My HIV saga!! – Living with HIV/AIDS

My HIV saga!! - Living with HIV/AIDS

Welcome to the POZ Community Forums, a round-the-clock discussion area for people with HIV/AIDS, their friends/family/caregivers, and others concerned about HIV/AIDS. Click on the links below to browse our various forums; scroll down for a glance at the most recent posts; or join in the conversation yourself by registering on the left side of this page. Since then, anxiety has killing me… He gets tested at January 2008 and tests negative, he then tests again. Sir A week ago me and my friend were masturbrating watching porn, aftersomtimes he was above to cum and he did n his cum fell on the head of my penis (very little) .So after that he was still uncontrollable ANd grabbed my penis n he started giving me a blowjob .So i Have two questions First,Do i get HIV for his cum falling or my penis head ?Second, Do i get HIV Because he gave me the blowjob ? 4) Any possibility of passing oral STD to girlfriend (only sexual. 5 weeks – I expect the results over the next couple of days.

5 Mar 2014 For the past week, I have a sore on my penis that I believe may indicate a syphilis infection. Hiv medications can d skin rashes as well as serious, even life-threatening rashes. The syphilis canker or rash is what Syphilis Incubation Medhelp is contagious. We ask all forums members to provide references for health/medical/scientific information they provide, when it is not a personal experience being discussed. What does an acute HIV rash look like? Ich war Austauschschüler in Washington , D. You must get tired of this kind of query, but Id like to ask about the p24 antigen part of the HIV Duo test.

General Managers and Fitness Managers have important responsibilities many of which revolve around member interaction and satisfaction. In the meantime I am really scared so I have decided to write. There will be no charge to continue reading threads in the “Am I Infected?” forum, nor will there be a charge for participating in any of the Main Forums; Meds, Mind, Body & Benefits; and Off Topic Forums. Similarly, all POZ pages, including our “HIV Transmission and Risks” and “Am I Infected? What exactly is mixed gram positive flora, gram positive bacteria? NOTE: HIV testing questions will still need to be posted in the “Am I Infected?” forum; attempts to post HIV symptoms or testing questions in any other forums will be considered violations of our rules of membership and subject to time-outs and permanent bans. If you can do this thing to your bathroom it can really make your house very beautiful.

Fast, affordable private HIV tests at a friendly, smart, Central London walk-in HIV and STD testing and treatment Clinic. My main goal in all of this worrying and testing is to find out the truth… If I have HIV I could deal with it, especially with health care the way it is these days I could get on meds and could be monitored and hopefully live a long and happy life… what I don’t know wan to have happen is to be told I don’t have HIV because the chance is so low blah blah. because with me once i put this behind me, I’m gonna consider it done, never put my self @ risk again and move with my life and never test again… I would hate to drop dead in 10 years because I was told I don’t know HIV was one of those rare cases. The main thing in my mind is being responsible for my actions and not infecting others…

Here is my risk: I’m a 22-year-old male in good health, I don’t do drugs. I party a lot though and drink often on the weekends and smoke weed and chew tobacco. 10 weeks I said F*ck PPhood I don’t trust them. So I went to San Francisco City Clinic and I did there RNA test which they say looks for the HIV in the body as soon as 9-12days and they did and ELISA test and full STD test everything came up negative. 12 weeks @ Planned Parenthood rapid HIV 1 test (Unigold) – Negative 15 weeks I decided I wanted to go through my own Doctor office (nice/expensive place) and they did an ELISA HIV test and full STD test including herpes everything came up NEGATIVE Except the oral herpes (not the genital herpes) but I already knew that as I get could sores a couple times a year. 17 weeks (4.2 months) – so then I was convinced that I had HIV 2 since none of these test covered that so I did the ORAQUICK test which covers HIV 1&2 and that came up negative. Symptoms – I really have had only a few symptoms, nothing on my penis, no ARS.

Just a bit of diarrhea and a common cold. I also got a sinus infection a few weeks ago and a bad cough… 1) I read this: Quote from: RapidRod on December 31, 2006, 03:41:01 am 411, it is very, very rare for someone to test out further than the 3 months, with the testing we have today. so rapid dog… when you say it very rare for some one to test further out then 3 months? Ur saying then there is a slight possibility that a non immune-suppressed person could take longer than 3 months to test??? 3)I know you say almost every one who has HIV will test is 3 months, but I have read and heard of stories of people taking longer to test positive and they were perfectly healthy individuals…

5)Is there any way in theory that the RNA test could not have seen the HIV in my body and that the antibodies just haven’t developed enough yet? Do you think there is some way the SF city clinic could mess up during the testing process or maybe missed some thing? 6) How can you guys be so sure about 13 weeks??? I cant believe that there is just this magic time line @ 13 weeks (especially considering time is relevant, but I wont get into that) I fail to believe that there is some one out there who is healthy that couldnt take longer than 13 weeks to test positive… I really like this forum, and I know i will have more questions but I will continue to keep them in this thread so you guys know and where I am coming from thanks!! Let’s keep this real simple. You have reliably tested negative for HIV.

