March and April 2009

March and April 2009

This method offers a new therapeutic treatment for genital herpes simplex virus. By 1993 he had two championship rings on his way to a second straight rebounding title. AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). Amongst a huge range of queries, it can show how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. The U.S. He said he did like hearing that stuff when he was playing. Damn.

Your hate aint taking away from Beyonce’s riches………..TRUST ME.[/quote] Shut up, idiot. One can only assume he comes from the Mr. I also have no time for tributes to what really is a shit hole. A lot of heart. But they’ll probably be surprised that Shannon Bex isn’t there either, which apparently means the end of the band. Jackie-O’s music career might be going no where faster than the speed of light and sound combined but that thing right there! Rodman was born 36 years ago and grew up in the Oak Cliff projects of south Dallas.

What were they doing in the trunk? Members of Kabbalah wear a specific red string bracelet, making them easily identifiable. 5 unmasks a mitochondrial localization signal (MLS) , located near the N terminus of UL12. There is no settling this. He was married in 2002, but he was frequently seen out with women who were decidedly not his wife, while a Boston-area exotic dancer claimed to have had sex with the third baseman. do I regret getting the test done? Herpes can lay dormant for years without causing any noticeable symptoms.

It never give other than herpes outbreak. Bookmark and Share RSS Permalink Posted Tuesday, May 6th 2014 @ 8am Celebrities With Herpes!! Wait for the return of the usual healthy appetite. He was suspended for the first three games, took a leave of absence on November 11, and was suspended again on December 7. Wikipedia explains more, as do numerous online sources How did you get Herpes? No one suspected him, since he would appear to be aloof and almost offended when they were discovered and laughed over by the cast and crew. But our mole saw him put one in the purse of a starlet costar, smiling all the while.

The event was a fundraiser for Grow Kids Inc. 45. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 You know how I love themes on Friday’s. All of these people are D listers. If you saw them and someone told you what show or movie they had been in you would say, “Oh yeah. I remember them.” Chances are you probably wouldn’t know them otherwise. Whatever their faults though, they do make for some interesting blinds.

#1 & 2 – This was a very popular family movie based on a best selling book starring lots of kids. Melanie Brown was spotted shopping for a Christmas tree with her kids-Phoenix,11, Angel,3, and Giselle, 6- in LA on December 13. Owens’ reputation as the ultimate me-first player began in San Francisco when, among other things, he accused his quarterback of being gay. 46. Recovering alcoholic. Sad, especially considering his somewhat-serious GF left the house due to his substance relapse, and many say that she was the only thing keeping him alive. This virus is closely related to herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1 or HHV1), which is the cause of common nonsexually-transmitted cold sores.

Johnny Knoxville. Alias. HOLY MOLY 03/13 *#1** Which extremely annoying British actor is this? For no reason, hateful, malicious Madonna has been repeatedly engaging in commissioned criminal conduct against me in bids at robbing and harming me in every way she can. He said that he thinks he got enough experience with other women before he met his wife. That way he wasn’t officially cheating on his blindly loyal wife. The whole edgy futuristic look, so actually that makes the vibes giving off in these pics all make sense.

The idea of him playing at his best during an outbreak is laughable. To top it off, he suffers frostbite and has to have his foot amputated. BUZZFOTO 03/15 If you’re going to speak for one of the big Cola companies, it’s a good idea not to be caught drinking its rival. Just ask Britney. This little lady did just that, and we doubt that her company will be very happy about it when they see the photos…which surely exist. It was in Texas that Rodman started dyeing his hair. 68.

Several Kabbalah Center members have also snapped and committed cold-blooded murder in America and Britain. In contrast to other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that may be concentrated among core groups, such as gonorrhea (. This is the low ebb human rights have fallen to and it is disgusting. Perroncel was Bridge’s ex and Terry’s linemate was livid at the thought of John snogging Perroncel. 70. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 This one is a shocker. This married, aging, Academy Award winning/nominated actor who is probably C list if you look at what he does now, but would probably only ever appear above the title has had a 15 year habit that is finally beginning to surface.

