Living with a Urethral Stricture, prodromal symptoms, std tests

Living with a Urethral Stricture, prodromal symptoms, std tests

There are two main types of herpes. It never did any valuable for long and brought on different varieties of other issues expecting to do with taking an overabundance of antidotes poisons. I had unprotected sex with a female around the beginning of June and shortly after I noticed a mild burning sensation when I ejaculated. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed the tip of my penis looked swollen, as if it had grown a pair of lips. I did go on a self administered dose of acyclovir in 24 hours after sex and was taking cipro, however this could be herpes, but I have no lesions. If you have an infection, you do not have urethral syndrome, which is characterised by inflammation of the urethra, but without infection. After this, my symptoms didnt go away right away, but after 2 more months they slowly subsided.

Thanks you for help I have become very deprssed about it. My urine stream since the dilation never went back to be a perfect 10 (I felt that I could pee through a brick wall before) and now it was more of a normal stream 7 or 8 out of 10. As I mentioned this was 10 years ago, and I haven’t experience any more symptoms, besides the slighty diminished flow. Herpes is a skin-to-skin transmission type disease. 2. If so, is there any other way of finding out? this burnied a lot.

Living with a Urethral Stricture, prodromal symptoms, std tests
3. A urine test will be conducted. Or this will cause me problems? I don’t strain, I don’t have a problem going, but the stream is not a perfect 10 anymore, more of a 7 or 8 out of 10… 4. Do strictures continue to get progressively worst or I can assume that if after 10 years nothing has happened that I can continue to live a normal life and not anxiously continue to pursue the subject? Answer John, The urethritis can be caused by the stretching of the urethra from backed up pressure of a stricture.

This is like when you pinch off a garden hose and you notice the inner fibers protruding through a fat part that looks like it wants to eventually blow. The urethra is meant to be free flowing and when a stricture dilates it grabs the surrounding tissue and pulls it circumfrentially causing minor swelling, now do this 4x a day every day its going to get worse. Yes strictures get worse until they completely close off or leave only a pinhole opening. Can you live with this? Sure but look at what your symptoms are now , do you want to live like this is the question? I speculate not. You stated you were negative for STDs so why ask if herpes causes a stricture?

The answer is no STDs may cause inflammation that causes a stricture but not directly. The stretching of a urethra causes damage to tissue and as it heals on a microscopic level collagen forms to make a scar. When its in the urethra it is viewed as a narrowing or stenosis of the tube. The best thing to do when you have these symptoms is to surgically repair the stricture. This is a 3-5 minute surgery where a loop or laser fiber can remove the scar tissue and then a catheter is put in place to keep the passage open while the small area heals. There is virtually zero pain afterwards other than the annoyance of the catheter but it generally resolves the issues of burning and urethritis. I have done many of these cases in the OR and I prefer a laser as it has the least thermal penetration , bleeding and swelling afterwards.

Many lasered strictures do not require a catheter afterwards if there is no bleeding. If it were me I would do the minor day surgery. Best wishes friend.

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