You ARE HIV negative. There was no need to test beyond 13 weeks. The only things that would you at risk sexually for HIV are either unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse. For everything else the risk is strictly theoretical. Under scientific scrutiny reports of infection through other sexual acts never hold up. Like I said, keep it simple. I am not going to get into discussing, refutting or otherwise dealing with all of that other stuff you seem to want to complicate the issue with.

My HIV saga!! - Living with HIV/AIDS
Ok I’m going to believe you. I just got back from the San Francisco City clinic they are doing one more RNA test and ELISA, are you saying that because I have not had any drugs or sex since that incident in cancun that you are 100% sure these test will come back negative?? What would you say if they did come back positive or is that impossible out side of false postives??? I get my results back on the 31st right before new year I’m hoping that I will get a negative result and start the new year on high note and put the worst year of my life behind me!!! what do you mean??? I haven’t had sex or done anything risky in about 5 months now… i dont get what your saying i put my self at risk by taking my test today!?!?!?

You asked what if you tested positive after a conclusive negative test and the only way that could happen is that you had another risk that you didn’t mention. You are conclusively NEGATIVE and it doesn’t matter how many tests you take past 3 months. Quote from: RapidRod on December 31, 2006, 03:41:01 am 411, it is very, very rare for someone to test out further than the 3 months, with the testing we have today. so rapidRod… when you say it very rare for some one to test further out then 3 months? Ur saying then there is a slight possibility that a non immune-suppressed person could take longer than 3 months to test??? You don’t belong in the 3%.

You are not taking chemo, you are not taking anti rejection drugs for a transplant and you are not a chronic IV drug abuser and it rare for even them to take longer than three months to obtain a conclusive test result. You are conclusively negative. Hey Bernardo, you seriously need to chill out. No kidding. As long as you have reported everything to us accurately about your activities, your collecting another negative test result is a slam dunk. While you’re waiting, how about skipping anymore of this nervous-making drama and focus on getting productively busy with other things. I don’t see any reason to expect anything other than a negative result.

I have been taking your advice and staying off the internet…. but one question keeps popping up in my head… and it’s how can we be so sure about these window periods? I think it’s common knowledge that a lot of people lie and dont tell the truth about there sexual history… As discussed above, the hepatitis C virus can live in syringes and other objects for days or weeks. Im sure this happens so how can we be so sure about window periods??? Thanks rapid!!

I appreciate you looking at my notes and giving me a professionals standpoint on my physical issues. I tested negative for all stds 5 weeks after oral sex and hiv duo came back… It’s not like I’d love for you to say YES YOU HAVE HIV or something, I just have never been through this. But you guys are the experts not me! Chances are good that you either didn’t get the air out of the tip of your condom, or you didn’t use enough lube, or both. Whatever that may be, it is NOT hiv. Fortunately for you feelings aren’t facts.

And all of this anxious drama you’re going through doesn’t in anyway change my expectation that you will test negative. Now you need to get busy with other things in your life. It’ll make the waiting time pass way easier, really. sorry andy, one last thing… there is almost a part of me that doesn’t even want to get the test results.. I just want to move on with my life right now!! do you think that’s smart???

Or would the extra reassurance of a negative test be good?? gosh i dont know what to do… You don’t need further testing and you’ve been told that in two forum and by a doctor. If you can’t believe your negative test results then I suggest you seek professional mental help in finding out WHY. RapidRod your right!! Only a test will tell you the truth. Quit all this frabber jabber.

You’re nutz over this issue. So no, I absolutely think you should pick up your inevitable negative result, and thusly hopefully remove any lingering doubts so you can get on with your life. Hey so i held me end of the deal up! so my results wern’t supposed to be ready yet but i called any way this morning and surprisingly the SF city clinic manager gave me my results over the phone. And they were negative both ELISA AND RNA… I wasn’t sure if they could that so i called again to double check and he said yes he’s looking at the screen and they were negative… I know this is anxiety speaking but they wouldn’t just tell me that right lol??

Well i know they wouldn’t so i guess this is great news huh??? So this 100% for sure huh? There is no way I got HIV from that women right?? the onyl other risk i could imagine is if one of the many doctors office’s i went to used a dirty a need or lancet to take my blood right ?? but that doesn’t happen does it?? Thats just anxiety again i know but if u could just answer them so i can see it and truly move on from this im sooo happy!!! Last questions and ill completely hopefully move on!!!

So i think it would be physically impossible for some one to have gotten HIV 5 months ago and 5 months after that test negative on the RNA and ELISA correct??? like this would be impossible to have HIV correct and have nothing come up??? thanks for allt he support guys through some of my darkest hours!!! Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusive negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to a four week Time Out (a temporary ban from the Forums). If you continue to post excessively after one Time Out, you may be given a second Time Out which will last eight weeks. There is no third Time Out – it is a permanent ban. The purpose of a Time Out is to encourage you to seek the face-to-face help we cannot provide on this forum.

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