Negative testing, but symptoms persist – Westover Heights Clinic

Negative testing, but symptoms persist - Westover Heights Clinic

As long as you use a condom everytime for intercourse you don’t have to worry. Click on the links below to browse our various forums; scroll down for a glance at the most recent posts; or join in the conversation yourself by registering on the left side of this page. In fact, on average, commercial sex workers get tested for HIV more often and use condoms more regularly than the general population! Thus, it is best you get the tests conducted after 3 months. THose 2 cases I stated require you to have possible exposures which only you know of. My results were negative. Again i am 100% sure that there was no ejaculation in the mouth involved.

Negative testing, but symptoms persist - Westover Heights Clinic
Adding another symptom doesn’t change that. Personal experience. If this is the case, your body hasn’t yet developed the antibodies which will show up in the blood test. I’ve felt muscle aches and back pain as well; all of the symptoms are mild I would say, but annoying nonetheless. The only bumps I saw on my body were what looked like pimples to me, and as I have a lot of body hair, this could definitely be folliculitis. The pubic area has had a couple of bumps, but they were hard and looked like they were under the skin, rather than on. How is it possible for me to be reactive for syphilis and have a negative test result for HIV?

I then went to see a dermatologist and she examined me and stated folliculitis and prescribed clindamycin gel as well as a topical cream to try to help with the stinging sensation. I used the clindamycin gel and noticed that the pimples on my body went away quickly, and since using it, pretty much haven’t really returned. Babies born to HIV-positive mothers will be tested at birth and repeated at six weeks and again after 12 weeks. HIV infection can only be confirmed if these tests are done on different samples. Don’t let fear of the result get in the way of testing. Still being paranoid, I went to Harborview medical at UW in Seattle and a couple of doctors in the infectious disease/STD clinic thoroughly examined me (very awkward for me, mind you) and they said they saw absolutely no signs of any herpes and that I need not worry anymore. My NP didn’t want to make a suggestion about what else the rashes could be, only that she’s “nearly certain” it wasn’t HSV 1 or 2, and then said I should get retested in a few months to be certain.

I know all the evidence seems to point to being herpes free, but this feeling I have is driving me insane, every doctor I’ve seen believes it’s in my head, and I am a paranoid individual, but could all this type of herpetic sensation be coming from my head?

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