“I’d probably pay good money to get some of those pictures off the internet.” Victoria Beckham and David Bec … Always with a woman, but they involve him being on the receiving end of yeah, how can I put this delicately. I also think Kobe needs to play more 3 as he gets older. Let’s just say he enjoys showers that really don’t involve water coming out of a pipe. He also enjoys toys being used on him. Anyway, enough of the sordid aspects. To Radar, Janine said that Jesse called her up in a panic about two weeks after he married Sandra claiming he’d made a mistake.

She retired at the end of the year, and since then our actor has tried out the services of three or four other professionals who don’t have that same level of discretion and have been blabbing all over town about our actor’s crazy fetishes. 72. GATECRASHER/NY DAILY NEWS 03/19 Which NFL star would be done if his tequila guzzling skills were to surface? The fella can toss back half a bottle in one gulp without wincing. 77. NY POST/PAGE SIX 03/20 1. WHICH fashion/beauty marketing exec raised eyebrows with a fancy hotel wedding?

The guests sniffed that her younger groom is an illegal alien happy to score a green card . His mumbling press conferences filled with coach-speak have also made him one of the most maddening people to cover in the world of sports. Although she doesn’t always seem like it from the outside, she actually has a very warm heart. Rumored to be bisexual. 91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 This A list rap star who goes by one name has a photography collection of which he is very proud. What are they?

The Andy Griffith Show. He has thousands of photos he has accumulated from all over the world. The email death threat mentions Madonna by name and matches the writing pattern of invasive, threatening and harassing emails I have received in the past from the Kabbalah Center, who included items in the missives revealing they are illegally wiretapping my phones and hacking my computers. Jerry said he wasn’t going to answer that one. 95. where did u get that from..and herpes??? Scott basically posted a blind item, and now it is up to you to figure it out.

– For this, its ok to be a womanizer, it’s your birthright as the ultimate alpha-male, just do it right and don’t spread your seed. A Twitter blind item. Scott has no plans to reveal who the actor is, but I actually think it should not be that difficult if you find out where Scott went to high school. I was 2 yrs behind a guy in hs who’s now famous actor. It’s hot pink. musta been brilliant to graduate at 8! The Kabbalah Center hacked into my Google AdSense account, where I like other bloggers, derive income from running Google ads on my websites.

BEN WIDDICOMBE 03/26 1. This is who I’ve always been. He was then removed from the club, but he returned later with members of his crew to settle the score with the bouncer, shooting the guard and two others, paralyzing one from the waist down. 2. Which fashion-forward socialite is secretly selling the family jewels through a middle-man in Italy so her friends don’t find out the family has run out of money? This will come as a rude shock to the two generations beneath her, who don’t realize the inheritance is largely gone. My e-mail address ends in When I check my e-mail I have to wade through Kim Kardashian’s *** Taylor Swift’s love life, TMZ, whether or not Rhianna’s gotten her *** beat again, Sandra Bullock’s adopted baby boy with Jesse James sans Jesse James, frickin’ Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, rehashes of Janet Jackson’s boobs on the Super Bowl, Osama’s golf game, Lindsay Lohan’s latest arrest/court date, Joe Francis/Girls Gone Wild, etc., etc.

Which NYC fashion editor tried to explain away curious wounds on his face as shaving cuts? Rodman raffled off his title ring? #4 – This foreign born C list movie actress with B list name recognition is still a teen. It didn’t stop her though from spending the night with a mid 50’s married producer. The rumors are swirling that he also took her virginity. New York police have smashed a cocaine-dealing ring, arresting a Puerto Rican drug baron in a Midtown hotel and recovering a staggering quantity of the drug, authorities said today. BUZZFOTO 03/30 Most men in Hollywood fudge their height – its just a fact.

But this dark actor on a tv show is more guilty than most. He says that he’s 5’10”, but we’ve met him and he’s a good 5’7″, maybe 5’8″ with his heeled shoes on. Here’s a hint – he’s worked with Jane Lynch. 109. BLIND GOSSIP 03/31 Which actress refuses to takes her clothes off, even during very intimate moments? She is young and beautiful, so you would think she would wear as little clothing as possible. Actually, she is so self-concious about some recent plastic surgery improvements that she has taken to wearing a bra and tshirt to bed.

