One night stand & STDs

One night stand & STDs

Well just to reassure you… Please read and give some advice if you can. Sex ran the risk/reward ratio of a chocolate bar with an eighteen-year mortgage (and half the bars are herpes). Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory Keosian, in a tentative ruling Friday, wrote that he was concerned Humphries’ privacy may be intruded upon if the judge allows a blood sample to be taken. FIRST of all, forget the internet. It’s only natural that a parent would side-eye this, considering many of us wouldn’t dream of getting such homework in the eighth grade. Does treatment cure herpes?

Is there something wrong with teaching morals? After that, we went to a park and listened to some music and started making out in his car. Things got pretty hot so we decided to go somewhere where nobody was around, so we left the park. Once we found a place we started making out again and he started fingering me. After a while his pants are down and I’m giving him oral. This was my first time giving oral. He asked if he could cum in my mouth and I said no so when he was about to, I backed away.

One night stand & STDs
We rested some then he started kissing over me again and fingering me more and told me he wanted me to do it again. So I did…and he asked again if he could cum in my mouth and asked if I wanted to spit it out. This time I agreed and said I would spit it out. And I did. So that’s basically the story. You don’t want to divert dates to YouTube instead of your bedroom (you don’t want them on your facebook), so give them the code in the morning. I was extremely stupid, careless, irresponsible, pretty much everything for not asking him if he had any STD’s or getting testing.

So, you don’t have to tell me how stupid I was, I KNOW. Don’t they still require permission slips to attend the sex ed portion of health? There is a strong link between viruses in the herpes family and autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s. Fast forward 3 days, and I have not heard a word from him. Now I know it was a one night stand kind of thing and I can’t expect to hear back from him but I’m just reallyyyy scared that maybe he gave me something. I never really asked him if he had anything, I just stupid. We never had sex, just oral sex and I didn’t swallow.

I just want to stop worrying about it but I can’t. I really have been thinking about texting him but I don’t know what to say. It’s not that I fell in love with him or anything, I just want to ask him discreetly about any STD’s. Once again, I know there’s nothing I can do about it now really since it’s in the past, and I’m an idiot for being so careless, BUT I need to know. I’m sorry I ended up writing so much but I had to get it out there, I haven’t told anyone, and I’m not going to. What I did is totally not me, just not something I would ever do…I was just in a bad place. But I reallyyy need some advice on where to go from here.

What do I text him without sounding ridiculous??? It’s the least you can do if they’re back at your place. PLEASE help. Thanks so much if you read all of this, I appreciate it so much!!

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