Loki and Sex – Lovers of Loki

Loki and Sex - Lovers of Loki

alkapton b’s a class of substances with an affinity for alkali, found in the urine and causing the condition known as alkaptonuria. See foot-and-mouth disease, vesicular stomatitis and vesicular exanthema of swine (below), swine vesicular disease, poisoning by the mushroom amanita. If you want to buy sterling silver pieces, then by all means bring a magnet. This easy technique can make your positive singles jewelry to shine without using chemicals. “Okay then, little lady, tonight you tell Ben and Marti that we are going to take them to the movies, if you don’t mind. I’m scared my boyfriend will flip out when I tell him. So what if she had Thor?

I mean I can totally relate to wanting “Little Loki”. You CAN be sued for not telling someone you had herpes. The next question will be what to do with all these dead fish. Another thing, I don’t see Thor as the kind of guy who could be… She barely knew him, despite how close their families were. Tagline: Two sorority sister. Or well-versed in the arts of love-making.

Swollen lymph nodes can accompany herpes or any other inflammatory STD. Yes, sex is an art. I read somewhere (don’t remember exactly where) something Loki said to Sif: “Sif, you were afraid of men until you married Thor and I taught you the art of love-making”. Hmmmm… Being hit with the cream pie of fate is a clear sign that the lesson was necessary. Obviously the shaving of Sif’s hair had *some* significance, obscured by the mists of time and telling. It would be just like Loki to lead somebody into something and then criticise them for it – that’s logical, Patron!!

No wonder Sif told on him, naturally fudging the bit about how he got at her hair to start with… Nearly all physicians find this specific routine very difficult to handle. Some say ’twas his wife Sigyn, but my instincts tell me he wasn’t married yet. And after all, the lore says Sif always remained his friend. It is Ayurvedic medicine’s affirmation of what we already know as midwives–that those first few moments matter. I realized I was normal, and learned over time to give myself permission to find out what I liked, what turned me on. Even those who practice karate often eat them before a fight.

It can, and (I think) does happen, just not as often as people would like it to be true. So she is not some 10 year old kid. While he often (relatively) turns up to snigger while I’m “at it (which can either be alone, or with someone else)”, he’s only turned up once to actually join in. I’d like to be able to say it was the best sex of my life, but (a) I’ve had sex a lot and don’t really remember all of the details of all of the occurrences, and (b) he wasn’t there throughout the whole encounter, just showed up for a quick boink and then buggered off again. Don’t let your former lover walk around with a loaded gun. I’ve come across a number of people that have told me they’ve either had sex with Loki, viewed him as their lover, or are even married to him. olivary body olive (def.

What someone does in their own personal time is their business, and if fucking Loki is part of it, then good for them. I didn’t say that he was -my- partner. If you are seeking a grand diamond effect in your ring, consider going for an illusion setting. She noticed this and immediately sobered. You don’t need to tell them until you are certain you are going to sleep with them. Whether or not someone is actually sleeping with a god really doesn’t affect anyone but that person and the people immediately around them, after all. Openmindedness here hurts no one, but being angry about it seems like a significant waste of energy.

If your Dr told you your test results were fine but they weren’t, would that be your own fault for trusting, as well? Many seemingly normal folks are actually quite mad. Though Loki seems to prefer those with problems in many cases. As far as her childhood hero was concerned, Phoebe might have been his sister. Tagline: They thought they were above the law…but one woman swore to bring them to justice Stars: Ally Sheedy, Eric Stoltz, Heather Matarazzo Best Scene: When we find out that the gang rape involved a bat, broomstick, and a stick from outside! also: one is not always that anonymous on the internet, unless one wants to post as “anonymous”. I’ve been wanting to post on this thread for quite a while but have lacked an opportunity.

Loki and Sex - Lovers of Loki
I will go away now for a few hours and start a new thread in response to OP. One, there isn’t any anger here. Sure there are some very blunt opinions but for crying out loud, this is the Lokeans list. Pray tell me we don’t have to do the politically correct walking on eggshells for everyones feelings?! Foxesdaughter makes a good point. Her point being a lot of those who claim him or others(insert random deity) as his lover are(insert appropriate eyebrow raising your kookoo for cocoa puffs reaction here). Reality is there are lots of people who live in a delusional fantasy world.