Barry Bonds Barry Bonds broke the most hallowed record in sports after being outed as one of the most juiced individuals on the planet. LAINEY GOSSIP 04/01 Award winning band hard partying with friends last Friday at an upscale hotel. Acts like spoiled infant on-set. – and hotel guests on other floors complained and complained… Mostly it’s the lead singer. He was also seen in the lobby bar trying to ride up on some skanky broad. Problem: his woman walked in on the action resulting in a nuclear scrap. As the World Turns.
March and April 2009

You are a f-cking c**t! What I have requested of Google is standard in many cases. Howard said that would throw his game off. You are going to regret this. You are going to regret f-cking with me. A rocker trashing a hotel room…it’s a bit cliché but whatever, not exactly super damaging. Probably works in his favour, if anything.

What’s objectionable is pulling out That Line. That Line is the worst. Do you know who I am? My life is a circus. Probably because he can’t believe he’s made it this far – all this money, all this success. To add insult to injury in an act of harassment, a Google tech department employee emailed me about my website complaining about a Public Service ad from the Associated Press that I found on You Tube (owned by Google) and ran on my site Sonustar News. 115.

Snowden also stated the same thing I did in my previous articles, that the illegal government spying is a violation of the constitution, done for power and to steal (The Judiciary Report’s  May 20, 2009 article “Spying To Steal“). It is just an affair. Those things happen everyday, but this one is mind blowing. Married. Child(ren). People had talent…that many of them took to their grave…far too early. Actress.

if only the lakers and phil had some alternative to artest (say a guy like barnes who’s aparently so good…), i’m sure we could have won all those “close” games we recently lost… Probably won’t ever move up or down from that position. She is having an affair with one of her trainers. She has a couple. He comes to her place when her husband is not around. No hotels, no sneaking around. Only at her place.

It has been going on for almost 9 months. 2. Who’s the Daddy? Which Hollywood heart-throb with young kids spent most of January and February photographed only wearing sunglasses? The glasses are off and the eyelift is looking good. 129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 This A list television actor on a hit network drama has been in a relatively long term relationship.

He is cheating on his significant other with a female crew member on his television show. Currently married to Annette Benning (though rumors are that he’s not faithful to her, either). Confused? Well it gets more interesting. The two crew members are actually sleeping together without the A list actor knowing. Bakker, Jim, and Tammy Faye. 138.

I found a feature on their website for a Warner Bros. Howard talked about how great it was doing the event at a sold out Nassau Coliseum. There’s a picture involving nipple clamps and a douche d’or that won’t play so well in Peoria. 2. Which swarthy NYC fashion editor is the first in history to ask the Council of Fashion Designers of America if he could nominate himself for their prestigious Eugenia Shepard journalism award? The answer was “yes” … but he still didn’t get it.

#4 & #5 – This C list actress and reality star with A list name recognition has been married for a little while to this celebutard. She might be finally catching on to the fact he is only after her money. “Thank you very much,” he said, “and God bless.” Then I see on the news, just last week–Eugene Amos got arrested for beating his girlfriend. He wants her to foot the bill for a brand new $500K recording studio at their house. As stated above, Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp, whom I’d previously reported to the Metropolitan Police and went public with allegations of phone hacking, computer hacking and wiretapping against them, resulting in arrests 6-months later and again in 2012. BUZZFOTO 04/11 Here’s another Blind Item from our good friend, bank worker Fonda Saks! 11.

“We just had [name] stop in to order a stamp of her signature. Apparently, she gets a discount on her hand insurance premium. She told us this with a completely straight face, so we’re not sure if she was joking or not but it didn’t stop anyone here from making fun of her and the snotty way she treated all of us.” This actress does mainly movies, and has been in a recent comedy hit in the last two years. It wasn’t Jaime Pressly. You can also spritz on the fragrances of Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber or Kat Von D. BLIND GOSSIP 04/12 We posted in February about this out-of-control actress’ family staging an intervention with her by summer. Many of you wondered why the heck it would take so long.

