Paranoia or something more? – Herpes

Paranoia or something more? - Herpes

1. If your blood test comes back hsv1+, unless you can recall a history of cold sores, no way to know if it’s hsv1 orally or genitally. I went to a neurologist as well, who wants to do an MRI and gave me a bunch of prescriptions for tests as well. I know that she slept with other individuals during this trip. No sexual intercourse. some are flat some are raised. I automatic became worried due to catching clamidia three years back..

Paranoia or something more? - Herpes
He locked himself in his room for a whole month refusing to talk to anyone, googling and researching HSV until it was the right time to get tested. At the time of the second test, she also gave me Doxycycline to be sure that the NGU was cured or at least in all likelihood. I’ve never seen anything like it. Your gonorrhea and chlamydia tests will be negative — for sure you can’t catch chlamydia from oral sex; the symptoms aren’t typical; and anyway all chlamydia and virtually all gonorrhea would have been cured by the antibiotics. The biggest reason I am concerned is because of my most recent ex-girlfriend. I had a 7 day dose of 250mg 3X per day. Many of my diagnoses for other medical conditions (abdominal pain, etc) have always been “anxiety, nervousness, stress, and too much Dr.

Wouldn’t primary herpes have some kind of pain or itching associated (I have no sensation on these areas, even when I rub them)? (long story of what a whack job he is short, stress has been causing it, which makes sense due to family issues, this issue, etc.) So I was taking a prescription strength antihistamine/anxiety treatment (atarax) for, maybe a week or two before I stopped taking it due to laziness/the disappearance of the all over itch. Than, I did some soul searching and found out that you can get a false negative before 3 months, so I was freaking out! Also at this time, I had a minor UTI, but those I’m quite familiar with so I was able to remedy it myself as usual. Soooo recently, as in two days ago, I started to itch and have discomfort down there again and my paranoia has set back in. It’s not particularly the same as the previous time, as this time there’s more of a burning itch and just a general burning feeling, and no discharge. HIV on the other hand is a whole other nightmare that I don’t think I can handle.

I have not experienced any lesions or sores, but… This is the only missing element in my life. I did read on a few posts that you can’t really get HSV from fingering, etc, but no one really had symptoms of anything down there. So I dunno. I have often reminded readers of this forum to check the archives for the information (or reassurance) they seek, because I’ve answered so many questions over the years that nearly every imaginable sexual situation or fetish has been addressed. I guess the basic question here is, can I just presume all this going on down there is just a coincidence due to timing, medication, etc, and that my anxiety is just magnifying the situation?

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