Michael Vick’s character rehabilitation is not just about dog fighting

Michael Vick's character rehabilitation is not just about dog fighting

It is almost time for the beginning of training camp and the summer lull is about to end. Because, vill, we’re talking about you. That he even got to the Eagles in the first place is a miracle. Any chance the Falcons have on the football field is directly linked to Michael Vick. Around the same time, Michael Vick was already involved with dog-fighting and other behaviors unbecoming a member of the NFL. Wednesday, the NFL announced that Vick leads all NFL players with 729,838 fan votes for the 2011 Pro Bowl, played January 30 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu. But after the Vick’s indictment Tuesday on federal charges related to illegal dogfighting, storm clouds are hovering over the Mike Vick movement.
Michael Vick's character rehabilitation is not just about dog fighting

Vick’s father reportedly spent afternoons and weekends teaching his son the fundamentals. Mike began learning the fundamentals of football from his dad when he was merely a modest little infant, who was then only three years old. This saga led to the disclosure that Vick sought STD treatment under the infamous alias Ron Mexico. 26, 2006, Vick made an obscene gesture to a fan. He claimed that Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, known as the Falcons’ “fixer”, interfered with the investigation. Why? The Eagles organization boasts a starting QB far different from the one who used to stand under center in Atlanta.

While Vick’s dog fighting history is the dominant narrative of his past, fans should remember that Vick’s former life involved many more indiscretions than just his most famous example of wrongdoing.

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