Niccolum | National Center for Homeopathy

Niccolum | National Center for Homeopathy

Clinical Clinical. Many excellent cures have been made in this way that most of us are able to recognize as homoeopathic cures, though it is a sort of crude homoeopathy. The patient in general, and his pains, are aggravated in cold air, from becoming cold, after becoming cold, from entering a cold place, and in cold, wet weather. Some of these are only cured symptoms. The product of “Psora sicca” (epidermoid efflorescence of Pityriasis) by Gross. Coryza. Vernix,” and it is given under this name in Hempel’s fahr., but the name belongs properly to the allied Varnish-tree of Japan.

H. Moser (Am. itch remedies – earth clinic, itch or an itchy can be funny except when it’s happening to you! Constipation. Numbness of the limbs and painful parts, flushes of heat and surging of blood in the body; pain in the bones and glands. Weakness and suffocation from going up stairs. Induration of glands and other parts.

Change of weather, from warm to cold, makes all symptoms worse. After exposure to cold he becomes rheumatic. After the Sepia eczema there is abundant desquamation. 200 a middle-aged lady who had “loose hacking cough day and evening, and at nine AM, has to put arms on thighs when coughing.” Peculiar sensations are: As if sweat would break out. We had a lot left over, and because it’s illegal in WA to dump large quantities of ethanol down the drain, we needed a disposal service. 11, p. Due to the higher concentration of tea tree oil in the EmuaidMax Formula, the manufacturer has stated that it may cause slight stinging to the skin if applied to open wounds.

Great weakness in the morning on waking, also in the evening; also after eating and after walking. Dwarfishness of body and mind. Molecular death prevails extensively. A. Clausen (Med. Ad., xxiv. 369) has supplied a keynote fro the sore throat of Nicc.: Right side, with exquisite tenderness, soreness to touch externally on affected side.

The symptoms are generally worse from motion. Blood vessels blood from the heart to all organs and tissues in the body. Coughing better roughness of throat. Heaviness of hands and feet are better by motion. Ravenous hunger. Kl. Cold better pain in face.

Washing better burning of eyes. Tronolane Anesthetic Cream for HemorrhoidsThis formulation has a dual action by acting as an anesthetic for relieving pain by promoting numbness on the affected area. Drawing pains, pressing, in small plates, in points, worse in damp cold, motion and thinking about the pain. Metastasis. Relations. Compare: Cobalt, Plat. Bitter taste.

J. Objects appear blue, Lyc., Stram., Zn. Rectal prolapse during bowel movements or urination difficult. Pain in the tip of the left fingers, tingling in the fingers. Red face, Fer. Frequent flatus emission of hot and quiet, smelling of rotten eggs. c.

Toothache with tearing in ear Mang. Menses too early, heavy and prolonged, with pains and lower back. Language cracked and sore. Sil., Sul. This may require homeopathic constitutional prescribing and/or a remedy based more on specific troublesome symptoms. Characteristics. But all soreness and irritation had gone from the arms and axillae.

has it without desire for food). Legs feel asleep, especially when sitting with legs crossed. (inclination to breathe deeply), Kali-bi. Pains come and go quickly. In pneumonia with bilious symptoms it is one of the chief remedies. Literary men, Nux. It has been injected into the bladder in a dilute form to dissolve calculi (Brunton).

Fear of insanity and fear of misfortune, and this comes on at night. Fear of a crowd, of death, of disease, of evil, of people, of solitude. Low spirited morning and evening. Ulcers. Antidoted by: Puls. I have frequently used Rhus-v. Anxiety on moving as if sweat would break out.

Head. Dullness, does not comprehend the conversation, and is unable to relate properly in conversation. 2. The appetite is increased, even ravenous; aversion to food, constriction of the stomach; the stomach is distended. He is discontented and very excitable. REDNESS OF EYES; of LIDS. Consolation irritates him; contrary and timid, even cowardly.

Injected veins. Experience has shown its value in cases of ulceration and congestion of the os and cervix uteri. Pressure on vertex as from a hand. As if a nail sticking in vertex. ; sight impaired. We are not responsible for any additional charges once the items you have ordered have left the United States. Pain in ear, mostly right, better by warmth; pain behind the ear and deep in the ear; aching, boring, cramping pain; drawing, STITCHING, TEARING; drawing and tearing behind the ear.

VERY EXCITABLE. Lamenting and bewailing. Heat and redness of eyes, with pressing in them. The eyes are swollen and cannot be opened in morning. Agglutination of eyes in morning. Eyelids are red and swollen, with lachrymation and swelling of meibomian glands. Cold water causes redness of eyes with tension.

Dryness and heat of eyes (in evening). Frequent burning and pressing in eyes (in evening. Violent twitching in eye, with lachrymation and difficulty of vision. Painful jerking in balls of eyes, with a sensation as if they were about to be violently convulsed. Sensation of fulness in upper part of abdomen. Distant objects appear too large, the light appears double, is surrounded by the colors of the rainbow. Objects look blue (before right eyes).

Cloud before eyes (morning). 27 – () The baby wants to nurse constantly, vomited often and easily. The breath is foul and bitter taste, putrid or salty. Dryness of nose. Frequent sneezing. Typhoid. Hom.
Niccolum | National Center for Homeopathy

Stinging, tearing, and soreness at root of nose. Redness and swelling at tip of nose, with burning and tearing in nostrils. Eruption on nose. Face. Right side of face red and hot. Redness of face with burning and itching like erysipelas. Sensation of heaviness in face, as if swollen.