Well, there are three reasons. First, the parents needed her biggest enabler on board. Second, they were consulting with another celebrity’s parents on the whole conservatorship matter. Third, they needed to figure out how to make money from all this. The first and second are done and the third is in process. It’s all scheduled to go down in the next couple of months. She’ll be given a choice, but if she chooses wrong, she’ll be legally forced to go.

Meanwhile, expect the craziness to continue. No, It’s Not Evangeline Lilly. Lindsay Lohan 1. Samantha Ronson 2. Britney Spears’ father 3. reality show on E! 150.

Procured young men for a gay friend of his. We just hope the latter’s current boyfriend doesn’t get wind of the girl-on-girl shenanigans! 151. BUZZFOTO 04/14 Here’s an update to our Blind Item #69. The Beat Generation. Our star didn’t pull the “Don’t you know who I AM??” card, which we respect. As in turns out, just like smartphones, Smart TVs can be hacked and compromised.

Jessica said that they could see what happens when they bring him out. It’s not Jerry O’Connell. 163. BLIND GOSSIP 04/16 This young and pretty television actress is a pro on the set. Always on time. Always know her lines. But that may not last long.

She has started drinking on a regular basis. But there are only about 20 real stars, and maybe four shining stars, in the league. A shot in the afternoon coffee, some vodka in the water bottle. They’ve come up to me in public repeating verbatim private conversations that previously took place in my home between my mother and I. Please get help. To circumvent the new league rules, which are being called “The Jay Z rule” in sports circles, Jay Z hastily partnered with massive agency, CAA as well as the established Gary Shaw Boxing Promotions, but both companies have since abruptly dropped Jay Z and Roc Nation’s companies. BEN WIDDICOMBE 04/16 1.

Which former Project Runway personality has some rather disturbing “art” pics of himself on his Facebook page, from when he was maybe a little too young to take his clothes off? 2. Which senior fashion critic hates the profile illustration being used by the web site of her media outlet, and bombards the editors with a different, youthfully flattering image of herself every week? #4 – This foreign born movie actor is probably C list but has a B list body of work and has been in some of the biggest movies of all time. Although he is in a relationship with someone, he has spent the last two weeks doing nothing but having sex and shooting heroin with a female reporter he met recently on a press junket. 174. BILLY MASTERS 04/20 Could it be that a certain former heartthrob has left his wife for someone of the same sex?

Well, there are so many contenders for this one. In the past couple months, three guys on the down low have announced separations. The one we’re talking about, however, is a case of life imitating art since he’s played gay before – notoriously. Of course, this was before his marriage, before he got famous (well, kinda around the same time)…but after he was pushed back into the closet. What goes in, despite good intentions, must eventually come out. And in and out! 180.

BUZZFOTO 04/21 This C-lister has been dating a C/B-list co-star on the sly for a couple months. Our spy overheard her telling a friend that she’s been off her pills for several months now. Wonder if the dude knows that there’s a possible baby on the way? It’s not Cheryl Burke! 2. Which aspiring model had an awkward moment when she was introduced to a fashion editor by a trying-to-be-helpful friend? You also have to “hire” her brother Ray J and father to work on a project with her…everyone hates her.” Linked with Tyrese.

186. BLIND GOSSIP 04/22 This funny actor wasn’t kidding when he copped a total diva attitude on the set of a recent movie. While every other actor would walk from their trailer to the set, Diva Boy insisted on taking a golf cart. The Beverly Hillbillies. No It’s Not Will Ferrell. In fact, Madonna’s Kabbalah hacker rearranged items in my mother’s mobile phone book, as well as criminally broke into her G-Mail account connected to the phone. He was a millionaire at one point but he got married like 10 times and lost it all.

He probably used to be B list. Not a very recognizable name, but you would definitely know the face. He has done a mixture of both television and movies. Every few years he gets a really great lead in a movie or television show, but nothing long lasting. He got his big break and the lead in his first movie because he blackmailed the producer of the movie, who was also an actor in the same movie and has a good guy reputation. The blackmail in question consisted of some photos our actor had taken at the party of the good guy producer/actor snorting coke. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this producer/actor’s entire career is based around his good guy reputation.

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