Magnificent Vitamin C: Curing Disease, Fast!

Magnificent Vitamin C: Curing Disease, Fast!

Bioflavonoids (bioavailable flavonoids, vitamin P) are a class of water-soluble plant pigments with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiallergenic, antiviral, and anti-carcinogenic properties. That doesn’t make it an STD though, as there are different types of herpes. They discovered that fat-soluble vitamin D and water-soluble B vitamins were necessary to prevent diseases like rickets, beriberi and pellagra; and that vitamin C, a factor present in many fresh foods, prevented scurvy. The Independent obituary of Linus Pauling, who died in 1994, ended with these words: ‘His theories on vitamin C have now been largely discredited.’ This chapter will show that this is not, in fact, the case. There is pretty good evidence that L-Lysine does NOT work against herpes. Thanks for all the replies and advice. In the words of those who have tried it, “you can be cock-sure with Coco Nectar”.

Academy Science 93:14344-8, 1996] Ever since then physicians, pharmacists, dietitians and other health practitioners have echoed the same mistaken chorus — you’re wasting your money by taking mega-dose vitamin C pills. Vitamin C is also indicated in cases of tissue trauma (post-surgery) and degenerative disease (osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease) because it is required for collagen formation. Before the 1980’s, scientists referred to hyaluronic acid as the “goo” molecule. Some studies suggest that taking lysine on a regular basis , Inc. Therefore, the daily need for ascorbate to maintain health for an adult varies between 2,000 – 20,000 mg/day. The book exposes the many flaws involved in the establishment of the Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamin C, and the revelations are alarming. Dr.

Although, very few cases of rebound scurvy have been reported, and information about the cases have not been well-documented. Are they linked to birth-control pills or other medication? He took his case documents to a 1949 Atlantic City AMA conference and was ignored. Deficiencies of B12 lead to a problem known as macrocytic anemia. I haven;t had an OB for a looong time and before I became alkaline and gave up all the acidic crap like coffee, soda, alcohol, sugar, junk food, etc, etc,etc, I was having OB’s all of the time. So would my parents. Such a position did not endear Smith to every one of his fellow members of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and it is therefore further to his credit that he boldly stepped forward and, in the best traditions of Linus Pauling, took orthomolecular therapy directly to the people.

Lesions resemble chicken pox and begin as clustered erythematous maculopapular spots, quickly becoming vesicular, and eventually crusting over. Newspaper Clipping: “On July 26, 1981…” [an apology by the Tribune re: a paid advertisement purportedly written by LP entitled “Dadaji and the Nuclear Existence”] San Gabriel Valley (California) Tribune, October 4, 1981. In the 1700s, high percentages of sailors with the British navy and other fleets died from scurvy, until James Lind discovered that the juice of lemons could cure and also prevent this devastating and deadly disease. How To Get Rid Of Acne Marks Naturally and this is what causes the marks you’re now looking to get rid of. These include measles, mumps, viral encephalitis, herpes, mononucleosis, viral pneumonia, chickenpox, Ebola, and of course influenza. The label may have either name so be aware. Irwin Stone (10, 11, 12) pointed out the potential of vitamin C in the treatment of many diseases, the inability of humans to synthesize ascorbate, and the resultant condition hypoascorbemia.

Magnificent Vitamin C: Curing Disease, Fast!
All of my measurements ar approximate but once you do this you should find it not difficult. Thus I get the benefit of Vitamin C as ascorbate but I also benefit from the fruit, which contains the added benefit of bio-available Vitamin C co-factors such as bio-flavonoids, ascorbinogens, rutin and tyrosinase as well as many mineral co-factors that also work as associated enzymes to further enhance Vitamin C’s positive effects on the body. Levy seems to incline towards the non-traditional viewpoint on vaccination, although since the book lacks an index, his statements on this specific subject take a moment to locate. This is not nearly as much as would be recommended today. Because I associate carrots with vitamin A, it didn’t occur to me that there was vitamin C in carrots and the vitamin C was providing the protection. A human body of tens of trillions of cells operates thousands of biochemical reactions on less than a dozen vitamins. Seven experienced cessation of pain within two hours…

Now, all of that said, I feel Vitamin C (and zinc) have actually helped me beat several colds and flus. All sports injuries should be internally treated with 1000mg of vitamin C daily for the first week with a reduction of 250mg per day for subsequent weeks to a level of 500mg per day. Again, the information I share here isn’t meant to give you false hope for a cure, but I do hope that this gives you something to you can pursue…for your health, both mentally and physically. Mercury, lead, and the effects of radiation receive special and really eye-opening attention. Oligomeric proanthocyanidins, are found in grape seeds and skins. Abram Hoffer and Lendon H. Antibiotics, laxatives, fat substitutes and cholesterol-lowering drugs interfere with vitamin-A absorption.

Other people deride such thinking as paranoid. Levy is another of these natural born teachers, and this may be most apparent in the book’s section of “Practical Suggestions” (Chapter 5). General readers, having just learned that high oral doses of ascorbate are effective for self-medication, will appreciate receiving the benefits of Dr. 1-2 drops of the solution 1- 2x a day ought to contain the discomfort, if not totally heal the infection and repair eye damage in a couple of hours. Plasma concentrations rose progressively with increasing vitamin C doses up to 1000 milligrams per day! I would like to see this important chapter greatly expanded. After the initial injection, the body assimilates and consumes the hyaluronic acid within six months.

Foods high in arginine and low in lysine, two of the eight naturally occurring amino acids, may be your worst enemies if you have herpes. Opponents to medical use of vitamin C will almost certainly demand expansion of Chapter 4 (“The Safety of High Doses of Vitamin C”) to include more negative studies and more commentary on possible negative effects of massive doses of ascorbate. These revelations are likely to have a far-reaching impact beyond the RDA. Levy does in fact devote considerable attention to hemochromatosis, immune system concerns, G6PD deficiency, allegations of DNA damage and kidney stone formation, the rebound effect, and vitamin C’s prooxidant characteristics. Vitamin C is often touted as an immune stimulant, although excessive levels may have the opposite effect. “The most common causes for hyperthyroidism are a chronically inflamed thyroid (thyroiditis) and an autoimmune condition called Graves Disease”, Dr. In Levy’s book, there is a welcome emphasis on the positive side of vitamin C megadoses, and that is their power to cure the sick.

This is most likely due to weaker arterial walls, combined with increased inflammation, increased oxidative damage, and elevated cholesterol levels. Levy’s book presents clear evidence that vitamin C cures disease. — by giving them massive doses of intravenous vitamin C. It does not mince words. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 14th ed. It is dose specific. Vitamin C also aids the metabolism of tyrosine, folic acid, and tryptophan.

It is readable. It is excellent.

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