pox can kill anyone who is immunosuppressed. People on cancer chemo can die from this. And these nutbars are giving parties to keep it going. Garrison sends the class to detention as a result. Almost every kid (including me) got chickenpox from these parties, and I don’t recall ANYBODY having long-term negative reactions from the disease. It was believed that if you didn’t have chickenpox by the time you hit puberty, you faced greatly increased risk of complications from contracting the disease as an adult.

Soon Chef’s Salty Chocolate Balls energizes everyone. Some people get mildly ill, some moderately, a small percentage get seriously ill. All our kids have had chicken pox…no biggie. I would not use the vaccine. I’m not sure if it’s valid for chickenpox, but I can see a certain logic in this for mumps, which seems to have a much greater potential for causing serious problems in adults than in children. This vaccine is POINTLESS! With a death rate of 40 people per year, most of them elderly, or with chronic auto immune diseases.

Rarely does a healthy child suffer death, or permanent problems from Chicken Pox! Not only that it is only 70% effective at best.. The only reason this vaccine exists is because our society is full of single moms and 2 income families who don’t want the inconvience of having a child sick for a few days. If you have reached maturity and not gotten chicken pox you may wish to consider the vaccine. However to immunize a healthy child for this is ludicrous! In South Park’s “Not Without My Anus”, Terrance’s baby daughter farts once, but only to establish her resemblance to her father. statistically that is a much higher risk than the disease itself.

I agree with you as far as those who are anti-vaccine but take no other steps to make their children immune. Western intelligence that are quite similar types of scars. The medical importance of chickenpox should be stressed. There are approximately 250 deaths per year in the United States from this infection. For the normal child, chickenpox-associated mortality is less than 2 per 100,000 cases. Immunocompromised children, particularly those with leukemia, have more numerous lesions, often with a hemorrhagic base. Healing takes nearly three times longer in this population.

[39] These children are at greater risk for visceral complications, which occur in 30 to 50% of cases and can be fatal in as many as 15% of cases. After most of the kids in my childrens’ Sunday School got sick, we traced it back to one child who had broken out exactly 2 weeks earlier. One of my sons got it, and I made sure that my younger son played, bathed, everything with him. Sure enough, exactly 2 weeks later, son #2 broke out. They were 3 & 4 years old, so I wanted them to get it before they started school. The problem with chickenpox parties is that a child is the most contagious just BEFORE he breaks out & you know he has it. Mr.

Leery of Vaccine, Some Parents Hold 'Chickenpox Parties'
This lady is opening herself wide open to a lawsuit. Even if the parents approve of exposing their children this way to chickenpox, there is an incubation period for the disease, during which time an unsuspecting adult or child could come in contact with the child and get the disease. I hope not. opinions that it should be dropped, individually, or along with all immunizations, are also voiced. I believe the full-blown disease is harmless to healthy children and is more likely to give high titers of antibodies which will prevent shingles in them later. I don’t believe the vaccine will give lasting immunity and there will be many cases later of shingles. I have adamantly refused the vaccine for my children.

I have no problems vaccinating my kids for mumps, rubella, etc., but I refuse chicken pox. Why? Because that vaccine is the ONLY vaccine that I see is being ADVERTISED and by its maker. The ads are everywhere in parent magazines. If this was some serious disease, of course I would vaccinate our kids. But its chicken pox, for crying out loud. I also have to wonder about the other conditions surrounding the “100 kids killed by chicken pox every year” claim.

Are these kids living in poverty or unsanitary conditions? – Cause your dad’s Jewish! August 11, 2011 Is there going to be a second South Park Ultimate Fan Experience? They’re trying to scare the soccer moms into ponying up for their company’s product. When it comes to my kid’s health, I don’t mess around, and this smells just a little too fishy for me. Our pediatrician pushed and pushed us to get it, and we kept refusing. I then later learned that she was on some research group that received money from the company to push the vaccine.