So how do you tell the difference between one who is in a serious relationship(however that works) with those who need some good drugs or a straight jacket. What about though, “normal” people who *do* report sexual congress with paranormal entities ? It’s happened throughout the ages. They sometimes have difficulty dropping out of the mind and into the body more than other doshas. What about sexy poltergeists, incubi, succubi, or really gross things like the Popobawa? Chilies of this color are great when fried or used to make jellies. Google for it!) Well that’s not Loki but it is paranormal sex.

The reason Linda Tripp was willing to tell so many lies for the Clintons was she was worried about “her job, her pension, her kids” – 3 things she repeated over and over again in talks with Peschmann. Only one problem and I’ll discuss it later on my own comment thread. Like most sex that I’ve never had, I’m intensely fascinated by it and want to know details… When people are talking about this sort of thing, are they saying that they’ve actually had physical sex with the physical embodiment of Loki..? Or is it more like Loki inhabiting another person’s body and having sex that way? Or is it more mental – like having ecstatic, orgasmic experiences while communing with Loki? Cause ok the latter two make sense to me whereas the former does boggle my mind.

I have to imagine that there’s some in betweens here. And to answer more of the questions put out by the OP…when I first started giving offerings to Loki and attempting to connect to him I definitely felt something sexual. I got really horny suddenly, and I am not at all the sort of person that normally has intense sexual urges. It was awkward for me but happened a few times. Loki’s connection to sexuality and gender – well the lore gives us a load to think about and I’m inclined to see Loki as being gender-fluid. Trans/gender/queer issues are rather important among my tribe of family/friends and seeing the way that humans who don’t fit neatly into gender boxes buck the system…well I just see lots of connections and overlap with Loki as well. I am not sure because she has shown no signs of an outbreak, but we had unprotected sex shortly after one of my outbreaks.

As a student of PSYCHOLOGY *poses, lightening crash, confetti, etc*, this is where I’m torn. On one hand I’m like “You think what? Dimitri had too many business commitments to attend her university graduation and, frankly, Phoebe didn’t mind at all. Until it downpours, and she comes crawling back. Trip_tych asks the good questions. Also good points. You can do a lot mentally as opposed to physically.

I do. And at some level the human consciousness does n’t know the difference. I love your point about “plowing through the boundaries”! It has to be done. I know this though I ‘m not really gay, more celibate. When I was younger I always really fancied being a gender-bender. But I’ve never looked like Annie Lennox!

So. He “introduced” himself to me in early 2000 in the form of a series of interactive dreams. When I sense the discomfort and tension of late pregnancy in my clients, I suggest that they are now in The Time of Zwischen. As far as sex goes, it was more subtle. It was more of a spiritual connection than anything. In one of the “dreams” I was lying on a stone table in a torchlit room while he bent over me and spoke in a beautiful language that sounded Nordic. After the meeting, Foster’s behavior changed dramatically.

I wish I could understand what he’d been saying but he spoke to me for a long time. I felt like it was a prophecy of some kind, and how he fit into it. I have a friend who barely escaped from a car accident and saw this blonde/red haired man right after that staring at her. She’s seen him in physical manifestations. I’ve yet to be so lucky. I love reading about everybody’s experiences! Yes, Loki is here to shake us up and keep the scene flowing.

Chaos serves to prevent stagnation, which is not a good thing. After re-reading this thread, I wanted to add that I can understand where Foxesdaughter is coming from. What I see is that some people can get so obsessed with one aspect of Asatru, or one aspect of their relationship with a god that they’re blind to everything else. And that’s what makes people look crazy. You gotta look at the whole picture if you want to truly learn. Yes, sex is important and has its place, even between men and gods. But perhaps some become fixated on doing the wild thing with Loki because he is a god of all consuming fire.

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