Swelling of right side of face, with sore throat. The pain in the swollen face wakes him at night, is better by cold. Painful sensitiveness and cramp in maxillary joint, which hinders mouth from being easily opened. We try to rebalance the body’s inflammatory responses, thus reducing or removing pain. and Merc. Eructations: violent, frequent, loud, tasting as after eating fat. Twitching of upper lip at intervals.

Belladonna Sudden and violent complaints and inflammations. Complexion (in a suckling woman) wan, pale, and earth-colored. Dilation of retinal veins, arteries too small. Eating better stomach symptoms: all complaints lessen after dinner. All teeth feel loose and elongated. is hematuria. Rising from lying causes pulsating and increases the pain.

Pain in forehead before menses, above the eyes extending to occiput; across forehead into both temples. Swollen glands of jaw, swollen lips. (6) Miss C., convalescing from typhoid fever, reported: “Stationary, no appetite,” Pso. Frequent and urgent want to evacuate, with soft feces. Relations. Pain in the (sore) throat, worse when speaking or yawning, in evening. Whole throat feels sore as if ulcerated on swallowing, worse in morning, right side of neck very sensitive, painful to pressure.

Inflammation in throat, with swelling of tonsils on right side, as well as of face and neck, which are painful when touched. The localities of Petrol. Quartan, tertian shaking chill; periodicity marked; warm room does not ameliorate the chill. m. Abdomen distended with gas; with serum. Aching deep in the brain, with pulsation on motion. It is said to have cured diphtheria.

Sensation of emptiness in stomach, without hunger. Sensation of great fullness in stomach after eating. Bitter and sour eructations. θ Periodical neuralgia in head.Obstinate constipation for many years ; rectum seemed tied up with strictures ; when injections were given agony of passage was like child-bearing.Chronic constipation, with fetid breath, earthy complexion, gaunt appearance.Stools very dark and offensive. Pressure in stomach, better by eructations. The whole spine is sore, stitching pains in scapulae, LUMBAR REGION and sacrum; tearing in the cervical region; stiffness of the neck; tension in the back; weakness in the lumbar region. One sided headache, worse left.

Earache evening and night, ameliorated by heat; aggravated in cold air. Burning in stomach. Stool and Anus. Constipation: ineffectual urging to go to stool, stool very hard (tenacious)and only discharged with great effort, has to press hard to discharge the stool. Diarrhea: with yellow mucus, expulsion with great force and much flatulence, diarrhea after drinking milk, and tenesmus, preceded by cuttings or burning in anus. During stool, burning and stitches in rectum and anus. After stool, itching, burning and stitches at anus.

Female Sexual Organs. Catamenia, premature, scanty, and of too short duration. During menses, bloated abdomen, colic, pain in small of back, great debility, burning of eyes. Pain in knees, as if beaten or sore. Respiratory Organs. Roughness in throat better by coughing. Hoarseness, day and night, every year at same time.

Popping in the sternum. False croup, as a sequel. Dry, scraping cough, from tickling in trachea, with sleeplessness from midnight till four AM At night violent cough. Compelling one to sit up and to hold head. Loose, hacking cough, day and evening and at nine AM, has to put arms on things when coughing. 4, p. Chest.

When coughing, dyspnea and pressure on chest. Stitches in chest (left side) when breathing. Shootings in chest, especially when laughing. Pressure and heaviness on chest. Pain, as from excoriation, in chest. Neck and Back. Cracking and wrenching pain in neck (nape) when moving head (forward or backward), on rising again after stooping.

Cracking in cervical vertebra on moving head. Pain in neck, as from a sprain. Disc problems are described separately. Dryness of the tongue and roughness, with much thirst and increased flow of saliva. Eruption behind ears of children. Tearing and shooting in the limbs and other parts. Pulse imperceptible.

Pain in the breasts when suckling. Sexual excitement followed by complete loss of desire. Tearing in forehead above eyes, extending into the (left) eye, into the lids, and root of nose. Itching over the whole body, but mostly on the neck, as from fleas, not better by scratching, but followed by small vesicles. Epilepsy better riding in carriage. Ulceration of the mouth, tongue and throat. Cramping, drawing, pressing.

Rattling cough. Skin has dirty look as if never washed. Intermittent fever, after midnight, heat and violent thirst, with full, soft, quick pulse, followed by general perspiration, mostly on forehead. Gums swollen. Sleeplessness from midnight till four AM, and dry, scraping cough, from tickling in trachea. Frequent awakening, at night, from agitation. Vertigo when awaking with nausea and desire to vomit.

Complementary: Before Sep. Pain in swollen face wakens him at night, it is better by cold. It has cured epithelioma of the lip. Cracked skin of hands, Blueness of finger nails. Pain in face from cold, better by WARMTH. Eruptions, pimples. Predominance of coldness.

Chill is preceded or begins with yarning and sleepiness. Chill, with chattering and shaking, followed by profuse general perspiration (evening in bed). REST. evening and at night. Heat in evening, followed by chill. The ears are red and hot. Empty, sinking sensation and faintness.

Anxious heat with violent thirst. Dry heat with thirst, every afternoon at 3 o’clock. Heat with perspiration and thirst, followed by chill. Morning sweat.

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