Needless to say, we have a new pediatrician. I don’t think that’s proven, if anything, I think the vaccine doesn’t get the antibody titers up high enough and I’d worry about it fading later, just as measles vaccines are now known to fade and leave an older teenager susceptible to measles when the normal childhood disease protects them better. When I was a child, my sister and brother both had mumps, but I stubbornly refused to get it. However, when the mumps vaccine came out years later, I was tested for resistance and sure enough, I had had a subclinical case – no symptoms, but I developed resistance. Sharon: All right, it’s off to bed with you, young man. Both my boys have had the immunizations rather than the illnesses. – The scene with Chef and Garrison in jail together is basically a rehash of Garrison and Dr.

Believe me it is pretty bad. Garrison is going on about his Twig vs. But now, it seems to be a little counter intuitive. Why expose your kids to shingles, why expose any vulnerable person to chicken pox. why the paranoia about vaccines. Hey, what the hell you doing?! Cartman, reduce dall’audizione per lo spot dei Cheesy Poofs, torna dai suoi amici proprio nel momento giusto.

Should we take our risks with Strept throat rather than be treated. Taking the long view, I wouldn’t subject anyone to the risk of shingles, it is no laughing matter. I spent 4 months of my senior year in high school in bed, doped up on Percodan with the worst shingles my doctor had every seen. I am terrible scarred from them. I would rather have had the vaccine. My chicken pox were also horrible, I had them in my throat and on the inside of my eyelids. Garrison.

I had chicken pox TWICE as a child and shingles at 17. It was extremely painful. I also had a series of eye problems during college that was suspected to have been caused by a herpes virus (not the sexual kind). When my own daughter got chicken pox, I asked the doctor if I could still be at risk, given my history. He said that he honestly didn’t know, but that I should be on the lookout. Nothing happened. Also, abaout 100 children die each year with chicken pox.

My parents exposed my to chicken pox when I was about 4. They told me I was going to get the chicken pox and took me to my friends house to play. He had little red spots on his face and looked a little weak, but I didn’t mind. When my parents told me that I had to leave I started to cry. They asked me what was wrong, and I said “Where’s the ckicken box, you told me I was going to get the chicken box.” Apparently, the chicken box was something I really wanted. Good point. My 11 year-old nephew had strep develop into Rheumatic Fever.

Took the stupid doctors in their town forever to correctly diagnose it. He now faces open heart surgery to replace a heart valve that was damaged. I say take the medicine whatever way you can; either prophylactically or for curative reasons. That’s why God let scientists develop these treatments! chicken pox nearly killed me when I was 9. My immune system turned against my islet cells turning me into a Juvenile Diabetic. In a matter of days I lost 30 pounds.

I became unconscious and then was transported into the pedeatric ICU. My blood sugar was >1500 (normal is 100). Wasn’t supposed to live through the night, but by some miracle I was spared. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital, and contracted pneumonia. Reading this thread has touched me emotionally in a way i havent felt before. The chicken pox gave me a walking death sentence. Now in my mid twenties I wear a pager sized insulin pump.

It is the only thing that separates me from death. Hilarity ensues. There’s nothing new or weird about this, and it really has nothing to do with vaccines. It’s been going on for ages. Much better to get it and get it over with when you are young, even better to get it when it’s convienent for the parents and planned for when the kids aren’t kept home from school. Back in the 60’s (or late 50’s) my Mom did this to my brothers and I. As soon as one of us showed the symptoms, we were all (4 of us) put in the same room until we all got it at once.

This wasn’t because she was afraid of vaccines – as soon as the mumps vaccine came out, we all went to the Douglas County Nebraska Health Office and got our vaccines. None of us has had any problems with after-effects of chickenpox or has had mumps. Frankly, I think it is stupid to expose your kids to a disease when there is a relatively safe vaccine (relatively safe meaning that the risk of death is greater for the disease than the vaccine). Disclaimer: Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its management. All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.

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